Friday, 8 April 2022

Film and Video Editor by Hector

For careers I took a career quiz that had multiple selections to see what job or career I am interested in. There were 78 questions meaning there were 78 jobs/careers that were in the quiz. I chose to be a film and editor because I can make lots of money and I can try out new transitional effects, sound effects, and create new content, I can also show everyone what my skills are and what I am capable of to film and edit content. 

Working as a video editor can involve editing skills, need to have the ability to pick the correct sound tracks for each scene, you need to be able to add credits at the end of your film, and also you will need to pay some transitional effects if it is not free. 

 Working as a filmer can involve accurate eye sight, where you are going to be positioned, where the scene is going to take place, and to make sure the camera is directed to one scene at a time. I learnt that a film and video editor can take a couple of years to practise and have editing skills to become a professional.  

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