Saturday, 31 October 2015

RWC 2015 by Tiare, Zeba, Tim and Saruja

Part of our reading we were doing activities about RWC. I worked with Zeba and Tim. We create a DLO about Argentina rugby players and some information. We had added the players of Argentina and their names. Hope you will learn something from this DLO.

Tech Update by Paige

Today we had Tech. I'm in woodwork with Mr Grundy. I am making something for my mum. I find it very interesting learning how to make things out of wood. My favourite part about wood work is our teacher Mr Grundy I like him because he is a bit strict for little things, but if we are good and have a good attitude and safe then he is nice and relaxed. The thing I don't like about it is all the wood dust because it gets all over my shoes and all in my eyes. But I'm having fun at woodwork!

Congratulations June and Jane's Grandma!

Having amazing role models help shape who we are. June and Jane are very lucky to have a wonderful grandmother who is always there for them. 

Congratulations Fine and Sajiha!

Well done girls a superb effort in this years ICAS Maths exam. Room 5 are very proud of you both!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Congratulations Saruja!

Huge congratulations to Saruja! A certificate for using our CARE values. Saruja has risen to the challenge and is the first person to have achieved all of her silver CARE values badges. Room 5 is very proud of you Saruja. Well done!

Congratulations Courtney!

Huge congratulations to Courtney who won a scholarship from the Tzu Chi foundation. 

Tech @ Tamaki College

Today at Tech our Year 7's continued working on their woodwork designs while our Year 8's were working on the code for their game designs.

Kiwi Can Celebration

Last night Panmure Bridge school joined together with Tamaki Primary School to take part in Kiwi Can Jam. The Auckland schools involved in Kiwi Can came together to put on a celebration and showcase of values through performance. Everyone had a great time. A special thank you to our wonderful Kiwi Can coaches Mr M and Miss Latoia.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Wheelchair Rugby

Manu created this DLO after reading a text about the Wheel Blacks. I think he has done a really great job of telling their story.

The First Rugby Ball by June, Evelyn and Tiare

June, Evelyn and Tiare created this DLO to show the information they learnt after reading a text about how rugby balls have changed over time.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Shake Out by Tiare and Juanita

Tiare and Juanita created this presentation after we took part in the Shake Out earthquake drill. It tells you information about what they did, what they experienced and why it is important.  

Shake Out by Dontalian

Today we learnt how to be safe in the earthquake. I made this with Manu and Zahn.

Story Swap by Sajiha and Halatoa

"Where am I?" I questioned myself. As I looked around, I felt like I was being followed. I had never seen such a strange looking house before. I slowly crept towards the house hoping I wouldn't make a sound. Words rushed through my mind asking me if I should step back or take a risk. So I made a wise decision. Suddenly out of nowhere, the door slammed shut! My whole body started trembling. Every step I took, made me more curious. I had no other choice, so I sprinted inside the mysterious building as it felt more safe than being alone outside trapped in the darkness. The lights kept switching on and off. I only took a short glance around the room. The room was blank...

This is a short recount that Sajiha and I wrote. Our task was to take turns in writing a sentence each about the picture above. This helped us with writing a proper recount which we will be doing in a few weeks.  I found this very interesting because I had never done anything like this before and it gave us a good chance to work with people we have never worked with before!

Shake Out by Courtney

Today at 9.15 am Schools and people around NZ participated in the NZ earthquake drill called the shake out. We had to drop under our desks and hold the table legs until it was 9.16 am. I created a DLO with my friends Jasmine and Afu about our experience about the shake out using google slides

Shake Out!

Latham, John, San Tat and Raymond worked collaboratively to create a movie on the Ipad to show us how to Drop Cover Hold. 

Zeba and Oh S'Mar's Maths Challenge

Today in maths we learnt how to play a game called the grid challenge . I played this maths game with Oh'Smar. This game help us practice our times tables and measurements everybody had a lot of fun playing this . To play this game you need two dices and and a grid. 

When you roll the dice you times the two numbers you get and then you create a shape that should have the amount of squares the total you got from you two dice. You should then have an array once you have filled up as much boxes a you can than count the squares that are left out. The one with the least squares left is the winner.

At the end of the game I won by three points.

Shantay's Shake Out DLO

Today Panmure Bridge School and more others from around New Zealand, did the Shake Out drill. We do it every year on October the 15th at 9:15am so we know what to do in a real earthquake and it was very helpful for us and for our safety. This is my DLO about the Shake Out we did today! 

Shantay's Maths Strategy

Day 2. I have completed this equations using my own strategy. Paige has helped me with this question because I have got a little mixed up. 

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Drop! Cover! Hold!

At 9.15am along with many other schools in New Zealand, we took part in the national 'Shake out' drill. We did this so that in the event of an earthquake we will know how to try and keep ourselves safe. 

For more information on Drop! Cover! Hold! go to:

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Teach the Teacher!

Fine, Yvette and Tim stepped up to the challenge yesterday to take a ukulele lesson for all of Room 5 including me! We learnt the chords C, G, G7 and A. Some of us found it really challenging to change chords quickly but our 'teachers' were very patient. We started off in small groups work then took our learning back and strummed along to 'Islands'. Fabulous teaching and a treat to be the learner!

Story Swap: Fine and Manu

Today in Writing we did a 'story swap' in pairs to write a collaborative recount that made sense. It was a bit challenging because we could only write one sentence at a time, we weren't able to talk to each other and we had to make sure our ideas flowed even though we weren't thinking the same thing. I learned that if you read your story out loud you can hear if the tense is wrong.

I stared into the cracked windows of the abandoned house trying to discover its secrets. I had to walk in. I felt scared but I still had to do it. The house had stuff I hadn’t ever seen before. I was at least five steps away from the broken door when it slammed behind me. I went into a room and all I could see was an empty space. everything looked shut down. I felt someone watching me as I looked out a window. I turned around but there only the sound of a piano being played to trace. I followed the sound and it took me somewhere where there was a picture of an old scary looking lady. I walked up to it, examining her. Was the music coming from a place behind the picture. I lifted the picture up and took a little look. I saw who was playing the piano. The lady in the picture sat on the seat playing a fast rhythm. When I lifted the picture up more she stopped and focused her action on me. I had this feeling that she was going to come closer but she just sat there and looked at me. I heard breathing. I quickly turned around and saw her there. Confused at why I was here but i just kept staring back. I didn’t know what to do. I blanked out. When I woke up I was outside on the grass.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Yvette Reflectes on our Electives Assembly

Today we had our elective sharing assembly. The different electives were science, mosaics, dance, photography, mask making, bike riding, stomp, boot camp, book club, and scrap booking. People from each elective shared their learning and some created an e movie showcasing photo's during their time at their elective. Tim and I represented our elective Mosaics. Everyone in our group had used a stepping stone as our mosaic platform. We're taking them home today! I liked watching the dance elective performance. They had performed a dance piece going along with two different songs. It was a really cool and creative performance and I enjoyed watching it a lot. It was out there and different which made it As well as everyone else! It would've been cool to see more out there presentations or something to make it more lively. If I was still in intermediate next year, I would either go to dance, science, or mosaics again. I loved watching and listening to what people had to say. The presentations were amazing and I loved the photography e movie. It was effective and the music hooked me in as well. The picture looked amazing and professional. Even though the science elective presenters were a little un-practiced, what they had done looked really fun and I would love to do it! All of the electives looked fun and mosaics was really cool and I hope I get to do things like this in college!