Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Panmure Bridge - LS2's Manaiakalani Movie

Our movie captures our learning journey last term about the structure and construction of bridges. This was a very exciting term for us as we were a part of a research study carried out by the Augmented Human Lab at Auckland University. This meant that not only did we access our learning through our smart searching, we also had the opportunity to see our learning in context through the augmented reality (AR) lens with an expedition created solely for us. Along the way we discovered that back in 2009 Mr Johnston and a group of students had created a movie that told the story of Panmure's first bridge. Inspired by this, we created our updated homage to their movie and our learning. 

Thursday, 1 November 2018

Collaborative Comprehension | The Battle Of The Somme

This week, we did something really different. What we did was collaborative comprehension. This means we collaborate and work as a team to complete our set task. However the only difference was, we didn't work in groups. Rather we worked in pairs. Since this task was in reading, we were to choose a person from Ms Kirkpatrick's group to be our partner. After we got into our pairs, we started on our task. Our task was to infer a story called The Battle Of The Somme. After we read the context we were to answer many varieties of questions that link to this context. This task links to Mrs Anderson's Inquiry sessions. They inquiry sessions were about Peace. For this task I worked collaboratively with Angela.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

The Highwayman - Simile and Metaphors | By Jeremiah & Alex

This week for reading one of our tasks was to create a DLO explaining the differences between a simile and a metaphor. I worked with Alex and together we wrote our own definition for what a simile and metaphor are, the definition of a simile (In simple terms) is a comparison of two things using the words like and as. The (Simple) definition of a metaphor is a comparison of two objects with out using like or as. We also needed to use a simile and a metaphor from the poem The Highwayman as examples.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

National Shakeout Day

Today is October the 18th which is National Shakeout Day for New Zealand. We learnt that if the Earthquake comes we need to do three simple things: Drop, Cover and Hold. For this activity I worked with Miki and Reneir. One of the things that I learnt was that the first Shakeout day was on October the 18th, 2012. I think it's very important to know what to do when an earthquake comes.

New Zealand Shakeout Day

Today at around 9:30, an alarm went off. The reason it went off is because today is New Zealand
Shakeout day. A Shakeout day happens once every year, this year it was on the 18th of
November at 9:30. This event is a reminder for people who forgot or don’t know what to do
during an earthquake. What we learnt from this is, during an earthquake we have to drop,
cover, and hold. Which means, drop down, crawl under something that will protect you
(Eg: A table), and hold on to it. After the drill finished, we were asked to created a DLO
(Digital Learning Object) about what you’re supposed to do during an earthquake. If you'd
like to learn more about earthquake drills go to this site.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Sky Tower Trip | By Alex

Today LS2, LS1 and Room 5 went on a trip to the Sky Tower, since it was sponsored nobody needed to pay anything, the person who sponsored our trip's name is Douglas Bates. during our trip there we were given a challenge; on this piece of paper different locations were shown, and we needed to write the name of the location. There were also clues on the bottom of it to help us figure out which was which, another thing to help was the fact that we were on the 51rst floor. Before that though, we'd watched some videos that told us lots of interesting facts about the Sky Tower, some being: It weighs around about the same as 6,000 elephants, it takes 40 seconds to get from the bottom floor to the top, it would take 29 minutes for someone to reach the top floor by only using stairs (If they walked) and that the glass walls and floor in the observation deck are as thick as the concrete floor. 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

My Pechaflikr|By Coree


This week for writing we were finishing off our pecha flickr storys that we had started on last week. For this writing activity we were working in parters, my partner was Christopher, the first thing we did was our pechaflikr slides then we did the story plan.When we had finished that we voice recoreded each other reading the story plan using ScreenCastify. The fun part about this activity was using ScreenCastify to voice record the story plan, because when we first started we didn't know how to do it. This week our group was learning how to structure or order a narrative story, and we were also learning how to link ideas between paragraphs to make a connection. In this narrative we were working on using strong words to paint a picture with words to not tell what was happening.

