Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Flying Kiwi... by Savelina

On the 23nd of March I was at camp. On that day we got to pick our most enjoyable activity that we had done. I got so excited my heart started pounding and pounding. It was beating so fast I felt like I'd been chased by thousands of dogs! The activities I got to pick from were Archery, High ropes, Orienteering and the flying kiwi. When Mrs Anderson told us about the flying kiwi I thought to myself 'What is the flying kiwi?' Then she told us what this was. I really wanted to do that, so I did!

When the instructors were getting me into the harness I checked if I felt really scared. As soon as the instructors clipped my harness to the rope I knew there was no going back. When the others in my group were pulling me up I regretted my choice on picking this activity. As I reached to the top my eyes were closed. I couldn't open them. I felt like my eyes were stitched to each other! When I finally opened them I could see a magnificent sight. I could see the beautiful trees and bushes. I could also hear the waterfall but as soon as I looked down my heart started racing again. I felt like I was going to fall.

Luckily as the others were lowering me down my heart started to beat slowly and slowly. When my feet touched the ground I felt like I wanted to jump up and down with happiness, but I played it cool even though my friends knew I was almost going to cry at the start.

Today I got to write a recount about something amazing that has happen.This was fun for me because I got to relive my moments from camp. This is a 5 min snapshot of one of my favourite moments at camp.

5 minutes of camp... by Fatongia

I didn't  think I would ever do the high ropes challenge because  I’m scared of heights.

The harness had to be tight so JR checked it for me that made me happy because I didn’t know how to do it. I felt nervous each step I took up the ladder my legs felt wobbly and my heart was racing when I stood on the log and looked down the people looked like ants, standing on the tall wooden  log I felt  like a giant. I heard my group saying  GO FATONGIA ! Dance but I was too shy to dance. I like seeing all the PBS cheating and laughing.

Finally it was time to sit on my harness so JR could get me back on the ground. I felt so happy when my feet were back on the grass.

Today I have to do five minutes writing about camp. I wrote about the high ropes at camp.

Can't believe they made us do this! By Mishaan and Javeylor

I felt very nervous in the dark. My heart was racing, we set off behind each other in a line.We walked very slowly step by step, with other shoulder in front of us for us to see.

We were greeted by the glow worm community. As each  step we took we got further along the pathway as we all grabbed on each other and came closer. I could feel mud going throw my shoes. Each time the light went out the chatter of insects got louder and the screams of classmates came closer.

As we tiptoed across the small  bridge Mrs A and Mrs C was taking a photo of a huge spider. Mrs C shone the light at the spider and Mrs A screamed when the spider came back and stared at us. We were so excited to see the lights back at camp until a cricket started heading towards us on the deck.        

Last week the year 7's and 8's went on camp to Kokako Lodge. This recount is about our night walk. The night walk was really scary when everyone turned their torches off and all we could see was the darkness coming for us.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Lyndon's big wedgie... by Lyndon

The harness got tighter by the second. It felt like the straps were trying to stop the blood flowing in my legs. The next thing I heard was the harness belt clipping on. My heart raced a little bit faster. I knew my adventure was about to begin.

I felt myself heading towards the sky, the wind passing over my skin while my feet waved goodbye to the earth below. I heard kids screaming and cheering while I hoped the giant wedgie the harness was giving me wouldn’t get any worse. It was too late, I was already at the top. I opened my eyes, everything looked ant size!

I began my journey back down. The wedgie loosening as my legs spread apart to give the ground a big old hug. As I unclipped the harness I could feel the blood once again rushing through my legs.

This is my camp recount story it is about well I cant tell you but read the story of what I was talking about (A) high ropes, (B) flying kiwi or (C) archery? See if you got it right by reading all the way to the bottom. I'm sure I felt and heard every thing that it says in the story.

The mysterious walkway... by Jorja

I started feeling nervous. All I could see was the light from torches going on and off as we made our way along the gravel pathway that took us into the darkness.

As we crossed the bridge all I could hear was the sound of a waterfall rushing to the pool below. Everything around me smelt damp. My torch light showed the stairs in front of me. I grabbed the handrail and gripped it tight as other people's voices got louder and louder. Everyone sounded scared!

