Monday, 31 August 2015

A Short Story by Rohullah

Today Rohullah and I played 'Roll-A-Story'. He had to roll the dice to choose the character, setting and plot. Rohullah chose Mrs Eeles, hidden music instruments and the driveway. This is the story we wrote together. It took a long time as we talked about each sentence. Great work Rohullah!

Friday, 28 August 2015

Latham teaching his Teacher!

Today Latham taught me how to use I Movie Trailer. He did a really good job! His instructions were clear and easy to understand. I love learning from my learners because they make great teachers!

Congratulations Zahn and Shantay!

A certificate for showing enthusiasm in Kiwisport sessions. Well done Zahn!

A certificate for being Player of the Day in netball. Well done Shantay!

Great to see you both showing great team spirit as well as your skill in sports.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Hydration by Sajiha and Jacob

This is a collaborative poster that I have created with Jacob. We have included what 'hydration and dehydration' is, how water helps us and a 25 word summary explaining why it is vital to human survival. We have also used an image to give our audience a clearer understanding of our topic. 

Word Problem by Tim

Today Tm used an algorithm to solve division problems. He had to think of a question and solve it himself to show his thinking.

Learning to use Speech Marks: Manu, Zahn, Jacob

This is the DLO that Zahn, Jacob and I did. We made a popplet because it is very easy to use and showed our learning. The best part was we could all work on it.

Learning to sprint by Oh S'Mar


This morning we went to our kiwi sport called Run Jump Throw. It was our first time doing it. We learnt that to run fast and properly. You will need to follow these rules: Look straight, cheek to cheek with your arms, light feet and high knees, to start a sprint you should not look at the starter and the difference between long distance and short distance is that long distance doesn't have get set go in their wording. While we were practising running and doing the hurdles Mrs Anderson videoed us so then we can compare how we run to other people.

Sebastian shares his strategy

Last week my maths group learnt a new strategy to solve larger division problem more efficient by breaking the bigger number into two numbers that can be divided easily.

Learning to Sprint by Sebastian

Today room 5 did run jump and throw. Andy our instructor taught us how to run like a pro. She said we would need to follow these rules: Look straight, High knees, Stand tall, Cheek to Cheek with your arms and light feet. Also she taught us the difference between long distance words and short distances words. She said that on long distance they don't say get set. Mrs Anderson our teacher recorded us doing drills so then we can compare it to other people. 

Halatoa working on his PBS CARE Award

This is me working on my attitude for my CARE award. My task was to tutor someone that needs help with a skill. I have helped John with using an algorithm as a strategy in Maths. 

Learning to Sprint by Halatoa

Today, we had our first session with Andy today. Run Jump Throw is mainly based on running. Andy taught us about the basic rules of sprinting, which are:
  • Standing Tall
  • Looking Straight Ahead
  • Light Feet
  • High Knees
  • Cheek to cheek with arm movements
We also had a relay and a race jumping over hurdles  between each other. Andy mentioned to us to never loo at the starter as this slows us down. Mrs. Anderson also filmed us to compare us. I am looking forward to our next session next week! 

Tutoring with Shantay

Today I have taught Halatoa a new skill for Maths. I taught him the strategy for adding big equations faster. 

Here is some of the examples I have done with him. 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Vincent Van Gogh

Saruja and Tiare used their smart searching skills to create this DLO about Vincent Van Gogh. I was really impressed with how hard they tried to write the information in their own words.

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Still Life With Miss D

Inspired by the Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh, we these created still life Sunflower paintings with Miss D. We learnt about colour mixing, proportion and brush techniques.

