Thursday, 29 August 2013

Cross section of a volcano: Suliasi


This is my informational picture. It shows a cross section of a volcano. We had to draw and design it ourselves. I think it is interesting how the volcanoes of the world act like a human body

River safety brochure: Phoenix

As part of our aquatics program we have been looking at how to stay safe in and around rivers. Here is my brochure about river safety.

NZ Landforms: Mahdia

This is me crouching and touching the Moeraki Boulders in front of me, the reason I chose this land from is because Moeraki Boulders are one of my favourite land forms and they are interesting to learn about. 

NZ Landforms: Roswell

This is my landform picture First I took a picture of me then I used http ://  this Website to cut out my picture then searched for a landform on google images. I downloaded pixlr editor from chrome web store, When i finished cutting out my picture I downloaded it and opened it up on Pixlr Editor then went to file and clicked on Open new image and put my landform on. I clicked on the blue square on the toolbar and made a square around me then made a copy and pasted it into my landform. To make your person smaller you click on edit and go free transform and adjust the size of your picture. 

New Report: Jacob

The Mount Tongariro Eruption
People ran in shock as the fierce Mount Tongariro wakes up. He was blowing the air with ash. Several flights were delayed as Tongariro was burping boulders of fire.

Local’s could hear explosions everywhere. The eruption happened on the 21 of November in 2012 in the afternoon. Following the explosions a cloud of ash fell and covered the local town like it was a blanket.The agile red hot rocks did a reverse bungy.

When the mountain erupted people were running far away from the mountain. People were packing food while the mountain was erupting. The police started warning people that Tongariro was erupting.

The damage that was caused harmed houses, cars and even animals were covered with a thick layer of ash. Even the police couldn't get to all the civilians while running with fear. Mt Tongariro eruption has also caused significant damage to a nearby tramping hut.

They heard a loud sound that made the local’s scared coming from Tongariro. Local’s didn't care when the police gave the first warning. People ran out of their homes and saw an enormous cloud of ash.

It would take many days to clean up the mess made to peoples houses. The local’s are still waiting for the ash to disappear.

Cross section of a volcano: Jacob

This is a cross section of a volcano. The aim was to create an information picture on volcanoes. We used Google draw to make it. We had to label the different parts of a volcano and write a definition so we know what it means.

Cross section of a volcano: Puke

This is my diagram

This is my information poster on a diagram of a volcano.The purpose was that we had to try and make a information poster.We used google draw to make this diagram.We had to write the facts inside each box.We described using short but our own words.There are several things that I didn't know about like the second cone and the main vent.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

News Report by Teagan

Tongariro Awakens

The people of Taupo are in shock as the mighty Tongariro awakens from his deep sleep. People watch in shock and awe Tongariro as he erupts for the first time in over a hundred years, burping boulders of fire and covering the city in ash.

Residents were all taken by surprise when Tongariro shook the ground tipping over streetlights and trees. It sounds like World War 3 was going on. People woke up and looked outside but there was no grass or a vegetable gardens, just a black darkness that has taken over their land. As I looked up and all I could see was a terrible black cloud covering the blue sunlight. The terror started at about 11:50pm last night.  The people in Taupo and cities nearby were all shaken up.  Pip James a citizen of Taupo tweeted that he could taste Tongariro.

During the eruption people near the area started to pack food and get going. The police started warning the people before the eruption but they did not heed the warning. A group of 20 year 8 students were on the mountain as it erupted, luckily they all safely returned home. Senior Volcano Geophysicist Steve Sherburn said there were no volcanic patterns and the mountain had only erupted for five minutes.

The volcano was very destructive as it shot out boulders of fire destroying the nearby tramping hut. It was burping out rocks and spewing out ash covering the city and animals too. After the terrible eruption people thought they were safe but they thought wrong. It was followed by a series of small earthquakes which shook the the city. Flights were delayed by the ash, cloud, planes and couldn’t go further than 8 miles, down below wasn’t good either as there was five cm of ash covering the roads.

People here have a long road ahead to clean up. For the people of Taupo stay strong, we are all right behind you.

News Report by Jazmine and Deannika

Tongariro’s Sleep is Over

The last time this sleeping giant was awake was in 1897. Today just over a hundred years on I am standing in front of this volcano that local people call Mount Tongariro. The question the community is asking is why the mountain has suddenly woken up? Well it appears everyone is saying that Mt Tongariro looks depressed. The  other question I am trying to get out of my head is why is Mt Tongariro covering Pihangas mountain with all his ash?

From where I am standing now, I can see loose rocks still tumbling down Tongariro’s ash covered slopes. The eruption lasted only five minutes but for those near by, time stood still as the cloud of ash exploded out of the Te Maari crater. Although no one was injured, this morning many people are still afraid there is more to come.

The eruption took everyone by surprise. A heavy cloud now covers much of the North Island. Locals have awoken to a blanket of thick ash covering the ground. Farmers are worried about their animals as it will be hard for them to find clean food and water.

Flights have been delayed, truck drivers have been turned around and locals are faced with a massive clean up. Tourists are being advised to stay away from the area for their own safety.
In recent weeks there has been an increase in seismic activity but the eruption surprised everyone. Volcanologists have headed to the mountain in search of more information to help put minds at rest.

Locals are hoping that their sleeping giant will remain sleeping, allowing them to begin the big clean up ahead of them.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Room 9's Statistical Investigation

LI: To use data to look closely at (analyse) our blog posts this year

This morning we looked closely at (analysed) the number blog posts we have made this year on our individual blogs. To do this we carried out a statistical investigation. This meant we gathered our data, sorted our data and created tables and graphs, then draw conclusions by looking for patterns. Finally we reflected on what that data showed us and set PLI’s (personal learning intentions).

