Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Cybersmart: David

LI: To make a DLO about being cybersmart.

Cybersmart is a term of using learn, create, and share on your computer by using smart and clever ways.

For those who are new to keyboards, they have shortcuts, some are:

Ctrl + Z to undo

Ctrl + Y to Redo

Ctrl + C to Copy

Ctrl + V to Paste

And loads more.

Being cybersmart is important because if you don’t make wise choices online people your actions might have big consequences.

This activity was enjoyable because all of my ideas come from my prior knowledge about being cybersmart but some ideas are from websites and wrie in my own words.


  1. how liked you did it and next time you can do it a

  2. I liked the way you did a slideshow about being cybersmart. It was good to teach us about shortcuts. It is important to be cybersmart.

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  4. Hello, My name is Oliver from belfast school room 22, and I think your cybersmart blog post is neat. This can really help other people who don't know any shortcuts for computers. Maybe you could've not added the basic shortcuts for computers so much. By doing that you could add some more stuff.

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  8. Hello, I liked how to you posted that video on youtube

  9. Kia Ora,

    I like how you included short cuts for the laptops and the design that you choose for the presentation.

  10. Kia Ora David. I like how you told us how to be cyber smart, and what to do and what not to do. I also liked how you put in some short cuts to help when your on the computer.

  11. Kia ora, David.

    I like how you thought about the audience, and if they may be new to keyboards
    so you put some shortcuts to help them out!

    And I also like how you also told us what cybersmart is.