Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Five Minutes at Camp by Henry

My heart was racing and my head was pounding. I knew I could do it. While I was putting the harness on I was mentally getting myself ready. It was time to climb. 

As I took my first step I was terrified so I inched my way up the ladder. It was not long until I started shaking, my palms were sweating so much I thought I was going to lose my grip. I could see heaven. I could taste the fear in my mouth. 

When I got to the top I hugged the pole with all my might before Jonny made me let go. I began to walk across. I think I was walking like my hundred year old grandpa! I didn't want to do it but I had friends cheering me on. I didn't want to disappoint them so I pulled my socks up and walked across with confidence. I was really proud of myself because I had challenged myself. 

I soon found out that the scary part was still to come. I had to jump off! I was panicking in my head and thinking "How is this rope going to hold me?" Eventually I took a breath and swung down.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

This Land poster by Piripi

This is my Google draw about Panmure Bridge's production. Our production item is about the battle of the mountain's and tells the story of five mountains battling for one mountain's love.

Author Visit by Dallas

Make your own slideshow at Animoto. This is an animoto that I made about Tony Williams I hope you enjoy it.

My Camp Experience by Jacob

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This is my Animoto on last weeks camp experience. We all had a lot of fun doing all the activities. I enjoyed doing archery and eating the food. At night most people wouldn't go to sleep.

This Land poster by Jacob

This is my poster of our school production. Mrs Eeles has organised the whole production and even though she had to be at another school. Each class has their own landform to study.

Kokako Facts by Phoenix

Kauri Trees by Kataraena

This is my prezi that Kataraena created. Its all about kauri trees and how we should treat kauri trees.

Year 7 Tech: Asmah

Hi today the Year 7 started graphics at Tech and the Year 8 started Digital Technologies. This is a picture of me doing letterings of the alphabet and the numbers from 1 to 9. Our teacher's name is Mr Nobel Pineda.

Tongariro Erupts by Aryan

Welcome Back to Taupo News

Mount Tongariro first eruption was a shocking 275,00 years ago. Its has erupted 70 times since

1839 that just shows tongariro is a mammoth of a volcano. Lava splattering smoke rising ash covering the land.It sounds like an atomic bomb exploding.peoples eardrums ringing farmers and people that live near there should be frightend. Nearly everywhere you looked it was covered in ash.The air and sky was full of ash and smoke. The ocean bubbling. Air foul with the harmful chemical of the mountain. people in the mount tongariro area were hugely affected by the explosion. Sheep or other animals covered in ash.air in smoke and ash on the ground 5 cm deep that amazingly shocking. We should never doubt nature. This is Phoenix and aryan from taupo news reporting live from this organic bomb known as mt tongariro.This terrifying mt tongariro has been in a deep sleep and has awaken and has greeted us with its fiery gaze.Its last eruption was in 21 november 2012. Now we are reporting from taupo news studio with our new cameraman michael. The mountain is no more than a fiery corpse. We are leaving you with a good piece of advice a volcano is a force not to be reckoned with. So be careful.

Created and Written by Aryan Sharma

This Land poster by Suliasi

Kauri Dieback by Suliasi

Year 7/8 Camp by Candice

Candice created this Flipbook that shows what happened on camp 2013. 

Production Sneak Peak by Tienira

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Here is a short preview on our school production that we started today and it went well, and for our audience we had Tamaki Primary, some Panmure librarians and some children from Panmure Lagoon Child Care.

Cossey/Massey Loop Trail by Leila

This is my Prezi about the Cossey/Massey Loop Trail in the Hunua Ranges. During our walk around this trail we had to disinfect our shoes several times. Because of this we learnt about the Kauri dieback and why it is important to protect our trees from this disease. 

The Rise of Mt Tongariro by Kapri

The Rise Of Mount Tongariro.

New Zealand's Mount Tongariro has roared back to life after 150 years asleep. Parts of the North Island spreading as far as Napier, Taupo and Wanganui have been covered with thick ash. Flights to Napier have been delayed and pilots have been told not to fly aeroplanes near Mt Tongariro because of the smoke.

I am standing in the town where Mount Tongariro has erupted. The people here said that they were so terrified they thought they were going to die. All they could hear was big crashing noises. Residents say their hearts were beating so fast they almost had heart attacks. Babies were crying, children were screaming, dog’s barking, cats hissing and many other animals making their terrified noises. Locals report that the eruption started around 11:50 pm, close to midnight.

