Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Giant Panda Research | Writing: Juel, Sulia and Farzana

LI: to use our smart searching skills to find information about the giant panda.

Our focus for this challenge was based on writing TEEL paragraphs about giant pandas. After using our smart searching skills, we used the TEEL structure in order to write paragraphs. TEEL is the acronym for: topic sentence, elaborate, evidence and link sentence. 

First we researched about giant pandas and found information about them. After this, we made bullet point notes including the main points of our research. These notes helped create sentences with all the main ideas and made it understandable. 

After making the notes we started writing our TEEL paragraphs. TEEL paragraphs help us to expand our knowledge/ideas and formulate our thinking into informational pieces of text. 

We found this activity very enjoyable because we collaborated together to find out shocking information about pandas. One thing I learnt from this activity was that giant pandas are very close to extinction. 

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  1. Hello Robyn,
    I love pandas (being from china) I did not know what a newborn panda looks like, now I have. And man do they look weird. Was the information hard to get? And what part of making this slideshow was your favorite part?

    Keep up the good work!