Thursday, 1 August 2019

Interactive Maths Game - By Victoria

This is my interactive maths game, to practise a mix of multiplication and decimal problems in written form. There are only 5 questions, with either a correct or incorrect answer and a reaction page that i’d like you all to use to give me feedback on my quiz. Note that you can always use a hint, and remember to think about the question carefully. Peers testing my game, and playing others games have helped me bring mine to the next level by looking at my layout, font, colouring, and sizing. Feedback from my teacher was to look at unnecessary capitals in some of the equations. It’ll be obvious if you get it the answer wrong or right, so you can try again or continue to the next question. I really enjoyed creating my own character and making it move, using a GIF maker site. Enjoy!

Food Tech - By Te Pounamu

For tech today we completed our last session for Term 2. with our teacher Mrs Heka, who takes care of food tech show us how to cook traditional food queasiness. Today we cooked Chop Suey from the Samoan culture. This rotations theme is all about cultural food. Since there wasn't an equal amount of students in food class, My group : Joseph and i. Each person had their own roles to complete. Joseph and I worked together to make sure that the food was done properly, and that the main ingredients were prepared to be added in, while i was dicing the onion, chicken, and garlic. The equipment that we used from our trolley was: medium bowl, measuring cups/spoons, knives, Yellow and green cutting board, big pot, strainer, fork, and serving spoon. The ingredients were: mixed veges, chicken, soy sauce, boiling water, oil, vermicelli, and salt. We were told to remove the pot from the heat every 2 minutes, because of the stickiness from the chicken and vermicelli. At the end of the session, as always we cleansed down our top/bottom benches, especially the stoves/cum tray. While we were cooking our chop suey, Mrs Heka was getting the rice prepared and then we dished it which looked so deliciously delicious. 

Area and Perimeter - By Sandra

This Term for Maths LS2 are learning about Area and Perimeter which is the Length x the Width. For Maths Me and Joel worked collaboratively, To show our learning we created a DLO and a Screencastify to explain our learning. In this DLO we included a Definition for Area, Perimeter and Formula. We included a Diagram which is the examples that we have created on this DLO and a Learning intention which explains the Maths.  

Papatuanuku & Ranginui Summary - By Sakina

This week in reading, we learnt about the Maori myths and legends. First we watched a video of a Maori story in sand art. To understand more about the story, we created a summary of the story, in partners. My partner was Miiana. This story was about how Papatuanuku and Ranginui were separated by their children, and the journey throughout New Zealand.

Maths Game - Mixed Decimals - By Nyjah

During week 9 and 10 I have created a mixed decimals game. I have 5 questions in total and one out of four answers are correct. If you get a question incorrect you can always try again or click on the "help link." If you get the answer correct you move onto the next level. Each level is mixed so not every question is hard or easy. Although, each question does involve decimals and addition. When designing my presentation (game) I decided to have a flower / nature like theme. I made the flowers on the correct slide green and red for the incorrect slide. Each question involves thinking and strategies like place value. Think, Choose wisely and good luck!

Phonics - By Nidhi

Today for phonics we learned the 'I' sound. First we started with making a list of all the words  we could think of that have the ' I' sound in them. Then we wrote a sentence using some of the words from our word list, we highlighted the words with the 'I' sound in them.

Motat Trip - By Nevaeh

Yesterday Room 5, LS1 and LS2 went to Motat. At Motat we all got to the gate and waited until the school that was leaving to get in the bus so we can go through the gate to some covers so we can be told what the instructions are. So we stared to walk into the lab where we can put our bags onto a rack where they can be safe. The Teacher told all of us their names Emma, Kenzie and Damon. Emma ask us all a question it was 'Do you know what steam is' someone said 'Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics' LS1 went to go and explore Motat when Ls2 and room 5 stayed and did something else room 5 went with Emma and  LS2 went with Kenzie when I was with Kenzie we tried to build a electric car using batteries sadly me and my partner car did not work. After we're finish work Kenzie we went to Emma and we tried to make a light Bolt turn on by making the light go with some lego. After we were finished we started to have lunch after lunch we went to explore Motat it was fun exploring Motat because we learn what they used before we had Chromebook and mobile phones.

