Friday, 19 August 2016

Tamaki College Role Models

Thank you to Rita and Kim, both student librarians from Tamaki College who came to talk to us at assembly today about why reading is important. We are so lucky to have role models from our own community to look up to. Thank you both.

Congratulations Zahn and Manu!

Congratulations Zahn and Manu! A certificate for working hard at cross country training. As Sports leaders you both make great role models for our younger students. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Today we looked at an article about a New Zealander ( Nikki Hamblin) who tripped and a person from the other team ( Abbey D'agostino ) who helped her up in the middle of the race. Abbey D'agostino showed an excellent example  of sportsmanship and fair play. Abbey is a true hero by helping up someone in the olympics even though they were competing against each other.  In this DLO I included the When, where, who, what, why and how. I also included the point of view for the different perspectives. What Abbey did was truly showing fair play and sportsmanship. Would you stop to help her even though you were in a race? From this article I  learnt that Nikki tripped because someone else tripped her which made her stop running and Abbey saw that she was injured so she helped her up and told her that they needed to finish the race together.

By Nesi
This is a DLO we did of a current event. For this one it was about the Olympic race. Nikki Hamblin and Abbey D'Agostino showed good sportsmanship in the race because they helped each other when one of them fell, instead of just continuing the race to win a medal. Even though they came last, both of them got put into the finals, sadly Abbey can't race in the finals because she had a torn ACL and strained MCL. They showed to be good role models and good sports from what they did in the 5000 M(meter or 5 kilometer) race.
By Harry

Interschool Netball by Cecillia

On Wednesday we had our interschool netball tournament. Everyone had a lot of fun playing with each other, even though some were still learning how to play netball. Year 7&8 had two teams, Panmure Bridge 1 and Panmure Bridge 2. Our Year 5&6 had the same. In our team we played against Point England 1. Unluckily we lost but we tried our best and worked as a team. Our second game was against Glen Taylor. We were leading in the first half but then the second half we lost by 1 point, at least we strived to achieve. Our third game was against Point England 2. We were getting better and better in each game, but unfortunately we lost by 1 point. In our final game we went against PBS 2 and we won our game. Everyone had fun and enjoyed playing with each other and working as a team. Thank you to our coaches/umpires from Otahuhu College. We really appreciated the effort that you guys have put in into us. Also thank you to Mr Ogilvie and Mrs Naicker also Mrs Emma for supporting us and coming to watch our game we all had fun. 

Our New Signage

Our new sign on the side of our new learning spaces. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Collaborative Art Challenge

Today was the inter-school netball competition so with not many of us left at school we decided to embrace our own collaborative challenge. The idea was that sportsmanship can be shown anywhere, in this case, at the art table. We noticed that some of us had strengths that could help others so we tapped into those strengths to ensure no one was left behind. Their challenge to work together so that at the end of the day everyone had completed their artwork. This group of learners excelled at this challenge and LS2 now has a great display! Well done everyone.

Movie Making

Latham, one of our Manaiakalani leaders has been hard at work over the last few days creating a movie to encourage our PBS learners to drink water instead of sugary drinks at school. I've seen the storyboard and the rough cut so I'm really looking forward to seeing the completed movie. 

Monday, 15 August 2016

Run, Jump, Throw with Andy by Mia

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Today at our lesson for Run, Jump, Throw we learnt the positions of staring a race and what to do and what not to do. So first to get us warmed up we played a little game of Octopus. Now we revised some skills for our running. One of them was check to check, high knees, look straight ahead , standing up tall. We now went on the starting positions for running. She told us to never look at the starter because this way you will get put off by others, you will not go your fastest and you will not go in straight line.  The activities we played were mostly partner work. So first we played a game ( I was partnered up with Cecilia (Cecilia's blog ) so we were in the middle of the court we then had cones placed behind us the first one to get it would win.  I think our lesson was really fun I can't wait for our next lesson. ( Thank you Andy) 

Congratulations Paige and Micaiah!

Congratulations Piage and Micaiah! A certificate for building positive friendships. It's great to see that this is yet another way you are showing that you are great role models for our younger students.

Making and informed opinion by Mia

This week we have been learning to consider both side of a provocation so that we can make an informed opinion.  Our question we had to make an opinion on was " Should host countries spend so much money on building the Olympic venues? ". Well being honest I thought that you didn't have to spend tons of money just on multiple Olympic venues because this money can be used for better things like hospitals, homeless and many more. See if the Olympic's are over what are they going to do with it.  To prove my point I added evidence to my blog with images and attributed it.  I also added in other peoples opinion because I have just realized that everyone has a opinion you don't always have the same. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Warriors V Penrith Panthers by Sebastian

Last weekend 16 students from Panmure Bridge were lucky enough to go to the Warriors game! We were being sponsored by DTR to go to watch the Warriors game against the Penrith Panthers! It was a fun time with my classmates and really enjoyed the game. A big thanks to DTR for this amazing opportunity.

Friday, 5 August 2016

Buddy Reading by Daniel

Today room 3 and 4 came up stairs to LS2 for some buddy reading. Everyone from LS2 got a partner to work with. LS2's job was to read to our buddy and ask them some questions like: What is your favorite image and who is your favorite character. First I read Thor to my buddy. It was about Thor and how he was sent down to earth by his father. I am sure everyone had a great time reading with someone.

Congratulations Ma'ata, Tai, Mere and Cecillia!

Congratulation to Ma'ata and Tai for getting certificates for big improvements in reading. Congratulation to Mere and Cecilla for the Player of the Day certificates for netball. Keep up the good work.

Making connections to Inference

This week we were looking at inference in our guided reading session using the text 'Violet Walrond: Olympic Swimmer. To help the group make a connection to the text and to the strategy of inferring we began by adding our own thinking to this Y-chart. 

Hauora by Tiare

Tiare collaborated with her group to explore the four walls of Hauora during our Inquiry sessions. They looked at what the four walls meant and how when thinking about our Olympic athletes, it is important to have all four walls standing.

Ancient and Modern Olympic Research by Nesi

A fabulous example of Nesi's smart searching.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Run, Jump, Throw Session #1

Today was our first session of Run, Jump, Throw with Andy. It was great watching everyone learn to think about their running style by comparing what to do with what not to do. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Taking our Pulse Rates

As part of our inquiry into Hauora we learnt to take our pulse rates. We took our resting pulse rate and our pulse rate after running. After recording our data and finding our average pulse rate we then discussed how and why our pulse rates had changed.