Friday, 27 March 2015

Congratulations Halatoa!

Congratulations Halatoa a certificate from Mrs Eeles for showing a positive attitude to learning. Well done and keep working hard!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Malama Honua Celebrations

Sebastian, Anthony and Halatoa

Fine, Yvette and Sajiha

Paige and Jasmine


Saruja and Linda


Raymond and Oh'Smar

Latham and DJae


Monday, 23 March 2015

Saruja reflects on Term 1 through images

        Hi this is me Saruja. I have done this collage with photos because these photos show the work            that I  have done in Term 1 2015. I think I did lots of work this term. I 'm so happy that I am also 
                                                                            working hard.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Manu's Duffy books

   Today we got two Duffy books. I was very lucky to get  books so I can read when I want to. Thank you to Duffy books in homes for my books.

Zahn's Reflection of Term 1 in pictures

This is my photo collage of my first term at Panmure Bridge school.
I have had an amazing time making new friends and learning new skills in my short time at my new school. I enjoy working on my chrome book and like travelling to tech every Friday. Even though I am new to this school I am enjoying it and I am looking forward to the rest of the year .

Thank you Saruja!

This fabulous surprise was waiting for me in my email inbox this morning. Thank you so much Saruja for your contribution to our class site!

Friday, 20 March 2015

Awesome Assembly Presenters!

Jacob and Jasmine were great presenters today at assembly. They were confident, knew their script and spoke clearly. Well done!

Ducati's Duffy Presentation

Ducati did a fabulous job today as 'Duffy' at assembly. he spoke clearly and shared a book that he enjoyed reading with everyone. Below is the review he shared. Well done Ducati!

I have read this book and I think you’ll like it too. The name of the book is called Coraline.
It’s about a young girl named Coraline who moves into a large apartment building called the Pink Palace. But strange things are happening there. Miss Spinks and Forcibles warnings, Mr Bobos rat circus giving warnings. But most of all, the door that leads to the same house but the people there have button eyes, and they want her to stay forever. If she ventures too far, she may never come back
You can find this book in the library under G.A.I. in the fiction section because it is the first 3 letters of the Authors last name.

Shantay, Zeba, Sebastian and Oh S'Mar's Inquiry into NZ Citizenship

 Shantay, Zeba, Sebastian and Oh S'Mar have carried out this inquiry into NZ Citizenship. They used their smart searching skills to find and retrieve information. They have acknowledged their sources to show that someone else's thinking has helped them understand the topic more clearly.

Congratulations John!

Congratulations John! A certificate for showing confidence. This was really evident when you presented the PBS digital showcase to our ERO visitors. Well done!

Room 5's Collaborative Responses

Today we used Padlet to record our collaborative responses from our smart searching challenge to the questions:

  1. What is the difference between being a NZ citizen and a permanent resident?
  1. Why do people from other countries become NZ citizens?
  2. What would/has stopped people becoming NZ citizens? - obstacles (eg: cost of application)

Evelyn and June explain multiplication

Evelyn and June chose google presentations to create a DLO that will help others learn about multiplication. Well done girls your explanations are really clear!

Saruja, Courtney and Juanita explain multiplication

Saruja, Courtney and Juanita have used google presentation to create a DLO that will help others learn about multiplication. They have done a great job and have a superb visual link to some online sites that will help you practise this skill. Well done girls!

Duffy Books in Homes

Dear Duffy 
Dear Shavaughn Ruakere

This is me with my Duffy Books. I choose 'Kiki My Stylish Life' and 'Magic Molly The shy piglet'. I chose these books because they are interesting to read. I really like to read magic books. Sometimes I read non-fiction books because they will talk about real stories. We got these books at assembly from Shavaughn Ruakere. She is an actress and she acts a TV program called Shortland Street. 

Thank You Duffy 
Thank you Shavaughn Ruakere

Sajiha explains multiplication

Sajiha uses Prezi to explain multiplication. Have a look at the links she has shared to help other people practise their times table skills. A great presentation Sajiha!

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Manu and Zahn's report on the inter-school cricket

On Wednesday the year 7 and 8 team went to Colin Maiden park to compete in the inter-school cricket tournament . Our first game was against Point England they played a fair game but unfortunately we lost. Our second game was against Stonefields. We were really lucky and we won the game by 3 points. Our third game was against Glenbrae. We all had fun but unfortunately we lost this one too. Our fourth game was against St Pius. We got a lot of points and eventually we jumped for joy because we won. Our fifth and final game was against Sylvia Park. We were lucky to beat them because it was a close game! At the end of the day we all received prizes and had fun. We would like to say a special Thank you to Miss Paton and Mrs Emma for looking after us for the day and we would also like to thank Mr Johnston, Mrs Speight and Ms Kirkpatrick for helping us with the transport.