I started to see a light. As I walked closer I saw that the light was from our camp. The night walk was fun but I was happy to be back in the light until I saw the size of the cricket on the deck! I got a big fright when it flew onto my shirt. I quickly flicked it off.

Today we had to write a recount about an activity that we did a camp. I chose to write about the night walk. I have explained what I have heard, what I have seen, and what I could feel. For my plan I used the y chart and the TREE template.

The bowman... by Jericho

As I picked up my arrow and bow I placed my arrow on the holder and the end under the knot. I remembered the two F’s. I put one of my feet diagonal and one straight.

When I tugged my arrow against my face my index finger went above the knot and my middle finger and ring finger went under.

I let go while my eyes were closed. When I opened them I saw the arrow was not going as quick as I had thought it would and it was going crooked. I had really hoped the arrow was going to get the bulls eye.

The arrow was not supposedly going to hit the target so I just put my bow down in disappointment and then I heard a pop. I turned around and was surprised the balloon had popped. I thought it was skill but Zane thought it was luck.

Today I had to write about camp. I wrote about archery because it was one of my favourite things at camp.

Archery fun... by Hajera

As my cheeks got red like a cherry I was about to explode with excitement. I couldn’t believe I was about to do archery. As each arrow flew the kids were got louder and louder.

Now it was my turn. I picked up the bow and I got the arrow and put it in place. I felt nervous. It was time to let it go. As I let my hands were shaking as it released. A big smile came on my face because I got it on the board!

On my second try I could feel the pressure around me. I then let go of the string. Sadly my arrow landed on the grass. On my last arrow I pulled the string towards me. I was scared I wouldn’t get it but my face had a bigger smile than before. I safely landed it near the board. I was quite proud of myself.

As I finished off this activity I felt like doing it again. Pulling my sleeve up I saw a mark, was it a bruise?

This is my recount of the fun time I had at archery.

The green arrow... by Freeman

As I picked up the arrow with the bow I gently placed the arrow under the knot. I remembered the 2 F’s which were fingers and face I pulled my right hand towards my face.

When I pulled my right hand against my face I placed my index finger on top of the knot and my middle finger  under.  My right hand quivered as it rested against my face.

  Next I was ready to fulfil the last 'F' which was fire. I slowly released my finger and the arrow flew into the air and directly nipped the balloon.

Suddenly I heard the balloon pop and in shock my heart was pounding. I didn't know the arrow would hit it. I thought it was my skills, but Mataio thought it was luck.

This is my recount of my 5 favourite minutes of camp.

Towering stand... by Fraidoon

My heart was racing nearly as quick as light. I checked my harness for the one hundredth time before I decided it was safe for me to go up. Each step I took my heart beat faster and faster. Finally I reached the top. I wanted to see how high I was, then that’s when it hit me. My heart was banging and I stood there frozen like a mannequin.

I could not do anything, then I heard my friends cheering me on. After that I said to myself “I can do this!' Each step I took it got more intense than before I knew it I reached the other side. I was so happy that I made it! The instructor told me I had to walk backwards to the middle. I took one step after another and I got a bit scared but after a couple of steps of fear I got there.

When I reached the point of no return I spread my wings and flew to the ground. I was so happy that I could hug someone.

This is a recount about my favourite moment at camp.

Scary flying kiwi... by Fifita

As I sprinted up and down the slippery, rocky hill my heart beat faster than a cheetah. Aaaah! It’s my turn. I ran to the instructor, put on my harness and tightened it up. I checked my harness if it was stable more than 100 times.
"Kiwi are you ready?"
I shut my eyes and prayed, that’s how frightened I was!

I was dragged up into the air like a plane taking off. I screamed at the top of my lungs. WOW! I was flying just like a bird. I did some bird positions. As Ms Kirkpatrick and Mrs Anderson came, they asked me to sing Rattlin Bog while I was up in the air. I started singing. I had two goes because they said I didn’t look that happy the first time. But on my second go I became more happy.

At the end of the day I was exhausted. I really had fun with the flying kiwi. I wanted to go for a sleep but we needed to do more things. Camp was really enjoyable. I honestly want to go back.