Online Challenges

Oh S'Mar and Sebastian were practising decimal place value knowledge with one of our online challenges as part of our Maths rotation today. If you would like to try this activity 

Ordering Numbers

 Today Ropu Tawhirimatea practised ordering 3 digit numbers as their warm up game. To make it fun we had races to see who could order their set of numbers from smallest to largest, then largest to smallest.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Smart Searching


The challenge: 
  • To use smart searching skills to write a 25 word collaborative summary that explains why water is vital to human survival.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Manaiakalani Presenters

Yvette and I after our presentations

An exciting day for Room 5 today! Both Yvette and myself presented at the Manaiakalani Hui. I shared my MIT journey so far, and Yvette did an amazing job at sharing a learning experience in our class. I was really impressed with the confident way she explained the learning process and why she enjoyed this task. Great job Yvette!  #proud teacher

Friday, 14 August 2015

Showing our thinking: San Tat and Manu

This is my Maths DLO. I made with my partner Manu. I made this DLO to show my strategy that we have learnt this week. 

Colour Wheel by Courtney and Paige

This week we in class we have been doing art.We have created our own colour wheel and we have painted our own sun flower.This is a DLO about colours wheel I created with my buddy.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Learning Shortcuts by Afu

Today I learnt about more about shortcuts on a acer/chromebook which will help me throughout my learning.   

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

PBS Photography Elective Update 4

We tried to imagine the world through the eyes of an ant so we got down on the floor with the camera. These are a few of the shots we got.

PBS Photography Elective Update 3

Staging action shots with lego and a close up lens.

PBS Photography Elective Update 2

We have been experimenting with the macro lens outside. Here is a sneak peak at some of the images we have captured.

PBS Photography Elective Update 1

Here are a few shots from our Y4-8 photography elective. We have been thinking about light, rule of thirds and composition. 

Juanita Pays it Forward

Paying it forward is our homework we need to pay it forward each night this week. We had to pay it forward to a family member. I payed it forward last night by making my mum a cup of tea. It made my mum feel really special because I did it without her asking me too. I felt really proud of myself because she could rely on me to make her feel relaxed.

As you can see this is about my homework. It is about me paying it forward to my mum. She really appreciated the effort I put in. I felt good because she has been relaxing.

Dontalian Pays It Forward

Last night I had to pay it forward. To pay it forward I helped my mum by opening the door and also helped with the shopping. She felt proud because sometimes I never help with the shopping. When I finished helping with the shopping I felt proud of myself because I had done something to help my mum.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Cook Island Language Week

Samantha and Fine's outstanding presentation to celebrate Cook Island Language Week. 

Congratulations Samantha

Congratulations Samantha! A certificate for putting a lot of effort into our Kiwi Can lessons. Well done Samantha. Keep up the great work! 

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Direct Speech by Dontalian

“Hey do you think NZ schools should provide breakfast for their students?” asked June.
"Yeah I do because it will help kids with their learning," replied Dontalian.
"Yeah that was what I was thinking. Also it could keep them motivated and help them have  a healthy mind," stated June.
"I know because a lot of children have been not focusing on their learning"responded Dontalian.
"Yeah but what if schools have no money to provide the breakfast?Don't you think that will cause a problem?"questioned June.
"True," replied Dontalian.

Today I learnt to put speech marks in my writing to show that someone is speaking. I used the conversation I had with June on ifake text to get my sentences.

Learning to use direct speech: San Tat and Oh S'Mar

“Hi Oh S’Mar I think we should have breakfast at school,” stated San Tat
“Why?” questioned Oh S’Mar.
“Because students without having breakfast struggle in their learning!” shouted San Tat.
“Wow don’t people care about students struggle at school, “said Oh S’Mar
“I know right I can't believe that people don't even care,” San Tat yelled.

Me and my partner used a website called we used this app the make a conversation about should children have breakfast at school. We were learning to use direct speech and have tried to experiment with different 'said' words.

Learning to Use Direct Speech: Sajiha and Yvette

This is my Ifaketext with sajiha on whether breakfast in schools should be provided. It is in two different versions - direct speech, and on ifaketext. We both agreed that breakfast should be provided. We state multiple reasons why we think this way. 

Monday, 3 August 2015

Spelling Hints

Today Paige and I learnt that when two vowels are written next to each other in a word the rhyme in DLO she has made will help her remember which sound to listen to and say first.