Monday, 29 February 2016

Leaders who inspire us:

Year 8 have been working with me to explore the qualities we would like to see develop in our PBS school leaders. The DLO's below show great leaders who inspire us.

Charlize is inspired by Rosa Parks

Zeba is inspired by Roald Dahl

Pote and John are inspired by Martin Luther King Jr

Jessie and Mahdia are inspired by Nelson Mandela

Harry is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci

Nesi is inspired by Dr Ben Carson

Sajiha is inspired by Malala Yousafzai

Cecillia is inspired by Charles Piutau

Reon is inspired by Martin Luther King Jr

Jane is inspired by Nelson Mandela

Congratulations Jorja and Halaiano!

Congratulations Jorja and Halaiano a certificate for respecting others. Both of you have made a huge effort to help others with their learning, and stand out when working collaboratively in groups. Well done we are very proud of you!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Building our collaborative classroom

LS2 have been learning that working collaboratively means learning to work together and trust other people's opinions. We did a few group and partner challenges to help us see what this looks like and how trusting each other can bring success.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Congratulations Daniel and AJ!

Today the librarians form Panmure Library came to present certificates to the students who took part in the summer reading 'Dare to Explore' challenge. Well done boys, its great to see that you were reading over the summer!

Congratulations Nesi and Fala!

Congratulations to sisters,  Nesi and Fala. A certificate for taking pride in your uniform. Special congratulations to Fala for getting her first school certificate!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Silk Art by Harry

If you would like to create a silk art montage like Harry you can click on this link

Story Summary by Ma'ata

Ma'ata read the story 'A Gift for Aunty Nga'. She used her summarising skills to find out who was in the story, where the story was set and what the story was about. These skills will help her when she is writing narratives.

June and Sa Kae find out about LS2

We were finding out about our class. We found out how many people have brothers and sisters in LS2. Most people have both brothers and sisters.

Written by Sa Kae

Finding Numbers with Ma'ata and Sa Kae

In this picture Sa Kae and I are working together with the hundred number board to find a number then  put our counter on it. We then had to write the number on our white board. We had fun seeing how quickly we could find the number on the board.

By Ma'ata

Using statistics to get to know LS2

This year we have a new learning space as well as new classmates. To find out about each other we decided to carry out a statistical inquiry. Our first task was to choose a buddy. After that we had conversations to decide what we wanted to find out. Once we knew our question we set about collecting our data. That involved lots of questioning! With all our data gathered we were then challenged to collate and present our findings. The part I enjoyed the most was finding out what my learners felt was important information. The statements on their DLO's make for interesting reading. You can find these on our individual LS2 blogs.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Congratulations Thomas and Calvin!

Congratulations Thomas and Calvin a certificate for a great start to your 2016 learning journey!

Congratulations to our PBS Summer Bloggers!

In January Woolf Fisher ran their 'Summer Learning Journey' challenge to encourage our senior students to keep blogging during the summer break. Each blogger went on an adventure with Curious Kiwi as they used their smart searching skills to take them around the world, completing daily challenges that helped them learn new facts about each country they visited. A huge thank you to the wonderful Rachel and her team of bloggers gave them great feedback every time they published a new blog post. All students who took part were awarded their certificates and prizes at assembly today from Rachel. Congratulations to you all. You made us very proud!

Our PBS summer bloggers

 Congratulations Daniel PBS Top Blogger!

       Congratulations Sajiha and Zeba PBS 2nd place!


Congratulations AJ and Alex PBS 3rd place