Motat Trip - By Miiana

Yesterday LS2 went to the Motat as part of our STEAM unit. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths. As a showcase of what we did at the Motat I have created a flip book to showcase pictures of the activities that we did. 

Food Tech - By Mele

Today LS2 completed their last session of their rotation for Term 2. Our teacher was Mrs Heka, who takes care of food tech. Today we cooked Chop Suey from the background of Samoa. This rotations theme is all about cultural food. Since there wasn't an equal amount of students in food class, there was a group of 3: Avalon, Joel and I. Each person had their own roles to complete. Joel and I worked together to make sure that the dishes were done, and that the main ingredients were prepared to be added in, while Avalon was dicing the onion, chicken, and garlic. The equipment that we used from our trolley was: medium bowl, measuring cups/spoons, knives, cutting board, big pot, strainer, fork, and serving spoon. The ingredients were: mixed vegetables, chicken, soy sauce, boiling water, oil, vermicelli, and salt. We were told to remove the pot from the heat every 2 minutes, because of the stickiness from the chicken and vermicelli. At the end of the session, as always we cleansed down our top/bottom benches, especially the stoves/crum tray. While we were cooking our chop suey, Mrs Heka was getting the rice prepared. 

HIIT - By Marieta

This week LS2 have been doing some HIIT which stands for High interval Intensity Training. We got all got a partner and together we would take turns doing the workouts we were given. My partner was Florence. The first workout we did was the pull ups, where the partner would hole the sides of the stick and you would pull yourself up so that your chest is alined with the stick. Next were pushups. Here we got to do knee pushups and regular pushups. We would have 30 seconds each for a workout. The last workout was high knees and we had the choice of either doing it on the floor or the stage here my heart rate moniter got to red and so did everyone elses. We then done our stretches and then soon done a challenge where we were to do sqauts and go up with the music said go up and go down when the music said go down. The song we listened to was called " Bring Sally up". I found these workouts a bit hard but also very fun because it pushed my to do much better and to keep believing in myself. A big thank you to Mr Ogilve for setting up the equipment, picking the motivational songs and teahing us how to do these workouts.

Maths Decimals Word Problems - By Julian

Today we were showcasing and explaining our math games that we have been working on for two weeks. The first things we did to create our games was we planned out what the design of the layout would look like and what we would do if someone got the answer correct or wrong we also created some characters that would give you a hint of you were correct or wrong and also something that says congratulations if you got it right and / or sorry try again this was a very interesting activity to end the term because we got to create our own games instead of playing something straight from the internet that someone else made. This gave us a big opportunity to show our skill and also our knowledge.         

Swimming Lessons - By Jonathan

On Thursday we were going to the pools because to learn water lesson and we had to change fast , so we can straight into the pool then they told us to get in the pool and swim to test us to go on different groups . So when we were in groups I was learning to be water safety and swimming , the first thing that we did is learning to say help , but I was think about when someone  was in the middle of the sea and there were nobody were near so someone would lay on my belly and look for shore . It was fun doing the water safety and doing some fun challenges like floating on you back for one minute it was really fun and then we swim next to the line up to the red float then go back and swim backwards and I think every kiwi should be water safety. 

Food Tech - By Joel

Today was our last cooking session for the term. Throughout the whole experience of learning to cook cultural food we have really enjoyed cooking with Miss Heka. In tech today Avalon, Mele and I worked collaboratively together to cook chop suey, during our last session of cooking our goal was to make sure that the food was prepared the dishes were done and dried and put back into the trolly. The ingredients that we used was Vermicelli, Mixed veges, Onions, Garlic, Soy sauce, Hot water, Oil, Chicken. The equipment that we used to cook the ingredients was a large pot, Mixing tool(mixing spoon), Measuring spoons, Measuring cup, Medium bowl, Strainer, Knifes, fork.

