Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Tienira's National Young Leaders Day Report

Last week on Friday Lavinia, Trinity and I spoke about the National Young Leaders Day (NYLD).  On Thursday was an exciting day when us four lift school early to make it on time for the national young leaders day, on that day we had a lot of fun watching and hearing from some of the New Zealand celerities, and my favourite speaker was Dave Atkinson.

National Young Leaders Day: Tienira

This is a photo of the badge that we received for attending the National Young Leaders Day, Ms Kirkpatrick brought this for the four of us so that we may show other people that we went and attended the NYLD.  If you go next year you might be lucky and get one too.

Tienira's Reading Group

This is a photo was taken from this morning and this one is a photo of my group and you can see that we are all reading the book and is really into it, and that is because we were given a fun activity by Mrs Anderson.  In this activity I learnt that one school is becoming an environmental school and they had made a cultural garden in their courtyard, and I hope that one day our school becomes a environmental school.

Candice's spelling challenge


This is one of my spelling tacks that I did, we had to learn our spelling words by timing ourselves 1 minute to do it and write them as many times as we could I spelt stir 41 times in 1 minute, this the highest score that I got.

Deannika's sign language presentation

This is my name in sign language. I have used a lot of effort but it was a lot of fun!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Michael and Henry explore ways the health of school children have been looked after in NZ

                 MILK IN SCHOOLS



  • Introduced in 1930's
  • Free milk was given to NZ school children from 1937
  • 80% of school children got milk every day
  • The Labour government wanted to improve the health and welfare of young New Zealanders and use up surplus milk.
  • Milk in schools lasted till 1967

  • Introduced in 2006
  • They knew that if you ate healthy it meant you have a healthy mind for learning.
  • They brought fruit to our schools because less children were eating healthy.
  • FIS meant less doctors visits
  • FIS promoted a healthy lifestyle. They wanted all children to have healthy minds and healthy bodies.

Certificate: Asmah

This is a picture of Asmah getting her certificate at assembly for asking great questions.

Timed Spelling Challenge

Every week we try to learn our spelling words in a different way. This week our challenge was to see how many times we could correctly spell our new words lists in a minute. 

Friday, 24 May 2013

Animoto of Des Hunt's visit: Mahdia

This is my animoto movie about Des Hunt, we had so much fun watching him do awesome things with his chemistry knowledge.

Then/Now Presentation: Andre

This is Andre's presentation that shows a snapshot of how schools have changed over time.

My Flipping ebook on year 7 Tech

This is my Flipping ebook on Year 7 Digital Tech.

Year 7 Digital Tech experience: Teagan

This is my book of my passions. It is sketches of my passions that I did at tech. The Author: Teagan, Illustrator: Teagan

Year 7 Digital Tech experience: Jacob

This is my Year 7 digital tech experience. I have made a booklet on flip snack to show my learning and what I have learnt at digital technologies. I hope you like it

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Des Hunt Author visit By Kyra

This is Kyra's Flipping eBook on Des Hunt. Des Hunt is an author who visited Panmure Bridge School yesterday.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Past and present Venn diagram: Suliasi

              Suliasi used Lucid charts to create this Venn Diagram. It shows the differences
         and similarities between punishments for breaking rules at  school in 1900 and 2013.

Squash slideshow by Kane

Kane created this fantastic slideshow using Animoto. Have a look at the fun Room 9 had learning the skills needed to challenge each other at squash.

Suliasi's Squash Experience

This is me destroying me friend Michael at Squash. I enjoyed learning the techniques to become a ultimate squash player.

Leila's presentation: Des Hunt

This is a presentation that I have created on Des Hunt. He came to our school and taught us about being an author and he also showed some chemistry. It was very inspirational and so awesome. 

Current Events: Leila

TITLE: Scary bite many mean op

WHEN: Friday May 17, 2013

WHO: The people that were involved were, Stella Twigley, her mum, the doctors.

WHERE: It happened In Pakuranga

WHAT: A girl(Stella Twigley) got bitten by a spider. The spider bit her on her finger then started to swell. The spider bite began to spread up her arm. The spider bite was getting worse, so stella had too go too the doctors. The doctors then gave her panadol and it didn't work so she went into hospital. Stella then began too feel short for breath and faint. Stella had too get surgery. The doctors said too stella that they might have too scrape the infection out of the joint in her finger.

WHY or HOW it happened: It happened because stella left it and it began too spread up her arm and causing the bite too get worse.

What do you think the author wanted you to learn from this article?
The author wanted us to learn is that if you discover you have a mark on your skin you need to do something before it gets worse.

List 2 new words you have found in this article, then write their meanings.
welts: bumps in the skin.

presence: the state or fact of existing

This is my current events I have completed in class. It was about a girl that got bitten by a spider then it started to spread up her arm. What I have learnt from this Article is that if you discover any marks on yourself you need to do something about it like see a doctor to tell someone.

Andre's presentation about the author Des Hunt

 This is my Presentation on Des Hunt. I hope you like it.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Year 7 Tech: Aryan

This is my work from photo Shop his name is Kip

Year 7 Tech: Jacob's Finished Collage

This is my collage that I have just finished on photoshop. First I needed 4+ passions. I used 6 passions, some images, the paint tool and some text. I did some of my favorite colors as the background. I hope you like it.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Phoenix's Popplet on Advertising Tricks

This is my popplet on the tricks used in food advertisements.Enjoy

Leila's Popplet of tricks used in Advertising

 This is my popplet showing the tricks of advertising. This means that the food commercials that come on t.v are different to the food you get in the store. Here are some tricks that are used for the commercial.

Leila's Timeline of Writing Tools

 This is my timeline of writing tools. I added pictures to show different kinds of pens. 

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Squash: Kyra

This image shows what I have learnt during squash yesterday and my partner was Jasmine in the front. We were thought how to hit the ball properly also how to serve in a game of squash my skills are going to improve every day. Please post a comment.

Squash: Leila and Candice

This is Candice and I playing Squash. We had to hit the ball against the wall then the other person has to hit it. This was really fun and helped you with you fast reflexes. We were put into 3 groups and had to rotate around the hall. My group were the last group to hit the ball against the wall in the picture. At the end of our lesson Mrs Anderson took on Candice it was a great game. Some students got picked to play against one of the squash coaches. Squash is an awesome sport.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Leila's Studyladder Tasks

These are the tasks my teach Mrs Anderson set for my reading group on Study-ladder  As you can see I got a green smiley face on all of three tasks. I am still finishing off the rest of my study-ladder tasks. Playing these activity's can help you with your learning. The three tasks I am showing you are about Literacy  These tasks were very fun and helped me alot with my reading.

Year 7 Tech: Kyra

 This image shows what Kyra did at Tech, it shows all of her passions which means everything she loves doing in her own time. 

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Term 2 Blogging Goals

This is Suliasi's presentation that shows the goals he has set for blogging this term. Room 9 created these goals together and each student made their own presentation.

Congratulations Jacob and Teagan!

Congratulations Jacob and Teagan! These certificates show that you are able to recall your addition facts quickly.