Why Sleep Is Important|By Ofa

This term we have been working collaboratively within our READ groups to find information that will expand our knowledge about sleep. For this topic we have been answering the questions we needed to answer to create a presentation which will hopefully showcase the amount of learning and skills we have picked up along the way. Since the beginning week of this topic we have chosen a leader who helped us stay on track and made sure that we were worked collaboratively within our group. While we were trying to improve our knowledge about sleep we all partook so as a guideline we used the reciprocal reading technique. In reciprocal reading we have someone who summarises the text, a questioner, a leader, a person who helps clarify confusing material found in a text, and also a predictor. While doing this activity we were asked to book our own guided sessions as we needed help with the question, does technology effect our sleeping patterns and also we were asked to choose a time where Mrs Anderson will help us learn how to infer. To learn how to infer we looked at the rooms children around the world have to sleep in and answered does everyone get a healthy sleep. Our group answered no as some of them are at risk of getting while others are always on the lookout for danger as they sleep in an open space. To summarise our learning we created a presentation which answers all the questions asked by Mrs Anderson. Today we showed all the reading groups what we have done and we all spoke proudly and we were all proud of our efforts. While learning about sleep we learnt that melatonin was the hormone produced in our bodies to regulate our sleeping patterns. I found this interesting because I didn't know that our bodies produce more than one hormone. At the end of our reading sessions we presented our DLO's to everyone in our reading group.

Our Trip To The Sky Tower|By Jack

Today our class, along with a few others visited Auckland city to learn about the infamous Sky Tower. This may just seem like a cool trip that we had to pay a small fee for, but you'd be wrong as we were kindly funded this trip by Mr Douglas Bates. Because of his kind act, we along with Learning Space 1 and Room 5 learnt so much about our iconic structure. We learnt such things as the glass we were standing on was a whole 38mm thick! Also that the Sky Tower's weight is equivalent to 6,000 elephants! There are over 70 floors in the Sky Tower, and we only visited roughly 15% of it! The main part of the trip was visiting the main observing floor, which is floor 51. From here, you can see people bungee jumping off from the top, and at least 80km of land at every direction. While we were up here, we all had a little challenge for ourselves. We were all given a little booklet with blank boxes, with arrows pointing at a landmark. All around us were hand rails with information on them about nearby landmarks. Our challenge to figure out what to put in each blank box. I had a lot of fun learning a whole bunch today, and I believe that everyone else did too.

Scale Drawing 2018|By Tiava

This week is maths week. Throughout the week we have been working on our scale drawings. This is my second time doing this. Last time I drew Kevin Hearts character in the movie "The Secret Life of Pets", a rabbit called Snowball. The first step was to find an image that you would want to draw. I found it hard trying to figure out what image I wanted to make an enlargement of. Finally, I decided on drawing Simba from Lion King. After my image was printed out I used a ruler to measure the border of the image and draw a grid. Each square was 1 cm. Then I multiplied it by 2 to get the enlargement. It was a 1:2 ratio. I drew my scale drawing by copying one square at a time. Once I finished I colored it in. Lastly, I cut out and glued on my name tag, the image and my finished drawing. Looking at my finished product I feel like I have done a much better job than last year.

Similarities & Differences - Auckland Viaduct Harbour bridge & Golden Gate Bridge|By Jeremiah K

Today we have created a Venn diagram which compare and contrasts the similarities and differences of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Auckland Viaduct Harbour Bridge. The similarity which most people will not think of is that they are both built in Westernised nations. As Ofa (my partner) and I searched for information we found three similarities and fourteen differences. The Golden Gate Bridge is equal to 27 of New Zealand's viaduct harbour bridges as the viaduct bridge is 330 ft and the Golden Gate Bridge is 8,981 ft.

Monday, 20 August 2018

HIIT Training By John L

Today for HIIT training we were focusing on Push ups and star jumps. We did 12 sets of these exercises. The hardest thing that I found difficult about the exercise was the push ups. I found this task difficult to do because it's hard to get back up and repeat it. Throughout the term we had some achievements to reach and we accomplished it.

My Scale drawing By John

Last week we were focusing on scale drawings. We were also focusing on maths week. The ratio between the scale drawings were 1:2 cm. It means by doubling the the amount of boxes from the top and the bottom. My ratio from the top to the bottom was 22:32. The scale factor was 2. At first I didn't know what scale drawing was until we were given a sheet of example to copy and paste. The most favorite part about my scale drawing enlargement was coloring in the scale drawing. What I found hard about this scale drawing was copying and pasting the monster to a bigger sheet.

Cook Island Language Week By Nickaela

This week is Cook Island Language Week. We were busy learning the basic phrases for Cook Island island. I worked with Joel and Chavda and We had a conversation with each and recorded our selves having a conversation in Cook Island Maori. The languages they speak is Cook island and Maori.

Wheel Words By Nickaela

Today for Reading we were busy doing Wheel words. In wheel words we get to try and make words up by using the middle letter. I have only used two Hints to help me out. The word I have find difficult is Robberies. What I really like about Wheel Words is that I get to learn new words.

