Friday, 24 August 2018

Sky Tower Trip | By Alex

Today LS2, LS1 and Room 5 went on a trip to the Sky Tower, since it was sponsored nobody needed to pay anything, the person who sponsored our trip's name is Douglas Bates. during our trip there we were given a challenge; on this piece of paper different locations were shown, and we needed to write the name of the location. There were also clues on the bottom of it to help us figure out which was which, another thing to help was the fact that we were on the 51rst floor. Before that though, we'd watched some videos that told us lots of interesting facts about the Sky Tower, some being: It weighs around about the same as 6,000 elephants, it takes 40 seconds to get from the bottom floor to the top, it would take 29 minutes for someone to reach the top floor by only using stairs (If they walked) and that the glass walls and floor in the observation deck are as thick as the concrete floor. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

My Pechaflikr|By Coree


This week for writing we were finishing off our pecha flickr storys that we had started on last week. For this writing activity we were working in parters, my partner was Christopher, the first thing we did was our pechaflikr slides then we did the story plan.When we had finished that we voice recoreded each other reading the story plan using ScreenCastify. The fun part about this activity was using ScreenCastify to voice record the story plan, because when we first started we didn't know how to do it. This week our group was learning how to structure or order a narrative story, and we were also learning how to link ideas between paragraphs to make a connection. In this narrative we were working on using strong words to paint a picture with words to not tell what was happening.

Why Sleep Is Important|By Ofa

This term we have been working collaboratively within our READ groups to find information that will expand our knowledge about sleep. For this topic we have been answering the questions we needed to answer to create a presentation which will hopefully showcase the amount of learning and skills we have picked up along the way. Since the beginning week of this topic we have chosen a leader who helped us stay on track and made sure that we were worked collaboratively within our group. While we were trying to improve our knowledge about sleep we all partook so as a guideline we used the reciprocal reading technique. In reciprocal reading we have someone who summarises the text, a questioner, a leader, a person who helps clarify confusing material found in a text, and also a predictor. While doing this activity we were asked to book our own guided sessions as we needed help with the question, does technology effect our sleeping patterns and also we were asked to choose a time where Mrs Anderson will help us learn how to infer. To learn how to infer we looked at the rooms children around the world have to sleep in and answered does everyone get a healthy sleep. Our group answered no as some of them are at risk of getting while others are always on the lookout for danger as they sleep in an open space. To summarise our learning we created a presentation which answers all the questions asked by Mrs Anderson. Today we showed all the reading groups what we have done and we all spoke proudly and we were all proud of our efforts. While learning about sleep we learnt that melatonin was the hormone produced in our bodies to regulate our sleeping patterns. I found this interesting because I didn't know that our bodies produce more than one hormone. At the end of our reading sessions we presented our DLO's to everyone in our reading group.

Our Trip To The Sky Tower|By Jack

Today our class, along with a few others visited Auckland city to learn about the infamous Sky Tower. This may just seem like a cool trip that we had to pay a small fee for, but you'd be wrong as we were kindly funded this trip by Mr Douglas Bates. Because of his kind act, we along with Learning Space 1 and Room 5 learnt so much about our iconic structure. We learnt such things as the glass we were standing on was a whole 38mm thick! Also that the Sky Tower's weight is equivalent to 6,000 elephants! There are over 70 floors in the Sky Tower, and we only visited roughly 15% of it! The main part of the trip was visiting the main observing floor, which is floor 51. From here, you can see people bungee jumping off from the top, and at least 80km of land at every direction. While we were up here, we all had a little challenge for ourselves. We were all given a little booklet with blank boxes, with arrows pointing at a landmark. All around us were hand rails with information on them about nearby landmarks. Our challenge to figure out what to put in each blank box. I had a lot of fun learning a whole bunch today, and I believe that everyone else did too.

Scale Drawing 2018|By Tiava

This week is maths week. Throughout the week we have been working on our scale drawings. This is my second time doing this. Last time I drew Kevin Hearts character in the movie "The Secret Life of Pets", a rabbit called Snowball. The first step was to find an image that you would want to draw. I found it hard trying to figure out what image I wanted to make an enlargement of. Finally, I decided on drawing Simba from Lion King. After my image was printed out I used a ruler to measure the border of the image and draw a grid. Each square was 1 cm. Then I multiplied it by 2 to get the enlargement. It was a 1:2 ratio. I drew my scale drawing by copying one square at a time. Once I finished I colored it in. Lastly, I cut out and glued on my name tag, the image and my finished drawing. Looking at my finished product I feel like I have done a much better job than last year.

Similarities & Differences - Auckland Viaduct Harbour bridge & Golden Gate Bridge|By Jeremiah K

Today we have created a Venn diagram which compare and contrasts the similarities and differences of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Auckland Viaduct Harbour Bridge. The similarity which most people will not think of is that they are both built in Westernised nations. As Ofa (my partner) and I searched for information we found three similarities and fourteen differences. The Golden Gate Bridge is equal to 27 of New Zealand's viaduct harbour bridges as the viaduct bridge is 330 ft and the Golden Gate Bridge is 8,981 ft.

Monday, 20 August 2018

HIIT Training By John L

Today for HIIT training we were focusing on Push ups and star jumps. We did 12 sets of these exercises. The hardest thing that I found difficult about the exercise was the push ups. I found this task difficult to do because it's hard to get back up and repeat it. Throughout the term we had some achievements to reach and we accomplished it.

My Scale drawing By John

Last week we were focusing on scale drawings. We were also focusing on maths week. The ratio between the scale drawings were 1:2 cm. It means by doubling the the amount of boxes from the top and the bottom. My ratio from the top to the bottom was 22:32. The scale factor was 2. At first I didn't know what scale drawing was until we were given a sheet of example to copy and paste. The most favorite part about my scale drawing enlargement was coloring in the scale drawing. What I found hard about this scale drawing was copying and pasting the monster to a bigger sheet.

Cook Island Language Week By Nickaela

This week is Cook Island Language Week. We were busy learning the basic phrases for Cook Island island. I worked with Joel and Chavda and We had a conversation with each and recorded our selves having a conversation in Cook Island Maori. The languages they speak is Cook island and Maori.

Wheel Words By Nickaela

Today for Reading we were busy doing Wheel words. In wheel words we get to try and make words up by using the middle letter. I have only used two Hints to help me out. The word I have find difficult is Robberies. What I really like about Wheel Words is that I get to learn new words.

Where is PyeongChang? By Jeremiah L

I created a DLO that shows how far away Pyeongchang is far away from New Zealand. I now know that Pyeongchang is in South Korea. South Korea is a country near Japan and China. One fact i Found about interesting is that North Korea and South Korea are both countries in Korea but the people live very different lives.