Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Aryan's Information Report

 Agent of Change: Sugata Mitra

Professor Sugata Mitra is an Indian scientist who carried out an experiment that we can all learn from. This experiment was called the ‘Hole in the Wall’ and it helped lots of kids to learn even though they couldn’t read or write in English.

Sugata Mitra is an agent of change. An agent of change is a person who changes people’s lives. As a scientist he wanted to find out if kids could learn without a teacher. Professor Mitra didn’t use lots of computers because he wanted the kids to help each other and learn together.

The computers helped the kids learn how to speak English as they slowly learned how to use the computer. He tried his experiment in South Africa, Italy and other parts of India. Each time the kids were able to understand what they were doing. The children in Italy worked out that they could use the computer to translate the English words to words from their own language.

Professor Mitra thought carefully about a way he could keep this learning going so he introduced the ‘Granny Cloud’ to support the kids learning. The ‘grannies’ used praise and questions to help the kids learn but they didn’t tell them the answers. The kids in different countries liked talking to the grannies on Skype and were happy to show them their work.

His experiment shows that maybe one day in the future teachers may not need to be in the classroom.

Candice's Information Report

Agents of Change can make a difference in children’s education

Isn't it amazing how one man can change thousands of lives. Professor Sugata Mitra is a man who made some of those changes, the man who introduced computers and technology to a whole new audience. His experiment has made massive changes in children's lives, especially the ones who are living in poverty and have never touched a computer before.

This thinking has made him an agent of change.  An agent of change is someone who is inspired to make a difference in the world. He has made that difference by inspiring children to learn by opening the door to learning digitally by giving them the tools to learn with.

Sugata Mitra went to one of the poorest places in India, and outside of a slum he installed something that has become known as the ‘Hole in the Wall. It was a normal computer that was placed into the wall so that the children in India could explore the device.  The Hole In The Wall experiment continues to change a lot of lives for children. It helps them to work collaboratively and improve their English and their computer skills.

Another way that the children learn is with the  “Granny Cloud”. The Granny Cloud is a group of grandmothers in England who volunteer to help children in other parts of the world over Skype.  They teach in special way.  Granny clouds encourage, praise and guide the children but they do not actually tell them how to do stuff.

These experiments show that in the future the teacher may be replaced by the computer. It also means the kids in places where people don’t want to go and teach will no longer miss out on walking down the exciting pathway of learning because of the changes made by Professor Sugata Mitra.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Phoenix's Speech

Reading comic books
greetings  students and teachers I am here to talk about comic books and why we should read them in schools and make it a part of our reading program  and you can make that happen

so did you know Millions of people read comics so why can't we it would fun and educational and you would learn a lot Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to the library filled with comics for you to read  kids would read more often and it would be fun you would learn cool new things and it would be exiting

did you know the first superhero comic book was published in 1937 because the percent of kids in schools who enjoy reading and read is very low and this reading comics could make could raise the number and increase our reading

reading comic books will help them learn it would make them happy, they would know lots of new exciting facts you would not have to worry about reading uncool books  did you know only 56 percent  of kids enjoy reading books at school and did you know that 50 million people read comic books so imagine that in school

did you know also that the first comic book superhero was superman if this does not happen kids would stop reading imagine a world where no one knew how to read and didn't want to read i would not want to live in that world know one would be smart  
If we put comic books in schools we could increase school reading program it would be blasting to the roof kids would want and enjoy to read  just think if this happens all kids in schools would like to read  and would be very smart and would know everything about reading and comics I say yes to this because we would learn and have fun if this happens but this is not about my opinion its about your opinion and about you making this decision to change the history of our learning forever for you your children and your children’s  children so please put comics books in schools reading program thank you for listening i hope you enjoyed my speech

Kataraena's Speech

My Speech

Kia Ora and Greetings to everybody that is present here today. Do you  think we should have a tuck shop?  Do we need it? Do you want it?  Think of all the positive things that will be coming our way if we had a tuck shop.  Firstly.  Imagine if we had a tuck shop, kids will focus on their work, even kids might get an a+ in their reports. Who knows? By the end of the year, the school could make loads  of money and spend it on  more ICT equipment, the senior camp, extra  learning tools for the
class and more educational trips.