Duffy Role Model Assembly

Today PBS students met Shavaughn Ruakere (aka Roimata from Shortland Street). She talked about her path to reading and how being able to read is essential for her acting career. After Shavaughn had finished sharing her reading journey with us she presented each class with their Duffy books.

Monday, 16 March 2015

Buzzy Bees: Using clues in number problems

                                       This is a powtoon the Buzzy Bees group (Raymond, Tiare, Yvette, June, Jacob) created for Maths. It explains their strategy and shows what it looks like. This powtoon can used as a presentation or auto play. They recommend you use it as a presentation because the auto play plays it faster making the text unable to read on some slides.

Silver Ferns: Using clues in number problems

Silver Fern group have shared with us the clues they used in the number problem to help them work out which strategy would help them solve it. Your explanation is very clear Silver Ferns. Well done for great collaborative work!

Fine's Feedback for Sajiha

One of the components of our Independent Reading Challenge is to leave feedback for the task response above yours. It helps us to notice where our friends met the success criteria which means we get to practise our own understanding at the same time. 

Sajiha's Independent Reading Challenge Task

This is Sajiha's information brochure about our country: New Zealand. This is one of her creating tasks in the Independent Reading Challenge. The Independent Reading challenge is  where we have to complete different kinds of tasks with the book we are reading. She has done a great job at locating some very interesting facts. Well doen Sajiha!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Explaining our Maths strategy

Samantha and Zeba created this DLO to show other people how to solve a decimal addition problem by making tenths into a whole number.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Sharing our thinking

Today we worked in our Maths thinking groups to solve an addition problem. The task involved the students solving the problem independently, then explaining the strategy they used to their groups. Each group then chose the strategy they felt best suited the problem and created a collaborative DLO (of their choice) to help someone else learn that strategy. The final task was to present their DLO to the class. Fantastic work Room 5!

Fine, Tim and Dontalian explain their addition strategy

This is our collaborative DLO that explains our maths strategy.We all thought this was the best strategy we used. Please leave feedback for we can use it for next time!

Manu, Raymond, Tiare and Yvette explain their addition strategy

This is a powtoon my thinking group collaborativly created. This powtoon explains how we answered a math problem. I hope we have explained our startegy clearly for you to understand.

Samantha, Evelyn, Courtney and Halatoa explain their addition strategy

Zeba, Sebastian, Shantay and Oh S'Mar explain their addition strategy

John, Latham, Sajiha and Zahn explain their addition strategy

Friday, 6 March 2015

Juanita's Recount

On Wednesday Graham Dodd, an artist came to PBS. We meet him in the hall. We were really lucky to have an art session with  him.  He gave us some tasks and showed all of us new skills. Shading dark to light to make it stand out more. I learnt that shading make the picture more 3D and less 2D. Hills are actually light blue to show distance but appear green when you walk closer and closer. I think that our pictures went well and they look really nice. Our painting shows the maori land and a multi cultural side( town). It also was fun because it took the whole block then we went straight to lunch.

Congratulations Paige!

   Congratulations Paige! A certificate for great swimming skills. Well done and keep working hard!

Saruja's Recount


Art work
On wednesday all the seniors students had fun with Mr Graham Dodd. All the students have to take sketching pencil, pencil, colour pencil and Book for press on. There were R5,6,7,8 and 9. All the senior student have to sit in the row with their class. Mr Graham Dodd gave us a paper with small dots thats where we are going to draw the lines. When we are ready Mr Graham Dodd said that” we can start”. We have to follow Mr Graham Dodd and we have to copy what he did on his paper. He started to do the lines on the dots, we also started after Mr Graham Dodd  . He did some shading so the picture will show up like 3D effect. When we finish colouring the building, people and the tree. We did the rainbow and all the people rainbow were looked great. Mr Graham Dodd colour the hill with light blue because it was far away. We finish all the colouring and the shade. The picture started to look great. I think all the student did their best and they were following Mr Graham Dodd’s instruction so they got their picture similar to Mr Graham Dodd’s picture. All the senior class room did well because they were interested and listened to the instructions and made a great effect.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Awesome Art with Graham Dodd

 Today PBS had a fantastic art session with Graham Dodd. He taught us how to draw a landscape scene and bring it to life through shading and placement of the lines. What a great way to spend a teaching block!

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

June's Maths Strategy

June has shared the strategy she used to solve our thinking group challenge this week. She looked for the 'maths' then worked out the best strategy she knew to help her solve the number problem.

