Monday, 1 March 2021

Tatau: Spelman

 L.I: To create a DLO that tells others about tatau.

Today I made a DLO about my cultures tattooing. I used my smart searching skills, I needed to out find what tattoo is in Tongan and samoan, also the meaning. There is a picture showing of what a Tongan tattoo is. Tattoo in Tongan is tatatau and tattoo in samoan is tatau. The tattooing represented the individuals love, loyalty, to their family or 'aiga, and the new responsibilities they had to bear. The Tongan tatau represented Tongan society and the journey of the Tongans past, present and future.

I found quite hard was to find the meaning because there was website that didn't have the meaning of the  tradtional tatau. A fact I found interesting was in Tonga, tattooing was a vibrant part of the culture until the early 1800s. I enjoyed this activty because I learnt new things about tattooing in my culture.


  1. Kia ora. We really like your blog post. We enjoyed the different shapes of the tatau. These tattoos reminded some of us of our parents' tattoos. Maybe you could add some tattoos from some other cultures too. From Room 11 at New Windsor School.

    1. Kia Ora Phil!

      My name is Fau and I am one of the student leaders of Panmure Bridge School and also a student of LS2. It is great that you have commented on our Class Blog! I also enjoyed seeing the different types and shapes of tatau. If you would like to see tattoos from different cultures you can check out some other students blogs.

      As you can see, Spelman is Tongan. He made a post explaining what his cultural tatau means. Other people did their own cultures, if you'd like to check out more, you should look at different blog posts which show you the many other great tatau.

      Nga Mihi,

  2. i enjoyed reading your blog you taught me how to say tattoo in Tongan. maybe you could tell me how long it takes to get a tattoo like that one in the picture.

  3. Kia Ora I like the reading on your blog you taught me how to say tattoo in Tongan.
    Next time you can tell me why did you did that for.

  4. Kia Ora my name is Ben and i am from Belfast school in Christchurch i really like to look at you guys blog it gives me so much idea's also you taught me something new what tatto in tonga is lovely kepp up the good work and say hello to the others for me adios

  5. Kia Ora,

    I enjoyed reading this because I've watched a TV show about someone from Tonga and I thought the tattoo wasn't a tradition in Tonga. I really like the photo you used. Have a good day!😃