Maths: Presenting Our Maths Games by Jack

This morning, Learning Space 2 showcased the maths games that we have all been working on for the last 2 weeks. My maths game allowed players to practice adding and subtracting decimal numbers. My game included a total of 10 questions, 5 subtraction, 5 addition. A few features that my game included was a scoreboard, an animated calculator as a character, and a certificate at the end that would certify your score. This whole activity started last week where we first needed to plan out the layout of our game. We would do this for the first two maths lessons, and when it was complete we would start getting to work. The program we all needed to use was simple Google Presentation, and to make it into an actual game we would use the linking feature, and link different boxes to other slides in the presentation. I along with the rest of the class had such an awesome time the last two weeks, and we were happy to be given such a fun activity to complete. If you would like to play my game, I have linked it below.

Maori Myths - Summarising - By Haylee

This week Taheesha and I created a summary of a Maori story. In this task, we watched a video, which was about how the Maori creation story of the world was formed by the separation of Ranginui, the Sky Father, and Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, by their children.When watching the video found the key pictures or information and inferred what the story would be about, since it was told by sand art. In this summarising DLO, We first wrote down the 20 important words, then the 6 very important words and lastly we used the words to create sentences about the video.

Graphics - By Giovanni

Today at Tech we were focusing on finishing our card game design. I changed my mind and wanted to make the board game snakes and ladders because I found that cooler. When we were finished Mrs Ferguson asked us to look at a projector on the white board to show us how to make a pacman, banana or a moon looking the same by just using 3 cylinders. Next we made a 2 cylinder shape with our first name and last name initials on it. Then we had our challenge to make our teacher (Mrs Anderson) by using shapes only. Lastly it was almost time to go and I got up to making the upper body by using a cone or a square. This week at Tech was fun because I got to make a person with shapes on and because I finished making my card game design (Snakes and Ladders).

Tech Robotics - By Fui

This week for tech our robotics group was given a challenge based on coding and shapes. We had to make our M-bot follow the black line and sense the red boxes when its time to move. Unfortunately for this week we have not completed our challenge. Most people were close to completing it as their M-bots followed the black line but dident stop at red box as for others stopped at the red box but did not follow the lines. I found this challenge quite hard but really fun as we were give the opportunity to code M-bots using Make-block. I learnt what binary is and what 10, 15, 12 ect is called in binary.

Graphics with Mrs. Ferguson - By Florence

This week we had our last week of tech for term 2. I have been staring my day off with cutting out my photo for my puzzle. The photo was stuck onto a cardboard paper and on the cardboard paper was a puzzle outline that I drew over last week. I have followed the lines of the puzzle outline and cut out half of the puzzle. Next term I will continue cutting out the puzzle outline and then I can get Mrs. Ferguson to try to 3D print it. I have enjoyed doing tech with Mrs. Ferguson this term and I can't wait to finish off my puzzle.

Samoan Programme - By Ellenora

This week I have gotten the help of my cousin Florence. She has helped me read a book that is written in Samoan and English. Florence read the Samoan version of the book and I read the English version of the book. The book we read was called Swimming by Vaitoa Baker. We also had a book that we did activities in. The activities that were in the book were where we write a summary of the book and the draw a picture of my favourite part in the book. Florence would ask me questions on the book and ask me about my favourite part in the book. I really enjoyed reading with Florence.

Swimming Lessons - By Chavda

This week on Thursday was the beginning of our first swimming session. We are going to be having 9 sessions of swimming on Thursday's every week. In the beginning of the lesson we were split into 2 groups. I was in the first group. My group was learning backstroke (a bit), streamline (kick) and practicing other strokes. My favourite stroke learning was Butterfly, I was the only one in my group that  knew how to do it. I found this swimming class a bit easy since I know how to do all 4 strokes.

