Monday, 1 March 2021

Cultural Art: Spelman

L.I: To create a piece of cultural art.

Inspired by art creations by Raku Inoue we went outside and collected leaves, twigs, and other plant debris to create our own cultural pattern or symbol. I thought of making a butterfly for my creation. I collected two big leaves and two small sized leaves. I also collected 6 regular sized yellow dandilions, one big yellow dandilion, one meduim sized stick, two small sized sticks.

I found it quite hard was getting a medium sized stick because there mutiple of large sticks and small sized twigs. I enjoyed this activity because I get to show my creation and show people that they can make a creation of there own. An interesting fact I found out about Raku Inoue is that you can be really creative of what the things you are making.


  1. Hi I really liked how you made a clear explanation on what materials you need.

  2. Hello Robyn
    I like how clear you made the explanation on what materials you need. I never heard of spelman cultural How did you stumble apon this culture?

    Keep up the good work!