Friday, 19 May 2017

Quad blogging with Paihia School

This morning we have been enjoying making connections with Paihia School. LS2 enjoy reading about what other kids in NZ are doing during their learning time. We were all very interested in the beach clean up posts as this is similar to something we did in term 1.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

NZ's Rubbish by Ofa, Mataio and Zara

This term for inquiry we are looking at how we can look after our planet by thinking about the ways we reduce, reuse, recycle at Panmure Bridge School. For this task we had to read two articles about New Zealand's rubbish. One thing I have learnt is that every year New Zealand throws away 3.6 millions tonnes of rubbish which is taken to landfills. I worked with Zahra and Mataio. We wrote down our own informed opinion about New Zealand's littering. 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Quad blogging with Kororo School

We had a great afternoon today connecting with Kororo School through blog commenting. Everyone enjoyed reading blog posts that showed a different learning journey to their own. What excited me was seeing so many of our learners using their smart searching school to explore Greymouth to strengthen the new connections they were making.

Problem solving by Zahra

In this DLO, I had to solve an equation about pizza and things. I had to figure out a strategy to this problem. This DLO has a question, a clue, and a strategy to solve the question. 

Problem Solving by Mishaan


In this DLO I had to work out a strategy and figure out the problem to this.  I have written the question, the clue and my strategy or my way of solving the problem.  This helped us with our fractions, multiplication and division. This was a tricky problem to solve but I successfully figured it out.

Creating a warm-up by Tiava

Today we had our first lesson of dance. First we did a warm up. A warm up is when you prepare for a physical activity by exercising. It is important to warm up before exercising because if you don't you can be injured or badly hurt. If you do warm up it helps the blood flow and gets you more awake and flexible for your physical activity. After doing a warm up we had to find a buddy and create our own warm up routine. I enjoyed practicing our warm up and making a warm up of our own. I think I need to practice on being more in sync with my partner Eric.

Creating a warm-up by Shakaia


During the morning and middle block we did dance. For dance Mrs Anderson said we had to create our own warm up routine. My partner was Sky, we watched warm up videos to get some inspiration. Making up the moves was easy but doing the them was really tricky. Warming up and stretching before you have a sports event it can help you move a lot easier. But if you warm up and stretch to much you will lose some of your strength to do something. This was a very fun task to complete and cant wait till next week.

Personification by Javeylor and Viva

Javeylor and I  created this DLO to show how our words can give things human qualities. This is called personification. In this task Javeylor and I  worked together to give the days of the week personalities.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Sharing our thinking

Today LS2 were asked to think of ways we could reduce the use of paper in our classroom. We used Padlet to record our initial thinking. This was a great platform to use as it meant we could learn with and from each other as we could see all suggestions made in real time. Having this resource at our fingertips meant we had taken the first step in reducing the amount of paper we use and lead to a rich discussion on the topic.