Secondly what if we needed money for  something like camp, and the only way to
fundraise it was a sausage sizzle day? And  still don't have enough money. What happens then?

So back to my question, do you think we should  have a tuck shop? I strongly believe we should,  because it says on the news that kids are going  to school without food so most of the kids that have no food stay at home and don't attend school.

We could also serve healthy food because as  nutritionists suggests, healthy food gives you mileage.  Not just physically but mentally  too. Just visualise the beautiful food we could have, subway type filled rolls, Soup on a cold day, fruit kebabs, salad, and smoothies  

My opinion is to have a tuck shop and make it cheap so that parent’s that can’t afford to buy food at any other place can go to the tuck shop and boom, happy kids, happy teacher’s, happy parent’s and happy learning. We could also have parent’s  being more involved with helping out.  Preparing food at school will help parent's be more aware of the importance of having a tuck shop at school and will be more aware of school life and know what their children are learning.

Many kids will starve if they have no food at school.  They won’t be motivated, and won’t focus on their work and also they don’t have to come to school wondering about what food they will be eating.  Or listening to their stomach rumble because they are hungry.

So to recap on my main points of my argument so that you are keeping up with my speech: We should have a tuck shop because of all the positives that it can bring
to us.  Mrs Anderson we will have children who are more focussed on their work and motivated to learn.

Mr Johnston you will see the benefits by looking at all the awesome equipment we can buy for the students.  your student attendance will rise because children are
keen to come to school everyday....because of the Tuck shop and food.  Our parents will become more involved in the school life

So just think about it guys, the way to a happy child's heart is through their stomach.  
Thanks for listening and I hope you learnt something new.

This is a photo of me doing my speech, it was scary but its better to get it over with it.

Year 7 Tech by Jacob

Tech: Jewellery Making
This is one of the tech photos taken today. Mr Grundy (Sir), is teaching us how to make jewellery with pewter. First we needed measure some boxes. Then we drew some drafts of some designs to start. When we finish that we need to draw the picture onto a piece of wood.

Today's Number by Roswell

Today’s Number:
Write it in words
two hundred and seventy
Write it as an expanded number
200 + 70  
Add 3
+ 25
Subtract 5
- 17
Next 3 even numbers
272, 274, 276
Double it
Last 4 odd numbers
269, 267, 265, 263
Half of it
10% of it is
25% of it is
⅓ of it is
Multiply by 6
x by 4
Divide by 4
÷ by 6
I need to practise:
  • percentages

Year 8 Tech by Leila

This is a animoto movie I have created. It is about the year 8's going to tech and we made butter chicken it was delicious. 

Andre and Aryan practising their basic facts knowledge

Leila's Speech

My Speech

Should teachers drink coffee in class?
I think no because why should they
get a nice hot drink and the rest of
the class just sit and watch them
enjoy it. Why should we dehydrate
desperately waiting for the bell to ring?

Do you want to dehydrate in your
classroom? Just imagine you're sitting
at your desk waiting for the bell to go
and your teacher is drinking her coffee.
Have you ever wondered if your teacher
felt sorry for you and stop drinking
coffee or have they ever seen your mouth

Well I have asked my teacher if she
would stop drinking coffee in front
of us she said “No!”. I also wonder
what if their is a world record on how
much coffee you drink? The one word
that I would describe my teacher is a

I think teachers should not drink coffee
because it is not fair on the students
that teachers get to enjoy their drink
and we just sit there all thirsty. It is also
not fair that we the students have too
wait till morning tea or lunch too get a
drink of water

The reason I think teachers should  not drink
coffee is because it has some side effects and
it is also not fair on the students.

If you are starting too drink coffee
and you have noticed it has given
you an extra boost you need to
know that if you keep drinking coffee
like 3 cups a day then you would have
these side effects: panic attacks,
irregular heartbeat, sleep deprivation,
continues stomach problems, sleep disorders,
difficult concentration, and headaches.