Where is PyeongChang? By Jeremiah L

I created a DLO that shows how far away Pyeongchang is far away from New Zealand. I now know that Pyeongchang is in South Korea. South Korea is a country near Japan and China. One fact i Found about interesting is that North Korea and South Korea are both countries in Korea but the people live very different lives.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Comrades Marathon Collaborative Challenge


Last Sunday saw 20,000 athletes cross the start line in the world's oldest and largest race. The Comrades marathon is a 90km ultramarathon that tests the skill, ability and endurance of the runners who take part. This week we looked at information about the race to collaboratively decide what qualities these athletes would need in order to participate in this annual event.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Congratulations Junior and Hajera!

Congratulations Junior and Hajera! A certificate for participating and contributing in Kiwisport. This is very well deserved as you both confidently join in all learning opportunities. Well done!

Reflex Experiment by John

Reflex Experiment


Sanujan - I think that I would be best at test 1 because my eyes send messages
to my brain fast.

John - I think that I could be good at test 2 because I think that I am great at

(Test 1)


(Test 2)


(Test 3)



Sanujan : My hypothesis was incorrect because according to the graph I was great at
tactile which is test 1 I was surprised that my connection from my eyes to my brain is not
as fast as through touch.

John -  My hypothesis was wrong because I expected that I had really great ears but I actually don’t. The graph had surprised me when I was excellent on test 3 because my ears sent messages to my brain faster than my eyes open.  What I found surprising was that my partner had faster reflexes than me.

This week for inquiry, we learnt about human reactions. We had a small challenge
that included simply a ruler, a partner, and our reactions. Our task was to attempt
to grab a ruler as fast as possible. We were given 3 different reactions to test.
Visual, where we had to grab the ruler just by watching it. No count down, go or
anything. Nextwas aural, where we had to close our eyes, and where only told "GO"
for when we could attempt to grab the ruler. No countdown, no looking, no
touching, just a simple go. Finally, was touch. We closed our eyes, no words,
just a tap on the shoulder letting us know when to grab. The partner that I was
given was Tiava, and we had a lot of fun working together. What we needed to do
next was graph our data. Although to make it even better, we were to group up
with another pair and graph all of our data in one big graph. So for this, we chose
to work with Jack and Tiava. We had a lot of fun all working together, and in the end, made a pretty great graph.

1877 Education Act by Alex

This week, the other task for poetry was to create a DLO based on what life was like back in the 1870s. I worked with Jeremiah, Jay-Don and Junior to create this. My group decided to do the education law that was passed throughout the country in 1877, for it we needed to research what the teachers wore and what the classrooms looked like. Jeremiah and I did the researching for the writing whilst Junior and Jay-Don worked on getting photos, I drew the second page's pictures.

IPhoneFakeText by Affonso

For writing this week we were to go on a text creator called Fake iPhone text to write a fake conversation between two peoples we could int use name form our school so I chose mike. First we were to write the message in the Fake iPhone text message.After that we were to write the message in a story format that included punctuation such as speech marks. This meant that we were to write every thing that a new person said on a new line.

Newspaper Article - Cinema Attendance

This week Ms Kirkpatrick maths group examined a continuous data that showed the cinema attendance by age group and year. First we were to answer a questions based on the data. Jeremiah and I worked collaboratively together to answer it. Some of the questions were: In which year was attendance highest for the 25-34 age group? What happened in 1992 and 1994 to the attendance for 15-24 year old? How else could the data be displayed? It was really interesting to see that in 1999 15-24 year old attendance to cinemas increased comparing it to 1984 where it was really low. At the end Jeremiah and I were to make a newspaper article based on the data. We were make our own Newspaper headline and we decided to call our article New Blockbusters. Captivating or monotonous?

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

My Faith of Flight by Kanye

My Faith of Flight

It was a nice warm sunset and all my friends were awake. I had just woken up from an
exciting dream about today, the day that I’d learn to fly. All my friends were at training
so I was joined with my brother. He was waiting with our mother outside on a nice,
stable chunk of wood that lied lazily by the old wagon.

My brother had been waiting his whole life for this day to come. He had thought that
he was ready. I can say that he is pretty confident when it comes to trying new things.
He’s like a superhero: he’s fearless, always giving things a go, and he won’t stop until
he had completed he’s goal.

While we were at training I had felt scared, pressured, frightened and excited all at the
same time. My heart was pounding so fast and loud I couldn't hear myself breathing.
At that moment I had just felt myself leap off that stable chunk of wood.

It took me a couple of goes to learn how to fly. Not everyone can do it on their first go;
not even my brother, and he’d been training all night. Maybe flying ain't all about

I was the different one out of all of us, but that didn't stop me from being me.
All I needed to do now was spread my wings. This was like my final act. A shot
of adrenaline shot through my body and it was the encouragement that boosted me up.
Then the moment of truth had happened, all I remember was me just hesitating while
I was in the air. I was like an angel with my wings spread out.

