Friday, 29 May 2015

Maori Gods


Maori gods (Atua) are an important part of Maori religion (Whakapono). These are some of the DLO's created to share our learning.

Challenge by Choice

Here is a snapshot of some of our 'challenge by choice' activities our Year 7/8's took part in at camp this year.

Celebrating Samoan Language Week

Creating our own Home Learning Tasks

Here we are creating our own home learning tasks. We worked in groups to come up with a list of topics that will help us to practise asking questions and finding information. Each week someone will choose a topic from the topic box then we will create a DLO of our choice to reflect our own understanding and learning around that topic. Every Friday three people will present their DLO to give us practise at speaking to an audience.

Congratulations Samantha and Fine!

Congratulations Samantha! Voted 'Player of the Day' in this week's AMI netball match. Congratulations Fine! A certificate for thinking about your learning. Well done to you both!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Our Student Led Conferences

Today we carried out our first ever student led conferences. What an amazing success this was! The level of engagement and the conversations taking place were powerful and truly showed me how much information my class had taken ownership of. 
A HUGE thank you to everyone who took part.

Practising for our Student Led Conferences

Here we are practising for our very first student led conferences. We are all looking forward to sharing our 2015 learning journey with our families.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Paige's Thank you Letter

Dear Mr Grady

Thank You so much for helping look after everyone at camp. Thank you for coming along on that long three hour walk around the Cossey/Massey Track and taking photos of everyone climbing and crossing that cold lake while getting wet, also thank you for lending me you jumper (it was very warm).

Thank you so much for waking everybody up by the way you were very loud ! I cant believe you had to get up at five in the morning just to help make breakfast but I guess you got warm making breakfast like I did. I had fun being your partner for Orienteering and getting to take photos on your camera, that was awesome. We came first place out of everyone at camp because we only had one number left.

Thank you so much for coming to camp with us it was awesome.

From Paige

Monday, 25 May 2015

Greetings in Te Reo: Dontalian and Anthony

This is my Maori Greetings presentation that I did with Anthony. This was our homework for our language classes.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Rangitoto Photo Essay

This is Fine's Photo Essay on the year 7 and 8's trip to Rangitoto. It is sequenced and has a caption to describe what we did. 

National Young Leaders Day

This is Fine's presentation about what a few of the school head leaders from Panmure Bridge School did at the National Young Leaders Day at Manukau Vodafone Telecom Centre. We were very inspired to become better leaders and to make a difference in our lives for the better. 

Fine's Photo Essay

This is my photo essay about Camp at Kokako Lodge. The link below is an interactive version of my scrapbook. The scrapbook includes a variety of pictures that highlight my time at Camp. You can also make your own Scrap Book online. 

Friday, 22 May 2015

Kokako Lodge Memories

Here is a selection of the photo essays created by Room 5 to reflect their personal experiences at our Year 7/8 camp at Kokako Lodge.

Congratulations Samantha!

Congratulations Samantha a certificate for First Aid for the Community! This is a fabulous opportunity that the Holiday Programme at Dunkirk offered to you. Well done for completing the course!

Congratulations San Tat!

Congratulations San Tat! A certificate for accepting learning challenges. Well done for having such a positive attitude towards your learning!

Blog Commenting

After Tech today our Year 7 and 8's spent some time visiting other blogs. Their focus was to leave feedback and feed forward when commenting on posts from their own classes, a class in our school and any blog from one of our Manaiakalani schools. The huge benefit of learn create share is that we can continuously learn from each other.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Pastel Art

Some fabulous pastel art today in Room 5. Really impressed to see the students using a horizon line to help them think about size and space.

Key Competencies on Camp

This is a collaborative presentation created by Zeba, Nesi, and Yvette. It includes their predictions on how they might use the key competencies during camp, and how they actually used them during camp. You can see the comparisons before and after. 

This is Fine's Key Competencies Presentation that shows what I thought she needed to do before and after camp. We used these Key Competencies to stay safe,  follow our instructions correctly and make the wise choices.

Before camp Sajiha and Saruja did a presentation to predict which Key Competencies they might use at camp then reflect on what they actually used to help them follow the instructors rules and to follow the right track. 

Underground Soldiers by Latham and Djae

Latham and Djae created their DLO to share their learning after reading the text 'Underground Soldiers'. They tried hard to use their own  words to retell the information.

Fantasy Island by Tim

This is my Fantasy Island presentation that Mrs. Anderson set up for me while she and the rest of the Year 7/8's were at camp. I had to create a fantasy island and I named mine PineLand. I designed this travel brochure so that people will come to visit. I also had to plot different locations on my fantasy island, write a national anthem, design a coat of arms and flag and use my thinking skills to explore my island.

PineLand's Coat of Arms

Travel brochure

Activity Tasks

This is my pineapple promotion for PineLand. As you can see I have advertised pineapples using persuasive language.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Celebrating New Zealand Sign Language Week (NZSL)

Fine explored the achievements of a famous hearing impaired/deaf person.

June created an information poster with links to help you explore NZSL further.

Juanita and Zeba have explained what NZSL is.

Yvette has explored the history behind NZSL

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

"I..." a poem by Jasmine

I am awesome and friendly
I wonder what I’ll be in the future
I see everyone thats's around me
I want a new phone
I hear people talking
I am strong and confident
I pretend that I'm a vampire at home
I feel happy
I touch my hair
I worry that I will never see my friends and family again
I cry when I’m sad
I am happy and excited
I understand my friends
I say that my brother is annoying  
I dream that I’ll be the very best that I can be  
I try to make the best of life
I hope that I make awesome friend when I grow up
I wait for nothing
I am courageous and weird      

Using NZSL to communicate

NZ Sign Language is NZ's third official language. Latham and Saruja have created this DLO to show us how to sign the names of family using NZSL. 

"I..." a poem by Evelyn

I am confident and honest
I wonder if  aliens and dragons are real
I see the people speaking positively everyday
I want to be able to conquer my fear
I hear my family and friends having a good time
I am positive and smart
I pretend to be a millionaire and an artist
I feel my feeling growing in my life and happiness around me.
I touch my feeling exploring
I worry about if I could be a new person I might change
I cry my until my tear run out with no love
I am a powerful person and a challenging person
I understand that somethings are difficult in people’s life
I say that one day my wish will come true, one day
I dream all my dreams are real
I try to forget the hard and painful moments
I hope that I can become a brave girl and have a perfect job. Also I hope that I have the right attitude
I wait for all this moments that I have spent with my friends with last forever

I am a mysterious person full of wonder.

Exploring the Finger Spelling alphabet with Room 8 and 9

Today some of the Room 8 and Room 9 students created DLO's using google draw. For some of them taking a photo and inserting it in a google drawing is very new. We think they did a great job at showing their new learning.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

NZ Sign Language Week

Today we explored the challenges on Sign Ninja to help us make connections to sign language, New Zealand's third official language. You can explore it too by clicking on this link.