Friday, 15 February 2019

Summer Learning Journey Prizegiving...

Huge congratulations to everyone who took part in the Summer Learning Journey, we are so proud of you. 1257 blog posts and 2376 comments! Special congratulations to Alex who was our top blogger, the top blogger in the Manaiakalani cluster and top blogger overall. What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to Mele who came 2nd and Victoria who came 3rd. Thank you to Rachel, Sophie, Hazel and the SLJ team for the huge amount of work they put into making this programme such a success. 

Tech @ Tamaki College...

Today was our first day of Tech at Tamaki College for 2019. Our Year 7's are at Tech for the first time and are excited to be designing and making wooden toys in their Hard Materials rotation. Year 8A are designing and making clocks in Graphics, and our Year 8B students are designing and making pizza cutters in Metalwork. 

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Teamwork by Alex


Today Marieta, Joel, Sakina and I worked together to create a sketchnote on what a team is, our definition of a team is a group of people who work together to achieve a common purpose. In teams all members must respect one another, make sure everyone is included and respect all opinions. Three things that people need to do in teams are: Communicate, collaborate and participate.

Click here for the link to Alex's blogpost

Teamwork by Angela

L.I to define teamwork by creating a sketchnote.

Today as a group we have created a sketchnote to define what teamworks means. We have came up with
5 ideas that define teamwork. I worked with Giovanni, Jack, Julian, Chavda & Nidhi. As a team we
completed this activity. We first explained our ideas with each other to pick the best. The character
that was on the DLO was Clarence I created it in one of my drawing tasks.

Link to Angela's blog post

Head Boy: Jack

Today was the first assembly for Term 1 of 2019 for Panmure Bridge School. This year, I am representing my school as head student, and I am very happy that I will be able to represent the school in many ways. For this weeks assembly, Mele and I spoke in front of the school, Julian and Fui showcased the new design to our school P.E kit, and all 6 leaders received their leadership badges. In my opinion, I thought we spoke really well, and that if we can keep our composure, and speak clearly, then we can become great leaders. After the assembly, photos were taken, and smiles could be seen across all of our faces. I hope that next week, we will have just as much fun as we did today.

Link to my Head Boy speech: Here

Head Girl: Mele

Today was a special assembly, since it was the first week of school. As leaders Jack and I presented in assembly for the first time of 2019. It was a great experience, because we were both proud to lead our school as Head boy and girl. This special assembly included us school leaders receiving our badges, the sports leaders modelling our new PE kit and Ms Kirkpatrick handing out different prizes from prize giving last year. The sports leaders for 2019 are Fui and Julian. The Manaiakalani leaders for 2019 are Nyjah and Alex. 

Click here to read my Head Girl Speech
Mele's Speech

Being a Leader by Nyjah, Matthew, Aung Naing, Jonathan and Sandra

Today our team consisting of Matthew, Aung Naing, Jonathan, Sandra and I made a
google draw about the definition and goals of a leader. We worked together as a team to
create this google DLO and we were able to write down what we think a leaders
expectations and goals are. We think that as a team leaders should be supportive
and encouraging to everyone in their team.

Here is the link to Nyjah's blog post

Unpacking our CARE values...

LS2 worked together collaboratively in teams to create these presentations that helped them unpack and strengthen their connections to our school's CARE (Confidence, Attitude, Respect, and Excellence and Innovation) values. 

Introducing our 2019 Student Leaders

 2019 Panmure Bridge School Student Leadership Team

Jack and Mele                      Alex and Nyjah                  Julian and Fui
Head Students .               Manaiakalani Leaders .        Sports Leaders

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Panmure Bridge - LS2's Manaiakalani Movie

Our movie captures our learning journey last term about the structure and construction of bridges. This was a very exciting term for us as we were a part of a research study carried out by the Augmented Human Lab at Auckland University. This meant that not only did we access our learning through our smart searching, we also had the opportunity to see our learning in context through the augmented reality (AR) lens with an expedition created solely for us. Along the way we discovered that back in 2009 Mr Johnston and a group of students had created a movie that told the story of Panmure's first bridge. Inspired by this, we created our updated homage to their movie and our learning. 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Collaborative Comprehension | The Battle Of The Somme

This week, we did something really different. What we did was collaborative comprehension. This means we collaborate and work as a team to complete our set task. However the only difference was, we didn't work in groups. Rather we worked in pairs. Since this task was in reading, we were to choose a person from Ms Kirkpatrick's group to be our partner. After we got into our pairs, we started on our task. Our task was to infer a story called The Battle Of The Somme. After we read the context we were to answer many varieties of questions that link to this context. This task links to Mrs Anderson's Inquiry sessions. They inquiry sessions were about Peace. For this task I worked collaboratively with Angela.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Highwayman - Simile and Metaphors | By Jeremiah & Alex

This week for reading one of our tasks was to create a DLO explaining the differences between a simile and a metaphor. I worked with Alex and together we wrote our own definition for what a simile and metaphor are, the definition of a simile (In simple terms) is a comparison of two things using the words like and as. The (Simple) definition of a metaphor is a comparison of two objects with out using like or as. We also needed to use a simile and a metaphor from the poem The Highwayman as examples.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

National Shakeout Day

Today is October the 18th which is National Shakeout Day for New Zealand. We learnt that if the Earthquake comes we need to do three simple things: Drop, Cover and Hold. For this activity I worked with Miki and Reneir. One of the things that I learnt was that the first Shakeout day was on October the 18th, 2012. I think it's very important to know what to do when an earthquake comes.

New Zealand Shakeout Day

Today at around 9:30, an alarm went off. The reason it went off is because today is New Zealand
Shakeout day. A Shakeout day happens once every year, this year it was on the 18th of
November at 9:30. This event is a reminder for people who forgot or don’t know what to do
during an earthquake. What we learnt from this is, during an earthquake we have to drop,
cover, and hold. Which means, drop down, crawl under something that will protect you
(Eg: A table), and hold on to it. After the drill finished, we were asked to created a DLO
(Digital Learning Object) about what you’re supposed to do during an earthquake. If you'd
like to learn more about earthquake drills go to this site.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Sky Tower Trip | By Alex

Today LS2, LS1 and Room 5 went on a trip to the Sky Tower, since it was sponsored nobody needed to pay anything, the person who sponsored our trip's name is Douglas Bates. during our trip there we were given a challenge; on this piece of paper different locations were shown, and we needed to write the name of the location. There were also clues on the bottom of it to help us figure out which was which, another thing to help was the fact that we were on the 51rst floor. Before that though, we'd watched some videos that told us lots of interesting facts about the Sky Tower, some being: It weighs around about the same as 6,000 elephants, it takes 40 seconds to get from the bottom floor to the top, it would take 29 minutes for someone to reach the top floor by only using stairs (If they walked) and that the glass walls and floor in the observation deck are as thick as the concrete floor.