Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Research: Diana

 LI: To make a DLO to show information about Pandas.

Today I made a DLO to show about the Giant pandas. First we opened a google draw and then we made it interesting by adding the information about the giant pandas. After I added a picture of the panda. I enjoyed it because this activity taught and showed me more facts and information about the giant pandas. 


  1. Kia ora Robyn I like the panda it is very cute and you did a good job on finding facts about the giant pandas.
    The panda look liks a movie called show dogs on Netflix.Why did you choose giant pandas?

    1. Hello Savannah
      I'm a student of Mrs Anderson's and I would like to thank you for commenting our blog. I have not watched the movie "Show dog," but I would like to find out what it's about. We chose to research on the animal "giant panda" because we thought I would be interesting to find out about them and how they live.

      By reading the DLO, I would like to know what you found the most interesting?

      "Thank you Savannah"

  2. i love pandas so good job

  3. I love the giant panda.
    It's very cute.
    Next time you can make a drawing of your own giant panda.
    Are all pandas fat or just one which I know from a movie called Kung Fu Panda because if they eat healthy then why do I know one's fat?
    From Harry.

    1. Hey Harry,
      I am a student from LS2 the same as Diana. I'd like to thank you for taking your time to comment on this blogpost. Pandas arent actually "fat" they just look big and fat, some pandas are actually 100% muscular!

      From Azatulah

  4. Kia Ora Robyn,
    The picture you have on the google drawing is super cute, I love how it has it's mouth open, almost saying, 'hello'!
    The amount of bamboo those panda's eat is incredible, no wonder they are a giant!
    Do you think the Panda's would get bored of eating the same thing every day of their lives?
    Next time, you could draw the panda using polyline on google drawing.
    Have a nice day,
    Zara @ Belfast School.

    1. Kia Ora Zara
      I'm a student of Mrs Anderson's and I would like to thank you for commenting our blog. I also found the pandas eating bamboo Interesting. In my opinion I don't think they get bored eating the same thing everyday because they do it for a living. When something on a device I perfer to use Curve.

      I would like to know what your favourite thing is about panda's?

      "Thank you Zara"

  5. hi Diana
    Pandas are so cute
    i relly like your blog post i love dog and cat and pandas. how is your day going
    by Rihana @belfast school.

  6. Hello Diana
    This slide show is pretty good. Since pandas are like the fan favorite bear I think this slide show might be pretty popular.

  7. Hello Diana i really like your post on giant pandas its very cute. why did you choose to write about pandas. you said the pandas are rare,i wonder why this could be?

  8. hi love your school and i love pandas too

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  9. hi my name is lily i loved your post

  10. i love pandas so good job

  11. Hello my name is Jordan i love pandas do you too me and my mum do

  12. Kia ora Diana I'm LJ i really like your topic but maybe another time put more information about the topic so the readers can know more about pandas.

  13. Hello I like you post because you made a vivid discretion on the panda.

  14. Kia Ora Robyn,
    I like your google drawing about Pandas. I like the amount of information in your blurb. I like how you added a good amount of detail in your facts. My favorite fact is the third one explaining that the Panda is actually smart and intelligent. Maybe next time you could even try to draw your own Panda if you have time. Did you use an article to get these facts from? Have a good day.


  15. Kia Ora Diana,
    You had some pretty interesting facts on your DLO.
    You went into detail on how much their diet factors into their size!
    48 pounds of bamboo is a pretty dam hefty amount.
    Did you enjoy making this presentation?
    Keep it up.
    Have a good one-
    Luca from Belfast school,

  16. Hello Diana
    My name is Samantha and go to Belfast school. I love pandas,I also really like how much writing you added in there. I wounder where did you get the information from? did you enjoy making this? That,s all from me bye

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  18. Kia ora Diana,
    These were some very interesting facts.
    What made you want to do this topic?
    What was your favorite fact?

  19. Hi Diana,

    I really like how you explained how you made it. I also loved the picture of the cute panda on the side, I love it keep it up :).

  20. Kia Ora Diana,

    These are really good facts about Giant Pandas. Why did you choose this topic? I really like the photo you used for the panda.


  21. Hi Diana,

    The photo of the giant panda is so cute!
    You had very interesting facts too!

    Keep up the good work πŸ‘️πŸ‘„πŸ‘️πŸ‘