Monday, 29 June 2015

Thinking Group Strategies: Kiwi Group

Today's task was to choose the best strategy to solve the problem. The Silver Ferns and Kiwi groups have created DLOs to share their thinking around this problem.

Galileo Homework Challenges

Below is a selection of the fabulous homework presentations about Galileo Galilei. Last week Miss Donaldson used our homework Choose-o-meter to randomly select Galileo as our topic. 





Friday, 26 June 2015

Interschool Orienteering

Fine and Samantha created this DLO to share our inter-school orienteering results. Well done girls it looks like you all had fun!

Congratulations Evelyn, Shantay, Fine and Oh S'Mar!

 PBS Netball Player of the Day

         Room 5 Certificate

Congratulations Evelyn, Shantay and Fine! Three 'Player of the Day' certificates for Room 5 students. Congratulations Oh S'Mar! A certificate for participating and contributing. Well done to all of you!

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Orienteering Inter-school Competition

Well done to our PBS orienteers who had a great time today at the orienteering inter-school competition.

Rohulla's Book

Rohulla read a book called 'Choosing A Cat'. This text reflects the conversation he had with Sajiha about his book. Well done Rohulla you worked really hard in Room 5 today.

Persuasive Text: Yvette

These are my screenshots of a fake text. I used iFakeText to create fake messages based around the debate about chaging the New Zealand flag. My messages are against the flag being changed, and Evelyn my partner is for. These messages state the different reasons for and against. 

Jerry Collins: Halatoa

Today I created a Google drawing about Jerry Collins who  lost his life with his wife in a car accident. We really hope his daughter gets better. This Google drawing is about Jerry Collins rugby career and where he studied. This is a positive contribution Google Drawing about Jerry Collins.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Congratulations Yvette and Saruja!

Congratulations Yvette and Saruja! A certificate for planning your writing carefully Yvette. Well done! 'Player of the Day' at netball Saruja. Well done and for an awesome effort! Thank you Paige for taking the photos.

First Maori Contingent in WW1 - Yvette

Room 5 designed their own follow up tasks to help them explore and understand the journey of the men of the First Maori Contingent in WW1.  The tasks they designed allowed them to see the war through the eyes of these men and through the eyes of those they left behind. Below are Yvette's DLO's that reflect her learning.

This is a DLO (digital learning object) I created based around the history of The Maori Pioneer Battalion. I created this using prezi. My task was to Create a DLO of your choice (be creative) that tells the history of the first Maori contingent in WW1. This gives information about the journey, the duties, and the retuned solders.

This is my photo collage on the Maori Pioneer Battalion. My task was to Create a collage of images that depict (show) the WW1 journey of these brave men. I created this collage using fotor.

This is my poster I created on the biography of Henare Mo-kena Ko-here. My task was to retell a soldiers story in the Maori Pioneer Battalion WW1. I found an image online to use as my background to make it more effective. I made the writing cursive to make this biography look like it was written back then. All the information is accurate.

Friday, 5 June 2015

Teaching theTeacher: Taikehu

Taikehu taught me the Maori translations for whole and half today. To help me understand he created this DLO with number stories in both Maori and English. Thank you Taikehu! 

Congratulations Zeba!

Congratulations Zeba! A certificate for relating to others. Well done you are a great group member. Keep working hard!

Home Learning Challenge: How the eye works...

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Animals in WW1

'Some people say that animals were vital (really important) to the war effort in WW1.'
What do you think? Why?

Room 5 worked collaboratively in pairs to research and discuss this statement before formulating and presenting their own informed responses to each other. 

The challenge to create a DLO to present their findings without using google slides or google draw.

Oh S'Mar and Manu

San Tat and Zahn

Latham and Tim

Paige and Djae

Zeba and Halatoa

Shantay and Saruja

Xtra Maths Achievements

Congratulations to Room 5's Maths Stars!