Why do teachers drink coffee more
than water? Do you know that coffee
has some very negative side effects and
water does not. But if you drink too much
water then there can be some side effects.

I suggest if the teachers won't stop
drinking coffee then I believe that the
students should at least be allowed
too eat like a bar of chocolate without
getting growled at, because chocolate
and coffee have caffeine in them and if
you drink too much coffee you can
get difficult concentration and headaches
too. Also if you eat too much chocolate
you can get the same side effects.

So teachers should NOT drink coffee
because it is not fair on the students
and remember teachers that you have
being saying too be a role model so
I think you too can be role models
and STOP drinking coffee. Also
remember their can be some very
dangerous side effects too drinking
too much coffee.

This is my speech I wrote. The topic was Should teachers drink coffee in class? I chose to go against so I said NO. 

Our Speech Champions!

Congratulations Tienira (1st), Waitama (2nd) and Teagan (3rd) for being our 2013 PBS Senior Speech Champions. 

Google Draw Information Poster by Suliasi

This is my Google Draw Poster of how to use it this is a easy way to understand what you are doing on Google Draw

Suliasi's Typing Test

Puke's Speech

Being Principal for a day.

Imagine being the school principal for a day.What would do?If I were principal for I would ask the teachers how and what I can do to help the students want to learn and to make learning something they  really wanted to do.

Then I would ask the student if there was anything that ,(within reason),we could do to make learning fun and something they wanted to do.Planning for the future is important so I would help the teachers set up career paths for the students.Hopefully this will help the students achieve things that they wanted to do and help them to strive for their goals.

I know good learning happens when there is involvement from both the home and school.I know parents want to be more involved so I would ask the parents how they think their children are doing at school and how the kids are getting along with each other and their teachers.Did you know that there are over 2500 principals in all of New Zealand.

It’s not an easy job knowing that you are helping guide our future teachers, doctors, policemen, principals, scientists and maybe a few politicians.Not to many of those I hope!If you were principal for a day what would you do with the children in New Zealand?I know children enjoy playing sports so I would start a one day inter-class sports competition for all classes.It won’t be our PBS teachers out there with the kids it would be ou parents  teaching studebts how to play.Hopefully this would meant that in future at intervall and lunch parents can help teach new sports like handball and touch.

Maybe one day you could be a principal. You could grow a young mind.  You could lead a great team.You could run a school. Maybe one day you could do these but today I want to do these things.I never knew that being a principal in New Zealand was such an Important job. I would like to give you break Mr Johnston and I know that for one day only, I could be a great leader here at PBS.

Google Draw Information Poster: Jacob

This is an info poster that I have done on how to use Google draw. We used the text box, the fill-colour bucket and word art. I have used clip art and a tech image.

Henry's Maths


  1. Moana has $81 and she gives her friend $18. How much money does Moana have left?
18 + 2 = 20
20 + 60 = 80
80 + 1 = 81
       18 + 63 = 81 so 81 - 18 = 63

  1. Jake collected $75 from his pocket money to buy a present for his mum. The present only costs $39 so how much change does he have? 
    39 +1=40 
      39 + 36 =75 so 75 - 36=63
  1. Dad takes $93 with him to the fair. He comes back with $57. How much did he spend?
57 +3=60
60 +30=90
so 57+36=93 so 93-57=36
At the park the lolly seller has collected in $103.
She has to pay $88 out for buying lollies for the next day. How much money does she have left?
so 103 -88=15
  1. Sam has $110 and spends $89 on some playstation games he wanted. How much money does he have left?
                                so 110-89=21

  1. I start shopping with $64 and come home with $38. How much did I spend when I was out shopping? 
     40 +20=60
     so 64 -38 =26
The hard thing was counting in my head.
  1. I wanted to collect $100 for charity, but only managed to get $82. How much less than $100 is that? 
               so 100-82=18

We were learning that sometimes we can use our adding strategies to help us solve subtraction questions. I found counting in my head difficult.