Friday, 27 February 2015

Congratulations June!

Congratulations June! A certificate for progress in Maths. Well done and keep working hard!

Tuakana Teina Time with R4

Today we had our tuakana teina time with R4. Room 4 are our gorgeous new entrants and have only been at school for four weeks. They are learning to read so today we read our buddies a story and then talked about the book with them. We had lots of fun and think R4 did a great job with their reading.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Statistical Inquiry: Fine and Anthony

Today were challenged to create a graph that told a story and made a comparison using maths language. R6 and R5 worked collaboratively to gather information to create graphs that explain information “All About Us”. Some of our graphs show what languages we speak at home, where we were born and where our parents were born.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Recount Reminders by John and Shantay



John and Shantay have created these 'Recount Reminders' for our classroom. They hope that the facts they know will help someone else learn about recounts.

Interschool Softball

Well done to all the PBS teams who had a great day at the inter-school field day today.  Great sportsmanship and teamwork!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Saruja's contribution to our class site

The lovely Saruja emailed me this presentation she made for our class google site. I'm really inspired to see her initiative in making this DLO for our class to use.  You can see how it is contributing to our learning environment by visiting our class site. Huge thank you's from Room 5 Saruja!

Learn Create Share: Maths

Working together to create DLO's for our junior school to explain the concept of addition. The most challenging part was trying to find the language to suit our audience. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Theme and Rheme

Today we explored how theme and rheme can help us create sentences that flow into one another. The theme of a sentence is the topic (what is being talked about). The rheme is the information (what is being said about the topic) that follows. Often the rheme becomes the theme of the next sentence. Each group were challenged to write the next two possible sentences by paying close attention to the theme and rheme. 

New Zealand waters are overfished. This overfishing will have serious consequences. With the decrease in seafood numbers fishermen will lose their jobs. Without their jobs these people and their families will be plunged into hardship. - Yvette, Zeba, Sajiha

New Zealand waters are overfished. This overfishing will have serious consequences. Consequences could consist of low storage in fish stores Low fish numbers could lead to having no fish and chips. - Fine, Zahn, Dontalian, Tiare

New Zealand waters are overfished. This overfishing will have serious consequences. These serious consequences will lead to lower fish numbers. Lower fish numbers means less seafood available in stores. - Tim, Courtney

New Zealand waters are overfished. This overfishing will have serious consequences. These serious consequences will lead low fish numbers. A decrease in the population of fish will lead to people not having jobs. - Jasmine, Oh S’Mar, Juanita
New Zealand waters are overfished. This overfishing will have serious consequences. These consequences may result in less seafood being available in stores. If seafood is not available in stores people will start buying it illegally. - Shantay, Taikehu, Saruja, San Tat

New Zealand waters are overfished. This overfishing will have serious consequences. These serious consequences will lead to smaller amounts of fish. This will lead to smaller amounts of fish and seafood in stores. - John, Jacob, DJae

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Collaborative Art Rich Task

The process...

To help Room 5 see how the Key Competencies and our PBS CARE values can help them in the classroom they were given the challenge of creating a collaborative collage. The challenge was difficult as the paper the images were drawn on needed to be measured and cut to fit the backing paper. Kiwiana and cultural connections was our theme so smart searching skills were needed to locate images.

Our inspiration came from the NZ artist Sarah C who celebrates our unique landscape and culture.

Friday, 20 February 2015

Latham's letter to Miss D

Dear Miss Donaldson,

You are the best student teacher ever! I loved having you in our class. I can not wait for you to come back to our class. You are good at teaching and good at art I hope for you to become a teacher and have an amazing future as an awesome teacher.
I will miss you.

From Latham.

Miss You Mrs Donaldson.jpg

Congratulations DJae!

Congratulations to DJae! A certificate for super progress in Reading. Keep working hard!

John's letter to our awesome Miss D!

Dear Miss Donaldson

You are awesome and the best student teacher I have ever had . The few weeks you have been here has been the best start of the school term I have ever had. I will miss you and know the class will miss you as well. I hope you come back soon and to live your dream. I hope you have completed all your goals at PBS.
We will miss you and see you soon

P.S: Come back soon.