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Puke and Isaac's Water Cycle

This is my water cycle.We are learning how the water cycle works.The first way we found out was that we had to do a dictation race which is  kind of like the amazing race but your giving your partner a sentence at a time.One partner as sitting down and writing the words while the other partner would go up to the sheet and would pass on the words.Then we would do this a water cycle and explain how the water cycle goes.

Room 9 Girls Win by Kapri

This is our class Inter school Competition out of the year 7 and 8 Uni Hock. In our group I was the caption of the group. We were the winning class out of us and room 6. I think we won because we had lots of team work and we were collaborative. I think room 6 had lots of team work to. If we didn't have team work then I think we would of lost.

Collaborative Maths: Jacob

This is my group working collaboratively to make a hundreds line. We had to cut out every number from the hundreds square to make the number line.
This is my groups number line. We had to skip count in 3's from 36, forwards and backwards. I noticed that we were also doing the 9 times table too. Every second number is part of the 6 times table. It goes odd, even, odd, even. On the hundreds square the colour pattern is diagonal.

Asmah and Mahdia's Water Cycle

Hi this is a Google draw that Mahdia and I made about the water cycle. First we had to do a dictation race where one person has to memorize a few sentences and then go back to his/her partner and tell them the lines they memorized. The partner then has to write down exactly what his/her partner has said. This goes on until they have written down everything the memorizing partner has told them. You then check if you have written everything by checking on the paper. You then have to ask your teacher what your time is and you write it down. 

Asmah and Phoenix's Rock Cycle

Hi this is a Google draw that Phoenix and I made about the rock cycle. First we had to do a dictation race where one person has to memorize a few sentences and then go back to his/her partner and tell them the lines they memorized. The partner then has to write down exactly what his/her partner has said. This goes on until they have written down everything the memorizing partner has told them. You then check if you have written everything by checking on the paper. You then have to ask your teacher what your time is and you write it down. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

Candice's River Safety Brochure

As part of our swimming programme Room 9 has been looking at ways we can keep ourselves safe in and around water.  This is Candice's brochure to make people aware of the need for safety in and around rivers.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Room 9's Connectives Posters

Kyra's Thinkers keys

Tienira's Swimming Lessons

Try our slideshow creator at Animoto.
Room 9 have been enjoying their pool session and are making the most they can. Yesterday we didn't have that much time because we had other things to do, but we went over the skills that Mrs Anderson wanted to see if were capable in the water and see what we need to work on. Later on we played a game called seahorse tiggy and they played room 9's secret game.

Leila's Swimming Lessons

This is swimming lessons in the pool. Mrs Anderson was our instructor but she didn't swim. We were all learning different swimming strategies and we were also playing games. One of the games were sea horse race and it was very fun. My teacher, Mrs Anderson was very organised and found some fun activity's for swimming. It was very fun and awesome to be in the pool.

Auckland Volcanoes

Teagan, Jacob, Roswell, Finao and Pah Nwee worked collaboratively to create this is a presentation about how many volcanoes there are in Auckland. It tells you what dormant volcanoes are, what extinct volcanoes are, what active volcanoes are as well as interesting facts about volcanoes.

Auckland's Volcanoes

Piripi, Aryan, Michael, Phoenix, Isaac and Andre worked collaboratively to find out about the volcanoes in Auckland. 

Henry's Maths Task

Kyra's Connective's Poster


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Teagan's Character Descriptions

Battle Of The Mountains
Mount Tongariro:
Mount Tongariro is a strong brave mountain. He a fit agile mountain that could move really quickly. He was fit and a tenacious warrior who fought for his love for Pihanga.

Mount Pihanga:
Pihanga was a beautiful mountain. Tongariro and Taranaki both fought for Pihanga love. She was a caring lady they was protective of this. She was a loving gentle mountain who didn’t want this to happen.

Mount Taranaki:
Mount Taranaki was an angry selfish mountain. All he cared about was himself. He fought with Tongariro and lost. He was a devious mountain who had had two other mountains sneak attack Tongariro. He was jealous of Tongariro and Pihanga.

Mount Tauhara:
Mount Tauhara was a sneaky little coward. He was not brave and was very chicken hearted. Him and Putauaki both came up behind Tongariro and cheap shot him. Tauhara was very romantic he loved Pihanga but knew she could never be with him.

Mount Putauaki:
Mount Putauaki was just like Tauhara except he was as romantic. He was a sneaky chicken hearted coward.

Tienira's Homework Task

Tienira has been learning her weekly word list using the NZSL (New Zealand sign language) alphabet. Here is a short presentation that she has put together to show what she is doing.

Friday, 2 August 2013

Duffy Assembly by Andre

Andre created this Animoto of the Duffy assembly.

Miss Paton's Success by Kataraena

This is a photo of Miss Paton presenting to  Room 9 about her learning at the Google Teachers Academy in Chicago, U.S.A. It sounded like she had an awesome time. She was chosen out of 514 people to go to Chicago. She was really proud of herself. She showed us and told us what she wants to do, what she had done, and what she learnt. So this week we are celebrating her success.

Blake Group planing their S chart by Kataraena

This is a photo of my group working collaborative. We were doing a S chart about The battle of the mountain, we put in a effort in this work and succeed.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Battle of the Mountains: Personality Traits by Pah Nwee

Pah Nwee wrote sentences that tell you about the personalities of the Mountains in the story 'The Battle of the Mountains'