Last week the year 7's and 8's went on camp to Kokako Lodge. This recount is about the flying kiwi. The flying kiwi was really scary that is why my title is the scary flying kiwi. I hope you enjoyed reading my recount. This was a 5 minute recount about my favourite thing that I did.

The hardest steps of my life... by Eric

When it was my turn to go up on the beam I felt nervous. I wanted to go up and come down right away. Step by step up the ladder and up the rungs.

I went to the beam, before I knew it both of my feet were on the beam. I was wrapping my hands around the pole. I asked the instructor "Can I get off now?" but she told me I had to walk a bit. I balanced my way through a quarter of the walk. I was so scared that my legs were quivering. When I was told to step off the beam, I struggled to do it.

When I finally got off, I felt a sigh of relief that I was on my way down. I felt really proud of myself because I had achieved something I though I never would.

This is my recount on one of the events that happen at camp. We had to do five minutes of camp, I picked the High ropes, I wrote what I was feeling and what I was doing.

The balloon popped! By Dallas and Joshua W

We stood up and excitedly walked over to bows that were lying on the cobblestones silently waiting for us. We all picked the bows up at the same time. It was like we were in a race to see who would fire first.  
With the arrows notched onto the bowstring we placed our fingers around the knot. One finger above the knot and two fingers below. Like everyone else we lifted our bows and pulled the string towards our faces. You could hear the ting on the string as the arrow launched itself towards the target.

“Pop!” We couldn't believe our eyes. Both balloons popped at the same time we felt so proud when everybody clapped and cheered.    

Both of us had smiles on our faces as we picked up our arrows. Lucky only we know not all our arrows hit the target.

Today me and Josh wrote a recount about when the balloon popped. It's about how me and Josh stood up and walked over to bows that were lying down on the ground then put one finger above the knot and two fingers below. Like everyone else we lifted the bow only me and Josh got the balloon on the taggert at the same time!

Walking with fear... by Aminiasi

I checked my harness for the 17th time. I was ready. I started to get higher and higher. My heart was pounding like a loud drum. As I was reaching the top, my wobbly legs started to slip. I didn’t give up so I held on tight and continued to climb. When our instructor let me back down I was relieved.

We then had to climb again but it wasn’t the same one. It was much higher! I grabbed onto the ladder and started to climb. After carefully climbing I reached the beam. I walked really steadily to the other side. Rain drops started to fall on me. Each drop shook me a little bit. I regretted climbing on it then. I paused at the end of the beam and took a breath. My group then started to cheer for me. That motivated me to keep on going.

I hobbled backwards to the middle of the beam and was then told to do push ups. I felt really nervous. After I did my push ups I was let down. Never in my life was I so happy to be on the ground.

Birds eye view... by Affonso

This is my camp recount story it is about well I cant tell you but read the story of what I was talking about (A) high ropes, (B) flying kiwi or (C) archery? See if you got it right by reading all the way to the bottom. I'm sure I felt and heard every thing that it says in the story.

No one knew... by Zane

I put my harness on and I got it done up fast so I was ready to climb. My heart was racing as I stepped onto the ladder.

I went first so no one would know I was scared of heights. I started climbing and climbed all the way up the ladder. When I got to the top and I slowly walked across the log trying to keep my balance but I wasn't balanced fell. Luckily I was fine. I walked across and looked down. It was double the size of when I was on the ground! I was frightened!

I could see the falls, it was an amazing view well even if it had mud in it. I got on my knees and started doing push ups. They were hard because I had no room to put my hands anywhere. I did 2 but the person who did the best did 20.

Then it  was time to come down. It was so dangerous because I almost hit my head on the log.

When I got back down to the ground I could feel the adrenaline going through my body. I felt really happy but I inside I was freaking out!

This is my recount of my best 5 minutes of camp. We had to use our words to paint a picture in the mind of the reader to recount our experiences.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Student Leader Badges by Daniel

Today at assembly the student leaders got their badges. They have a silver background with the Panmure Bridge school logo on it. The badges also have the student leaders name on it. Under our names, are our positions (Head students, Sport leaders, Manaiakalani leaders). The badges look awesome!

Learning about Neurons by Zahra


 Today I was working with Affonso. We were learning about Neurons and made a DLO about them. Something I learnt about Neurons is that, we have millions of them in our brain. Learning about Neurons was really interesting.