I started to flap my wings super fast then suddenly, I was in the air and I was really
flying, I felt free from everything like I had lost myself. Everything troubling me
disappeared and I was able to zoom through any obstacles that I had come face to
face with when I was soaring through the sky.

I turned my head smirking at my brother and then, I had a head on collision with a
tree. “What happened?” I groaned. “Shhh, rest.” my mother whispered in a soft voice.
My vision went hazy and then a blanket of darkness covered my eyes.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Tech: Year 7 Thank You Letter

For the final session of Pewter Casting for the year 7's Tech, the year 7's decided to create a thank you letter. Specifically, and thank you letter to Mr Grundy, the year 7 Tech teacher. Almost every year 7 contributed to create this, and we all individually wrote a personal thank you message in their own small boxes. Although on top of that, we had a large thank you from everyone, to show our appreciation for what Mr Grundy had done for us.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Creating GIFs to show why we need a skeletal system...

Today we had fun creating GIFs to reflect our understanding of the skeletal system. Last week during our visit to the Life Ed caravan we found out that all babies are born with 300 bones. As we grow some of our bones fuse together which is why adults only have 206 bones. The skeletal system is one of our body systems. It is the framework for our bodies and helps protect our internal organs.

Gif created by Aung Naing, San Kyaw, Miki and Josh

Gif created by Joel, Angela, Viva, Chavda and Hajera

                                              Gif created by Joshua V, Jay-Don, Dallas and Jona-Dana

                                                          Gif created by Jonathan and Nevaeh

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Walk To School Poem - Juxtaposition

This week we have been looking at a poem called Two Day Wonder by David Hill. For the first activity we listed words that had similar meanings to the words: sick, sad, depressed or bored. Secondly, that we did the same thing with the words: well, happy, bright and active. After that we listed five opposite situations such as The world yawned and grumbled - the world shines and dances. This is called juxtaposition. Juxtaposition is when you have two different situations then put them side by side to create a contrasting effect. Lastly we wrote our own version of a poem similar to David Hill's but for this one it was based on our way to school. The DLO on the top is the poem. Reading a poem with low level words such as sad and happy can be very boring. To help us discover more vocabulary and to help us make our poem more powerful we used a cline. This is a resource that helps develop better words.

Metaphor - Mele

Today I created a completed google drawing about what is a metaphor. In my DLO I included the meaning of a metaphor, a season poem, examples of a metaphor, and 2 images of a metaphor. Read this google drawing to find out what a metaphor is and examples of a metaphor.

Walking to school | Juxtaposition Poem | By Ofa

As part of poetry this week we read a poem called Two Day Wonder which was written by David Hill. Our first task was to list all the synonym to the words: sick, depressed, sad or bored. Then we wrote down the synonyms for well, bright, happy and active. Then we listed 5 opposite sentences that were in the poem such as the dog sulked in his basket - The dog gallops around the house. This is called Juxtaposition. Juxtaposition means when you put two words together to make a contrast. For example Cold/Hot or Winter/Summer. Our task that we were to post was our poem. We were to create our own version of David Hills poem but it had to be based on our way to school. As you can see I have two different poems which is opposite to each other. I have a poem for Winter and one for Summer. As part of writing down the synonyms we were to write high standard words in our poems. For example instead of using happy you can use ecstatic. To help us find more vocabulary and to make our poem powerful we used a word cline. This really helps us succeed in our vocabulary skills.

Word Cline 

Poetry - Two Day Wonder - Sanujan

This week we were working on poetry. Our task was to re write the poem in our own words after reading a poem called Two Day Wonder. My partners and I decided to take one step forward and made our poem rhyme even though the original poem didn't. For this task I worked collaboratively with Jack and Fraidoon.

I struggle to wake up, as I resist to get out of my warm bed.
I was stuck in the rain yesterday, now I have a fever, and a boiling head.

I dawdle through the icy smooth floor, chuck on my uniform, and go to boil the kettle.
I felt like I slept for days, maybe I’ll even get a sleeping medal.

I chuck on my bag, and scurry my way out the door.
I need to get to school fast, because I make it back home at quarter past four!

I have half an hour left, so I need to run.
Although I forgot my lunch, looks like I need to purchase a cinnamon bun.

As I leapt out of my bed I hear the birds carolling and chirping away.    
The bright leaves rush and gush in the breeze as they sway.

The sun peered over me like it was just waiting to give me a hug.
I say hello, stride to the kitchen, and boil the jug.

I assemble and eat my breakfast, and prepare to brush my teeth.
I then walk outside, and put up the christmas wreath.

Then I kiss my mum goodbye and dash my way to school.