Friday, 23 March 2018

Congratulations Tai!

Congratulations Tai! A certificate for participating and contributing. This is very well deserved Tai as you confidently share your thinking in class and group discussions, and are always willing to join in all learning opportunities. Well done!

Nickaela | 2018 Winter Olympic games / 5 main points

Today for reading we got to chose which year of the Olympics we wanted to do. We chose to work  on the 2018 Winter Olympic games. We worked in pairs, I worked with Harlem.  We wrote about where the games are held, how many countries are in the Winter Olympics, Who the people from New Zealand won the bronze medals and so on...   This was a really fun and cool activity to do because we learned more about the 2018 Winter Olympic games.  

Professor Stephen Hawking - Jonathan

Today for writing we write a DLO about Stephen Hawking , but sadly professor Stephen Hawking that
pass away last week. So we have created This DLO to show who he was and why he is famous . In this
task we focused on using our own words and attributing images . And other created google sides but I did
google drawing.

Te Pounamu | Making Connections

Today for Making Connections I worked with Chavda. We both had an idea about the Winter Olympics. My colour was red and Chavda's colour was blue. We are both very different because she hasn't played a Winter sport and I have played a Winter sport.  

John | Silver Care Award - Attitude

I have created a drawing about Mike Krzyzewski. He was a coach who had never let his team down once. He had inspired me with his truth and honesty words which made me once and a true learner. He is words inspired me but it inspired everyone else who knows Mike Krzyzewski. 

Professor Stephen Hawking DLO - Joel

Sadly Professor Stephen Hawking,passed away last week.We have created this DLO to show who was and why he was famous.In this task we focused on using our own words and attributing photo's.

Sky,Viva and me were working on Websites and finding our facts and information. 

Gold C.A.R.E awards - Enter A Competition - Sanujan

As part of my Excellence and Innovation Gold C.A.R.E awards I have participated and contributed in the Summer Learning Journey. Many schools are part of this competition and there are first, second and third places. There are prizes to be won. Each place has wonderful prizes. This competition was very competitive because lots of people from my school and other school posted lots things on their blog. However I tried my best and managed to get a couple of posts on my blog.

This is one of the activities I completed.