Motat Trip - By Avalon

 This week we went to Motat. l made this short sidle show to tell you about my day at Motat. We went to Motat to learn about what steam means.  Steam means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. First we got off the bus and lined up to listen to what the instructions were by Emma and Kenzie. We then went inside the lab to start our first instruction which was too split into groups.Then we collaborated with a partner to build a car out of cardboard, plastic wheels, sticks, battery and straws. I was working with Angela for this first activity it was challenging put we used different strategies that we knew to make our car work.We moved onto the next activity which was using lego and a light which had a engine to make it turn on. We built something that had a light like a torch or a lap and added the light to it. I was collaborating with chavda and fui.Our last thing to do was to explore around motat. We went underground to look at a train that was going around and under tunnels. We moved and went to look at phones and how they worked.Our next exploring area was looking at the cars and my favourite one was the black one because it was really big. We enjoyed getting inside of the car and acting like we were driving it. I really enjoyed my day at motat learning about new things and what steam was. My favourite part was going to the historical village and looking inside of the houses.

HIIT - By Aung Naing

Today we did HIIT. We worked on building our strength and increasing our heart rate. The activity that we did was push up, pull up and mountain climbing. We worked collaboratively with a buddy so that we can encourage each other to work hard. I found pull up hard because it drain all you energy to push your self up. We also had a challenge to do and it was going down to do a squat if the song say bring sally down, the song that we use of the challenge is the son is bring sally up. Also I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Ogilve for doing the lesson with us. 

Times Table Challenge - By Angela

This maths game that I have created helps you practice your 6,7,8 times table which we should all consider practicing. If you get the correct answer then you will see that I have created a maths icon moving using a gif maker. If you get the wrong answer then there is two buttons, the first one is provided for you to try again and the second one is linked to a video that can help you practice your time table using your fingers. There is also a home button if you wanted to try another time tables. Creating this game really challenge me to think of the wrong answer and the right answer. Thinking about my layout and theme was important so it was clear to see what I included. Also thinking about my font and the size of my equations and answer were important so people could read what was on each slide. First we would plan out the layout for our games and the questions we were going to include in our maths book. Then we would start to create our games using google presentation. At the end of my game I have a link that leads you to a from where you can leave feedback.This was a really interesting task as we all got to use our digital drawing skills.Overall I was really happen how my game turned out because all the positive feedback was given to help me improve. Thank you

Decimal Word Problem Maths Game by Alex

This week Learning Space 2 has been working on their own maths game on a subject of our choosing, I chose to make my game on decimal word problems. We also needed to create a character out of shapes and tools without tracing any images and make a gif out of it. I made my character jump up an down when you get questions right, and cry when you get them wrong. After we were done we needed to show the games to our friends so they could give us feedback and test things out. I learnt that I needed to change some links and different things from doing so. I enjoyed doing this because I got to create a game as well as a character and images. We also needed to present our games to the class.

Motat Trip by Karlos

Yesterday LS2, LS1 and RM 5 went to Motat in Auckland to learn about our inquiry topic STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. LS2 were with RM 5 to help make sure they were together LS2 were first making a car using cardboard, batteries, battery pack, skewers motor, fans and straws. We did this in partners my partner was Matthew. Our car was to heavy so the fan wasn't strong enough to push the car forward. After that we went to build a flashlight we had to work in a group of three it was Matthew, Giovanni and I we had to build something to make it not flicker we had to make it efficient and it was hard because there were no tips to help and not enough time. After that we had our lunch then went to have a look around parts of Motat that also help us learn more about our our inquiry topic. The teachers were Emma, Kensar and Damon. It was a good trip because everyone was having fun with the activities They were hard but fun at the same time.

Shapes and Tinkercad by Jayden

For tech today we used Tinkercad to make different shapes like the Moon that looks like Pacman or the oval that looks like a rubberband and the tech teacher (Mrs Fergerson) made lots of new things like poop emoji naughts and crosses or checkers and also a digital teacher (our teacher) It was really fun at tech today with all the new things we learned.