Farmers are worried about their water and food supplies, as water and food for animals are covered in ash. Ponds and river seem to be covered in a thin layer of what appears to be paint. People were seeking shelter as lava and boulders came spurting out of the top of the  enormous giant.

Following last nights eruption, local people woke up to find the ground covered in a thick layers of ash. Flights have been cancelled, roads and tracks have been closed. people now face a big clean up after this eruption has taken place.

At first people did not heed the warnings and didn't take it seriously. Then at 11:50 PM on Monday 21 November, Mt Tongariro took everyone by surprise by unleashing ash, smoke and boulders towards houses, farming lands and ponds. People were regretting not taking the warning seriously. Volcanologists say that the eruption was just a one of event, worst case scenario is that this is the beginning of a bigger and terrible eruption.

People are not sure when the next eruption will take place. They have been told that if they are caught in ash fall, cover your face, seek shelter, protect eyes with goggles. Don’t wear contact lenses however if you need to make sure you wear goggles as well. We can’t stop mother nature but we can take steps to protect our eyesight.

Author Visit by Mahdia

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This is my animoto on our Duffy assembly, Tony Williams came and visited   Panmure Bridge School yesterday.   I hope you like it and put a comment on it :]

This Land poster by Kane

Author Visit by Michael

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Hi guys you probably wondering another animoto but this isn't just another animoto its an animoto about DUFFY!! ENJOY.

This Land poster by Jazmine

Author Visit by Deannika

Tony Williams visited our School and shared with us some of his own stories and how good it is to read.

Kokako Facts by Puke, Andre and Pah Nwee

Pah Nwee , Puke and Andre made this brochure to show the facts they found out when researching about the Kokako.

This Land poster: Teagan

This is a poster of our production it is called This land. This is who the characters are what time it is and what the classes are doing.

Author Visit by Teagan

This is Teagan's poster on Tony Williams. Tony Williams is a New Zealand Author that comes to schools to encourage Children to read.

Camp Brochure: Henry

Friday, 20 September 2013

Year 7 Tech

For their final rotation this year the Year 7 students will be doing Graphics at Tamaki College for Tech. Today they learnt about how guidelines help you with lettering and how to use pencils effectively.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Camp Animoto by Tienira

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Here is a 30 second video of me showing what we have done have camp and what we did for the whole week last week. This Animoto is all on me because it is part of our camp celebration and I am showing people what I have been up to at camp and how much time I spend away from home.

Fantasy Island Tasks by Asmah

 This is my Fantasy Island task that was set for a group of children who didn't go to camp. We had to use the Key Competencies to manage our time and work both independently and co-operatively. I enjoyed the challenges in this task.

Kokako Lodge Camp by Kyra

This Brochure is all about my experience at camp.  The experience at camp was outstanding, being able to be trusted to: do Archery, High Ropes and Kayaking near a waterfall and also being able to learn outside the classroom (Education Outside The Classroom.)

How to Make Pancakes by Henry

This is my comic life that shows how to make pancakes. It is a set of step by step instructions that will help you make delicious pancakes like we made on camp.

Camp Animoto: Candice

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This is a Animoto video of the year 7 and 8 students who went to camp and had a very good time!

Kauri Dieback: Kane, Jacob and Teagan

Kane, Jacob and Teagan created this Prezi on the Kauri die back. The Kauri die back is a disease that kills Kauri's. 

Teagan's Birthday at Camp

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This is a Animoto of my time at camp. When it was camp it was also my birthday too. This is a slideshow of my birthday at camp.

Friday, 6 September 2013

PBS Netball Champs

Thank you Mr Johnston for our lunch treat. We really enjoyed representing our school in netball and wearing our new uniforms. Mrs James and Mrs Sloan did a great job coaching us. Both teams played well at the AMI Netball Centre and there was also sportsmanship shown in both netball teams. Everyone in the teams worked collaboratively throughout the netball competition and made our coaches and parents proud.

By Leila

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Bruce Potter Visit

Today Bruce Potter the illustrator came to talk the kids at Panmure Bridge School. It was fun hearing about his new book and listening to him sing about Kaha the Kea.

By Rodney, Sylis, Eric and Ohhsen (Room 8)