Monday, 12 September 2016

Teaching Mrs A

This is a picture of me teaching Mrs Anderson how to count to 10 in Tongan. I used the DLO I made to help her learn. I think she was good at saying the numbers in Tongan.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Sketchnoting by Daniel

This week LS2 has been learning how to use sketch notes. They are basically notes that help you understand the learning in your own words/pictures. Sketch notes don't matter if they are messy and don't look interesting, they just have to make sense to you. Sketch notes are meant to be more pictures and less words. They help you make connections and tell a learning story in your words. I liked doing sketch notes because you can be really creative and draw what ever you like (As long as it is in the topic, of course). We looked at some examples and then we made our own. First, we started with a topic we knew, which was questions. Next we did athletics and yesterday we did Rio De Janeiro and the Olympics. 

Here is the questions sketch note:

Here is my athletics sketch note:

Here is my Olympics sketch note:

Finally, here is my Rio De Janeiro sketch note

Cross Country Training by Nesi

For the past few days LS1 and LS2 have been doing some cross country training to help us prepare for our real cross country coming up next week. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday all of us would all get ready and do some stretches before running. Some tips Mr Ogovly  told us was, run at a good pace and then sprint it to the finish line, breath in with your nose and breath our with your mouth open making a "o " shape. The first week we did this we started off with 1 lap and went higher as we got use to running. I think this will help us prepare for the real cross country training. 

Sketchnoting by Thomas

This week LS2 have been learning about Sketch notes. What we have learnt about them is that they use more pictures than words to symbolise things and are a more creative way of making notes. They also help you stay focused to what you are listening to because why write a lot of words and be real bored and not listen when you can draw lots of pictures and not fall asleep because they're so fun to make. We started off with a topic we knew about, which was Questions and how they help us, then moved on to a topic we are learning about as our Kiwi sport with Andi, which is Run Jump Throw and then moved on to a topic we needed to research, which is Rio and the Olympics. We learnt that you can use a variety of objects to make a Sketch note, such as Stick Figures, Bullet points that can be stars circles, even bullets! To make titles we learnt to make the letters into block letters, or circle the title, and make it the biggest thing on the page. We know that our sketch not doesn't have to make sense to anyone apart from us, because, if you can't use you're own notes, then what are you going to do? We will probably use this form of notes from now on but it's fine by me because I know I'd rather draw a few pictures than write 10 pages of words for notes!