Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Cybersmart: Chris

  LI: to give a helpful tip to people about Cybersmart

Our Cybersmart activity was to give a tip about Cybersmart. It could be anything like cleaning your drive or even something like organizing your bookmarks. My tip was about how to hold a chromebook in the proper manner or the proper way. I feel like this is a good tip, because Panmure Bridge is a digital school and start using chromebooks at Yr 4. In my DLO it shows a photo of me on how to hold a chromebook, and instructions on how you should hold it. Then lastly why you should hold it like that. 


  1. Nice job Chris. I like how you put a picture of the way you hold it.I was taught to fully wrap the device like I'm giving it a hug. Maybe you could have Put the Information at the top because I red the post before you really explained what it was. Why did you choose this tip? Keep up the good work,bye.

  2. Kia Ora Chris,
    Great explanation on how to properly take care of your chromebook as it is very helpful.
    Even better you've put a picture so your actually showing us.
    Do you enjoy using chromebooks?
    Have a good one-
    Luca from Belfast school,