Thursday, 31 July 2014

Explanation: Dontalian

Why do I need a good grade for college?

When I go to college I need a good grade for when I go to enrol. The school will want to know what I’m good at and what I need help with.

I need to work hard in Year 8 so when I show them my report they know what I’m working hard on and what I can achieve.

When I’m at college I have to try hard to achieve goals so I can be what I want to be. They want to know what I can do so they can teach me new things.

College is a place where big kids go to learn about more things and so they are ready to get a job or go to university. When I do work at college it going to be challenging so I need to make sure I have the skills I need to help me understand the harder work.

By getting good grades at school in Year 8 I will get to choose the college I want to go to. The college will want high standards so Year 8 is the time for me to focus.

By Dontalian

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Why is Facebook is a Problem?

Shockingly, it has been discovered that one and a half billion people log onto Facebook everyday! With so many people using Facebook lots of problems are happening on this social networking site.

Firstly problems start happening when people write negative things about other people. Lots of people see these comments and start thinking the wrong thing. This is because people believe what is written. When rumours start it becomes serious and is called cyber bullying.

Cyber bulling is a huge problem because it affects a lot of people. Cyber bullies post false information which makes victims feel embarrassed and humiliated as other people are commenting on things that aren't true. This means Facebook can be misleading.

Misleading people is another danger of Facebook. You can pretend to be someone else, or you can be tricked by someone who is pretending to be someone else. To make sure you are safe think about who you are adding as a friend on Facebook.

Remember staying safe is one of the biggest problems on Facebook and is the most important thing. Think about what you post, what you read and what you comments on. With one and half billion users everyday things go wrong because on a social networking site everybody can see what you post.

Collaboratively researched and written by:

Tui, Jacob A, Kyra, Pah Nwee, Efariama and a little bit of help from Mrs A

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Migration Pargraphs

After being introduced to some of the vocabulary that is important to our 'Changing Faces' topic, we worked collaboratively to create paragraphs that reflect our understanding.

New Zealand is a multicultural society. We live in harmony because we are tolerant and show respect to all beliefs. The population in New Zealand has increased because of migration. All New Zealand citizens live in a conflict free environment. We make sure that all new comers are able to adapt in New Zealand and all cultures are able to respect one another. Every citizen in New Zealand is able to bring ideas from their home country.

Fine, Samantha, Jazmine, Yvette

People from other countries come to New Zealand and give us ideas from their country to make a change(eg food, clothes, style, shoes, technology and many other things.) We show respect to others that come to New Zealand and live in harmony. NZ is also a multicultural society which means it is made up of many cultures.   

Shantay and Efaraima

New Zealand is a multicultural society that has a diverse population. We are tolerant of the change that has been done because of migration and accept the differences of everyone around us. We all shows respect to each other’s ideas and beliefs. We adapt and include everyone’s cultures for the sole purpose of living in harmony.

Pah Nwee, Asmah, Kapri

New Zealand is a multicultural  society. Our population keeps on growing because of migration. We live in harmony with each other and show respect to all cultures. People move to NZ and come with great ideas (e.g food) Everyone in NZ has many different beliefs. We are tolerant towards each other. NZ is diverse in cultures and has changed in culture over time. New Zealanders are able to adapt to anything.

Evan, Faitele, Jacob, Puke

In New Zealand our population lives in harmony. We need to respect other people’s cultures and not making fun of how they look or how the speak, we need to not laugh at them when we they pronounce something wrong. We have to show tolerance when someone is talking. We are lucky that people from other cultures come with their food ideas to New Zealand.

Halatoa and Oh S'Mar

New Zealand is a Society filled with many
Cultures. with so many Multicultural Ideas we have to be tolerant and respect all beliefs. We try to  change and adapt so that our population becomes a melting pot. We show a lot of harmony because migration in New Zealand is diverse.

Tim, Tui and Kyra

In New Zealand we Respect everyone. We are tolerant of all cultures. We accept people that migrate.   New Zealand is a multicultural society. New Zealand has a diverse population filled with different cultures. Change is okay as we have learnt to adapt to it. We respect everyone's beliefs and we don't mock each other.  We are a growing population in this country and we are teaching others how we live here.   People from differents cultures come and bring their ideas. In New Zealand we live in harmony.

Tamim and Joshua

In New Zealand we live in harmony and accept everyone. We are tolerant of all cultures. We respect everyone everyone’s beliefs. Changes are ok so we adapt to that and we listen to their ideas. New Zealand is a multicultural society.

Juliano and Dontalian

Friday, 18 July 2014

Rongoa Information Reports

Written by: Faitele, Teagan, Joshua, Jacob, Tamim, Samantha, Jazmine, Jharde, Shantay, Shaylah, Kapri, Kyra, Quaid, Puke, Asmah, Yvette, Jazmine, Fine, Andre, Isabella, Mengchun, Deziree

Following our trip to the Botanical Gardens we put together this collection of information reports that tell what Rongoa is and how it was used. Everyone who worked on this presentation used their writing toolkits to collaboratively proofread each other's work by being a critical friend and giving feedback and feed forward. Well done everyone, you all did a great job!