The Unveiling: A Recount by Fine

Awakened by the excitement of the scheduled day, my feet moved from the white sheet covers, onto the cold wooden floor. I sat on the edge of the comfortable bed and thought about the day ahead of me. My grandfathers unveiling had been on my mind since the day my mother told me it was an upcoming event, but I think it had been on all of our minds.  The whole family was invited, and yes, I was very excited to see them, but my mind and heart only belonged to the thoughts of my grandfather.

I search for company in the house. Suddenly, as if I were deaf and hearing for the very first time, the house turned into a zoo. I saw my mother, running around with heels in her hand and I also saw my brother, sitting down on the couch, calmly watching movies, until my father noticed and scolded him.  I back into my room and realise that I had better get dressed as soon as possible, otherwise I would’ve probably be in my brothers position. My eyes dived into my wardrobe, searching for a suitable and appropriate outfit. I take a while to put it on and get dressed, but as soon as I’m finished, I can hear beeping horns from the outside.

We’re on our way to the cemetery. All that is going through my head, is my grandfather, and the long dreadful months without him. BEEP! My thoughts about him disappear and I focused on the current situation. I looked around and realised we were apart of a beeping parade. The lights just wouldn’t turn green. When we finally arrive at the cemetery, we hop out with relief.

I could see his grave. The cross - with all my bracelets I once loved - that represents him stood no more. Instead, it lay on my brothers lap. I remember, not being able to move. As if I was frozen, but my mother calls me, and I have to follow. I sat in the front - Where all the grandchildren sat - of the crowd that surrounded his tombstone. The prayers were long and I couldn’t bear it any longer. I waited and waited for the ripping of the black plastic that covered his tombstone. Finally, as I was losing hope, they turned to my brother and said “Leopote Randwick, will you please take the cover off”

Excitement rushed through and around my body. My brother took awfully long to take it off must I admit. But when he did, I sank back into my original sitting position and remember feeling pride. My name was on the tombstone and I can’t remember a time where I had felt so much pride in myself. Although my name was only there,  because I was a grandchild, I still felt the same.

The unveiling had come to a conclusion. The event was vivid. Whenever we visit him, I focus on his picture. His smile is a permanent picture in my memory. I always want to have his smile in my memory. So whatever  I achieve, I achieve for him.

Nana’s Unveiling: A Recount by Ducati

The rain shot down like bullets on my way to a marae, I saw nearly everyone there. I saw family I knew, and family I didn’t. Everyone was doing something. I could see grandparents, aunts, and uncles were talking, and some of the cousins playing around. It was so happy. Then the rain died out.

But some lights have the darkest places. Everyone was still a little sad that my nana died. But some didn’t like mentioning it. Until suddenly, a loud bell sound rang, that meant that food’s ready, I bet everyone’s so hungry, even I was. We all chowed down in the eating room on some hangi for breakfast, so fulling. I was in the marae just lying down feeling sleepy (everyone had their own mattress in the marae) and then, I fell asleep.

When I woke up I could see everyone sleeping, I thought How long have I been asleep for?  There was a clock hanging in the marae, but I couldn’t tell time so I went back to sleep.

The next morning I was woken up by someone, I can’t remember who though, the person said “Wake up, we need to go to the cemetery.” 
I said “What for?”Until I remembered that we’re visiting nana today. I got up as slow as I could go, but was pulled up by my sister. Everyone walked to the cemetery. Some were crying, and some didn’t want to cry, but we walked until we got to the cemetery. We all gave kisses to Nana's Tombstone and my uncle sang He Honere.

When we came back we also all had to go home. Best day of my life. Rest In Peace Nana.

Family Wedding Day: A Recount by Samantha

Hooray!!! A wedding! I got up and I was ready and prepared for the big special day. It was a fresh sunny day, so we headed out to go to the wedding and who knew it was on a farm in Albany. I had felt overwhelmed already as soon as we had gone up the driveway.

It was the time now for me and my family to head up to the wedding ceremony. I couldn’t believe my eyes! It was like I was in Dreamworld. Everything was set up perfectly. The food was prepared and on the tables. The decorations were really impressive. This was the perfect day for everyone to gather together for special celebration.

Up next was a performance by a group of kids from the East Cook Island Community Group. I was included into this event as well. I was scared and nervous to dance in front of my family and guests who had arrived, but I had hope and didn’t give up. It was very stressful dancing in this heat but I had represented myself and my group proudly with pride.

Now it had came to the time where all of the fun had come to an end. It was a fun day, and I had represented myself proudly as well as my family. It was a day that I will never forget because it was a day my family and I came together for a gathering of a special celebration.

Reading History: Sajiha

This is a snapshot of Sajiha's reading history. It shows the books she has enjoyed reading from the age of 5 until now.