Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Panmure Bridge - LS2's Manaiakalani Movie

Our movie captures our learning journey last term about the structure and construction of bridges. This was a very exciting term for us as we were a part of a research study carried out by the Augmented Human Lab at Auckland University. This meant that not only did we access our learning through our smart searching, we also had the opportunity to see our learning in context through the augmented reality (AR) lens with an expedition created solely for us. Along the way we discovered that back in 2009 Mr Johnston and a group of students had created a movie that told the story of Panmure's first bridge. Inspired by this, we created our updated homage to their movie and our learning. 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Collaborative Comprehension | The Battle Of The Somme

This week, we did something really different. What we did was collaborative comprehension. This means we collaborate and work as a team to complete our set task. However the only difference was, we didn't work in groups. Rather we worked in pairs. Since this task was in reading, we were to choose a person from Ms Kirkpatrick's group to be our partner. After we got into our pairs, we started on our task. Our task was to infer a story called The Battle Of The Somme. After we read the context we were to answer many varieties of questions that link to this context. This task links to Mrs Anderson's Inquiry sessions. They inquiry sessions were about Peace. For this task I worked collaboratively with Angela.