From John
Miss You Mrs Donaldson.jpg

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Reading History: DJae

DJae had a look back at the pathway he has taken in Reading. We think he has read some great books and particularly likes adventure stories.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Exploring Recounts with Miss Donaldson

Room 5 are lucky to have Miss Donaldson with us throughout this year as she finishes her final practicum.  Today she worked with Motuihe group to explore what recounts looked like and why we write them.

Current Events: Yvette and Fine

Yvette and Fine worked together and used their collaborative discussion skills to help them make sense of the article they read. Their summary is shown above.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Aquatics in R5

Room 5 have swimming twice a week. We think learning to swim and stay safe in and near water is important as in New Zealand we are surrounded by water, and for most of us going to the beach is something we enjoy doing with our families.

Thinking groups:

Today the Maths thinking groups were challenged to draw on both their number knowledge and strategy knowledge to help them solve this number problem. I was amazed at the use of maths language used as my learners shared their strategies with each other.

Friday, 13 February 2015

John's First Day at Technology

Today I logged into Scratch. I took a tutorial and learnt a lot of things. This was a very cool experience doing it for the first time. I had a really good first time and it is really cool because I can do it again and again. Tech looks like fun.

First Day of Tech for Year 7/8

Jasmine thought the first day of Graphics was awesome because she learnt about a new website called 'Cool Text' that allows you to make eye catching headings. Dontalian thought Food Tech was lots of fun because we learnt how to make a healthy fruit salad. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Congratulations Jasmine!

Congratulations Jasmine! A certificate for being a great friend and an important quality to have. Well done!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kiwi Can 2015

Our Kiwi Can lessons this term are focussing around positive relationships and active listening, both skills that will help us make the most of our learning time. Today Miss Latoia and Mr M introduced us to positive communication by showing us how the tone of our voices can change the way people hear what we are saying. We used role plays to help us understand what positive communication looks like.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Congratulations Latham!

Congratulations Latham! A certificate for a great start to the year. Keep up the great work!

Taikehu shares his treasures

Taikehu has a special connection to this kiwiana. A connection that spans many years and generations.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Room 5's Class Treaty Collaboration:

We used our learning from exploring the PBS C.A.R.E Values and the Key Competencies to collaboratively create the guidelines that will help us shape our 2015 learning environment.

Building our Collaborative Classroom

Working collaboratively this year will help Room 5 learn with and from each other. To begin building this collaborative ethos the students worked in groups to experience and explore the key competencies of 'Thinking'; 'Relating to Others'; 'Using Language, Symbols and Text'; 'Managing Self' and 'Participating and Contributing'. 

The challenge: 
  • To work together to decide the meaning and purpose of each competency and what this might look like in our classroom. 
We think the key competencies...

"... will improve our work and move it to the next level.  This is because we will have built confidence in our answers and will have learned key information from our friends."
Fine, San Tat, Dontalian, Saruja and Tim

 "... advise you to use them when working individually, in partners, or groups to produce different strategies in order to solve problems."

Yvette, Raymond, Tiare, June and Jacob

"... could help us think about what we would like to do in the future and help us achieve our goals, by making connections with others to help us with our work."

Djae, Halatoa, Samantha, Evelyn and Paige

 "... help us to have courage in our school work.  They make you feel more confident to take risks in your education."
Latham, John, Zahn, Jasmine and Sajiha

"... will help us get more opportunities to ask or answer more questions about our learning."
Sebastian, Oh S’Mar, Zeba and Ducati

PBS CARE Values: Tiare and Saruja

Tiare and Saruja have done a great job of using the key competencies to help them work collaboratively. Well done girls!

Using the Key Competencies in our Maths thinking groups:

The pictures below show Room 5 exploring how the key competencies can help them work collaboratively to solve number problems. Their focus was not only on selecting the best strategy to find the answer, but also to make sure they were Thinking, Relating to Others, Using Language, Symbols and Text, Managing Self and Participating and Contributing. This made for a successful first thinking group challenge. Well done Room 5!

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

PBS C.A.R.E Values

Djae and Latham have created this presentation to that shows what our PBS CARE values look like through the eyes of a student.