Friday, 25 September 2015

Time to get Healthy!

Brianna, Jack, Juanita and Latham created this trailer to show kids why it's important to eat healthy food. Latham did a great job at being director and an outstanding group leader.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

ICAS English Celebrations!

Thomas and Menchung (R6) 


Sajiha, Yvette, Sebastian

Inter-school Cross Country Champs!

Huge congratulations to Zahn and San Tat for coming 1st and 3rd in the inter-school cross country competition. Impressive achievement boys!

Making Healthy Lunches

After our trip to Pak 'N Save on Monday we were given a voucher to buy food to make healthy lunches. Room 5 decided to make healthy wraps. We looked at the nutrition information to make sure the products we bought were healthy. Our friend Greg from SPARK and Miss Donaldson came to help us. 

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Collaboration with Room 8

Yesterday we worked with Room 8 to create collaborative DLO's that reflect our learning from our trip to Pak'n Save. All the learners worked really well learning from and with each other.

Breakfast cereal comparison

John created this DLO to show the difference in energy levels between an everyday breakfast cereal and an occasional breakfast cereal. The information he has included tells us why the nutrition labels on food are important.

Manu and Saruja's Scarpbooking

Manu and Saruja told us about the fun they had a scrapbooking with Mrs Prasad. Their pages looked really colourful and told a story that was special to them.

Tim and Yvette's Mosaics

Tim and Yvette shared the work the Mosaic elective did with Mrs Burke. They spoke clearly and their mosaics made from tiles they broke themselves look great. 

San Tat's Mask

San Tat showing the mask he made during our electives. He worked with Miss Paton to create a plaster mask of his face. They had a lot of fun creating, sanding and painting the molds. We all think they look fantastic!

Electives Assembly

This week we had an assembly to share the activities we did during our electives time. Thank you to Jasmine and Affonso who presented our photos and a massive well done to Gozan, Cyrus, Affonso, Alex, Ducati, Tiare, Irys, Calvin, Sanujan, Victoria, Mere, Joshua V, Jasmine W and Zahn.

Monday, 21 September 2015

Pak N Save Visit Room 5 and Room 8

Today Room 5 and Room 8 went to Pak N Save to look closely at the nutrition information on food labels. We had a great time and learnt a lot. Thank you to all our helpers and Adele from the Heart Foundation. We are all looking forward to making our healthy lunch on Thursday.

Friday, 18 September 2015

PBS Speech Champs!

Huge congratulations to Fine (who placed1st) and Yvette (who placed 2nd) for their outstanding speeches! Both girls chose very real topics and use their knowledge of persuasive language features to keep their audience hooked in. Room 5 is extremely proud of you both!

PBS Cross Country Champs!

Huge congratulations to Fine and Dontalian (1st Year 8), Evelyn and Zahn (1st Year 7), Paige (2nd Year 7 girls) and San Tat (2nd Year 8 boys), Yvette (3rd Year 8 girls) and Oh S'Mar (3rd Year 8 boys). A superb effort in cross country!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Run, Jump, Throw Coaching

Part of our Run, Jump, Throw coaching is to learn to throw a shot out and discuss correctly. Today Andy showed us how to do this.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

PBS Cross Country by Paige

Paige made this great movie about our Panmure Bridge cross country. This is the link to the app she used if you would like to make a movie like hers.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Sajiha's Speech

Imagine living every day in paranoia. Knowing that everywhere you go, everything you do, you are being judged by everyone around you. Imagine, walking into a shop and having someone watch your every movement thinking you’re going to reveal a bomb. Just because I have something covering my hair, doesn’t mean I want to cause you harm. Imagine being mocked, bullied, hurt just because you don’t look like everyone around you. Have you ever wondered how it feels to think no one likes you, how it feels to sit alone. How it feels to walk a day in my shoes.

Salam, Hello, Malo lelei, Talofa Lava, Meegalaba. We have all these different greetings but yet, in the eyes of others, some of us are still different. Many choose to single out the differences, when we should be focusing on the similarities. Sadly, Racial discrimination is a worldwide problem because some people are brought up to believe their race, their beliefs, their culture and their language is superior to others.
First of all let me make this clear. We are all created equally. Under our black skin, under our white skin, under our yellow skin, there is always red blood. So why, do we look on the surface instead of looking deep inside.

Racial discrimination involves any act where people are treated unfairly because of their race color, religion or beliefs. Last week, a 16 year old schoolgirl in England was knocked unconscious as she walked to school, simply for celebrating the fact Allah is her god. Why did her attacker choose her? Well, most likely because of the black scarf around her head.

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to embrace our differences and its time racism became extinct as a word. Everyone has the right to be true to themselves. Don’t you agree?

