Thursday, 25 September 2014

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Room 9 Winners!

Fantastic news Room 9! On Wednesday we took part in 'Read an E-Book Day' run by Overdrive in America. Lots of people all around the world took part in this and we were lucky enough to win a prize. 

Friday, 19 September 2014

Kyra, Shantay, Evan, and Efaraima's Research

This is a presentation about Tonga. It shows the importance that the tradtional foods have. Tonga has yummy food that I like to eat. e.g: Chop Suey. Please leave a comment.

Kapri and Jazmine's Research

This is a Prezi that Jazmine and I have done about China. It tells you what food Chinese people brought to New Zealand, Why they Migrated to New Zealand, What they celebrate, what they celebrate, facts about China and the street food.

Halatoa, Oh S'mar and Jacob S' Research

This aftertoon we presented a prezi to our class. It is about why Italians migrate to NZ, different celebrations and different foods.

Fine and Yvette's Research

This is a prezi my partner Fine and I created for Topic around India. Together, we presented our prezi. Our teacher said we spoke with a confident and clear voice. I hope you learn something from our Prezi.

Tim and Pah Nwee's Research

This is my Prezi about Japan. I was working with Pah Nwee and we worked great together as partners. We had to find some resources telling us Why Japan came to NZL, What Traditional food from Japan was introduced to NZL and what celebrations does Japan celebrate. We had to present this Prezi in front of the class and Pah Nwee and I was very nervous but we made it and Mrs Anderson was impressed with me and Pah Nwee. I worked hard and believe it or not this was my first prezi that I ever made with and without a partner.