Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Rainbow's End by Jazmine

From where I was standing the rides looked terrifying and I felt frightened.

I was standing in front of the entrance to Rainbows End, I was with my cousins and my brother and we went there because we were being really good.

As my brother was paying for us a lady called Nicole put  V.I.P stamp on us and  Rainbows End wristband.

As I was walking through the gate my jaw dropped because the fear fall was really high, so I got into the fear fall line as my brother was holding tight.  I was getting frightened even more because the line was getting shorter and shorter.

When I heard the work “next” my stomach had really bad butterflies that were flying around.

When I got into the seat I wanted the man to push the button so I could get this ride over and done with!  The fear fall was slowly getting higher and higher and I was getting braver and braver but once we went down I was yelling and screaming.  I dropped so fast it felt like the butterflies were trying to get out at the top of my head.  
After the ride I felt happy because I faced my fears.

Stating and Justifying an Opinion

Friday, 22 November 2013

PBS... Milk In Schools

This week was our roll out of Fonterra's Milk In Schools at PBS. We know that by 'drinking it dry' and 'folding it flat' we are not only getting a yummy drink but we are also helping Fonterra to recycle the empty cartons so they can be used to make things like books and roof tiles. Thank you to Mrs Babich, Quaid, Bella and Kyra for being great milk monitors.


Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Room 9's Manaiakalani Film Festival Movie

Manaiakalani Swimming from Robyn Anderson on Vimeo.

Since 2001 an average 120 people a year have drowned in NZ waters because they didn't know how to keep themselves safe. The Water Safety NZ website highlights the fact that if kiwi kids don’t learn to swim the drowning rates in our country will become catastrophic, that means really bad! In term 3 learning to swim was important for all kids at PBS. So Room 9 want to share their message that swimming at school really is, cool!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hello Spring: Teagan

This is our presentation on the flowers around the Tamaki River. It is a photo essay. You will be amazed on how many beautiful flowers there are around our area.

Henry: Pollution Facts

This is my poster telling people we should stop dropping rubbish down the drians it's causing our sea to pollute and its also harming our sea animal's

Henry: Recycling Poster

Asmah: My Recycling Poster

This is Asmah's poster on recycling. This week is recycling week and we thought we should make posters on them.

Weathering and Erosion

Here is a presentation that Tienira, Leila, and Candice worked on today.  It is about weathering and erosion. We hope you learn something new. 

The Possibilities are ENDLESS... Just Recycle! by Suliasi

This is my poster on recycling the reason why my class is doing this topic is because of recycling week we all got to do one and had a lot of fun too.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Firework Safety Posters

Room 9 used these posters made in Google Draw to spread the message that it is important to be safe when using or watching fireworks.

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