Fine's Speech

Good Morning students and teachers,
Think about a time where you’ve been in public. Alone. Vulnerable. Prey to the many spectators that are quick to assume the flaws you possess. Strangers, expecting you to be someone you are not. You've done absolutely nothing, yet the only thing that fills their minds are the assumptions of the terrible person you are. These thoughts, purely fueled by your appearance.

Why can’t they tell us the thoughts they have in their heads, about our culture, about our heritage, about the flaws our people have.  Just because I am brown, it does not mean I am violent. Just because I am brown,  it does not mean I don’t eat breakfast in the mornings. Just because I am brown, it does not give you the right to act like I am any different from you.  After all we're different races not a different species. And yet, the uncertainty in their voices, proves the lack of understanding, they have when they attempt to belittle our people and our ways.  

So tell me. When will we ever become more than a label?  

Yes, we see the outer shell of one's character but have we thought about the content inside? We assume the truth, just because that is what we've learnt. The opinions of one’s race is taught to a child like the rules of a classroom, handed down like the clothes of a sibling, and is as common as a mother's love for her child.  

Now, I can not just let this problem be overlooked, like it has been! This is more important than a lot of the things we claim as “Relevant” in the lives we live today. How does this not come up in a conversation you have with a friend, yet the most pointless things do?

Because of stereotypical labels, believe it or not people have died. How many times on the news have you heard of the innocent person who ended up dead on the street? The policeman who thought he had a weapon on him, just because the colour of his skin was a sign that he was threatening. Is it a coincidence that 94% of these victims are coloured?

“I love you too” Sean Bell’s last words before he died. Shot 50 times on his wedding day. Police thought he had a firearm yet the weapon is still not found. They thought. They assumed. They used the colour of his skin to back up their assumptions. Because of this his fiance is unwed, his to be child unborn, his life that was once planned out, now abandoned , like the rest of them.

I am Tired, disgusted, hurt and angry, yet prepared, committed, dedicated and impatient for a change.

We can't stop the thoughts we have about people. We can't stop ourselves from having an opinion. What we can stop, is assuming who people are. Expecting them to be one thing, when they are the other. We should ask not assume. Start a conversation not a rumor. Be normal not sympathetic. For then, and only then, will our true individuality reach its full meaning.

Stop closing your eyes to the things that matter. We must at least make an effort to see beyond race, because if we don’t, who will?

Yvette's Speech

I’m going to skip the greetings and just go straight to the issue. In my opinion the more you understand the harm this causes, the more you’ll be willing to stop it. Bullying. What does this mean to you? When you hear that word, does it trigger any emotions - provoke you, in any way? Or… do you simply look the other way?  If that’s the case, I truly hope that you listen carefully. This issue needs to be explained, because I am over bullying being swept under the carpet. It does exist! It does happen, and you need to understand that!

Bullying is a form of power that is used to make someone else feel physically and emotionally unstable. It makes them feel insecure about themselves and; makes them question every choice they make. That is plain horrible. I can’t imagine Hailey Petee asked to live in fear of what might be said about her every time she left the house. I can’t imagine why Phoebe Prince asked to hear the constant stream of abuse hurled at her each time she walked out the door. I can’t imagine Amanda Todd asked to have a private photo shared with the world. All these real people have sadly started a new life in heaven; all because of bullying.

A teacher wanted to get the message of bullying out, so she told her students to get a piece of paper, and scrunch it up. Step on it and make it as mashed up as possible; but still try not to rip it. Then the students were told to unfold the paper, smooth out the mess they had made, and see how dirty and damaged it looked. The were then told to say sorry to the paper, but even though they apologized and tried to repair it, the damage didn’t go away. They were told that the scars would never no go away, no matter how much they tried to fix it. This is what happens when a person bullies someone. They say sorry, but the scars are there forever. The damage is done. I really hope you get that message. There are unseen scars, hidden tears, the feeling of dread… Bullying hurts.

Think about the digital footprint you leave behind. Think about the things that you say. Think about the information you give. Think about the reputation you want to up hold; you only have one. It’s okay to walk away. It’s okay to tell someone. It’s okay to ask for help. I want this message to get out, because bullying has to STOP! Bullying closes the door for people and makes them think they have no way out. They lose their belief in everything - that things will never get better. They turn to their faith, and they feel like their faith lets them down. I hope you guys understand the how bad bullying is. We’ve been raised in a society of hate, discrimination, racism. How serious do the consequences need to get before bullies realise bullying is not okay? Word’s hurt…

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Woodwork reflection: June

We have just started a new rotation at Tech. This time the some of our Year 7's are doing Woodwork with Mr Grundy. We are all looking forward to seeing what they make.

Afu's first time using Scratch

This is the Scratch the Year 7's did and I wanted to animate my name and I got some ideas from some other people and I hope you enjoy what I did with this Scratch. - Afu

Celebrating 63 years as Queen

Courtney and June created this DLO about Queen Elizabeth II as this year on September 9 she will become the longest reigning monarch in British history.