Sunday, 17 March 2019

Congratulations Nidhi and Matthew

Congratulations Nidhi and Matthew! A certificate for having a positive attitude to learning. This is one of our school CARE values and something both of you definitely show in all learning situations. Well done!

Thursday, 14 March 2019

Tsunami by Florence, Miiana, Nevaeh and Matthew

This week for reading we worked collaboratively to find information about Tsunamis. In my group was Miiana, Matthew, and Florence. First, we started off with writing down the things we already knew about Tsunami's, Questions that we wanted to know about Tsunami and things we learned about Tsunamis. Then we made a D.L.O about basic information on Tsunamis. The most interesting thing I found out about Tsunami was that it is a Japanese word for "Harbour Wave".

Wildboy by Nidhi


 This week on reading, my reading group and I did reciprocal reading on a book called wild boy. It was about a boy who's name is Brando Yelavich and he wanted to be the the first person to walk around New Zealand's entire coastline. He also wrote a book about his adventurer and their are articles about him. I really enjoyed reading about him and I learned about how he survived in the wild life. And I learned that we should try taking risks and explore the world more. 

Click here to get a better look at my D.L.O about Brando Yelavich - Wild Boy

Boy on a Bike by Chavda

This week I have being doing Reciprocal Reading. We read a text called A Boy on a Bike. My Reading group has  Jonthan, Alice, Jayden, Karlos, Giovanni, Te Pounamu, Joel, Sakina, Villami, Avalon and I. We all created our own Slide or DLO. In the book I was  searching for locations that Craig and Mac travelled in New Zealand on Page 4 . On the second slide it shows the questions and my answers. If you would like to view my work here is the link - Boy On A Bike

Exploring Vocabulary by Alex

Today Rakino group was reading a book called Oakley Creek. Oakley creek is about a girl named Faith who decides to sneak out with her friends to go to Oakley creek. She goes through a hard time getting there but she ends up making it. Although in the end she gets caught by her mother... In the end the book is telling us that Faith went through Guilt and Dilemma. We did a exciting activity where we had to draw out what Guilty and Dilemma looks like. We drew Dilemma and Guilt through our pictures. Dilemma means choosing the right path or having multiple choices to choose from and guilt means you wish you could either change the outcome or regretting something you did. This is the lesson the book teaches us.

Kiwi Can reflection by Nyjah

Yesterday at Kiwi Can we learnt about Negotiation and our new topic is Cooperation. Negotiation is kind of like having an argument because you are fighting over two or more ideas. I would negotiate if I was drawing with multiple people, because I am more used to drawing by myself and thinking of my own creative ideas. Although sometimes I can mix my idea with someone else and make a even better idea then before! The first game we played was to follow someone but you have to try stay under cover and then you have to guess who was following you... The next game was magic shoes. One person had to take another person to the other side and so that person has magic shoes and they have to go back and bring there team to the other side. Although you had to carry them across without getting them to touch the ground. My team was able to win! 

Stretching Sentences by Mele

This week for writing LS2 practiced how to write stretching sentences to make our sentences more powerful/detailed. A stretch sentence is a sentence that is added with powerful words into it. Above shows the creative google drawing that I created on my own about stretching sentences. It gives you the opportunity to find out what is the purpose of a stretching sentence, how you write one, and a example about a cartoon character. Using a stretched sentence will need to include the 5 w's. This means that you have improved your sentences, by adding detailed words into it.  

DARE Impact Message by Marieta

This week we recevied a special visit from Constable Cyrus. He is currently at police officer that works at Onehunga Police Station. He came over to our class to talk about Drugs, Cigarettes and Alcohol. It was a great experience to see what he taught us, because we asked questions that was he was able to answer. Did you know that a unborn child has no choice, but to drink whatever their mother has had. We were told different scenarios about drink drivers. Above shows a created poster that Mele and I had created together. We have added a lot of strong facts. 

Brando Yellavich - by Angela

This week we for reading me and group Waiheke read a book about Brando Yellavich. This DLO talks about his Journey and it also talks about the book. Something I have learnt form Brando Yellavich was taking risks. He was really brave and he completed his goal to raise 10,000 for the Roland McDonald Charity. I would like to know what food he survive off. I think this was hard for him as he was also diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. He was written two books and one that I have read is called WildBoy it talks about the challenges he faced during his Journey. Here is also a a picture I have drawn

Friday, 1 March 2019

Kiwi Sport | Ki - O - Rahi by Alice

In Kiwisport we were learning about fairplay and honesty, We were learning about fairplay and honesty so we are honest and we show fairplay when we know we are out. We have been learning to be honest when we have gotten out, We also have been learning how to show fairplay.

For the game Taniwha & Kiona you need to make a group of two and make sure the group is even. Kiona is the group name of the group which is outside around te roto and Taniwha is the group in the inside the island. The group taniwha had to throw the ball at the rock if the ball hits the rock the group Kiona has to stop and the group Taniwha had to yell Mutu which means Kiona the group has to stop.

Here is the link to Alice's blogpost.