Friday, 28 February 2014

Our Reading Journey... so far

Room 9 have been looking at books that have inspired them as readers since they started school. We looked at what it was about the books that hooked us in. After that we worked collaboratively to create a list of reasons why we should learn to read and how we could help the people around us who are still learning to read.

PBS Picnic at Eastern Beach

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Baseball Coaching Session #1

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Explanation: Fine

Why my blog is unique

As strange as it may seem my blog is only 3 years old yet I have posted over 500 blog posts! Did you know that there is a cluster of schools that learn digitally from year 5 through to your last year in college. A blog is an individual personal website where you can publish your ideas and opinions.

My blog is very unique to me because it is my personal individual website. I can record my ideas and opinions onto it. Have you ever wondered if you could design or modify your own blog? Well you can! If you're a student you can ask your teacher to change the design of your blog. The theme of my blog is unique and bold.

Did you know that if I go somewhere for the holidays and I am connected to the internet I can easily upload a blog post about the fun time I am having. I can be anywhere, anyplace, at anytime as long as I’m connected to the internet and have a device.

Not many people know that as soon as I learn something new I can learn, create and share my leaning onto my blog. In my class we have 27 blogs yet each and everyone’s blog is different. My blog is unique and special because it is my individual blog.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Friendship Popplet: Joshua

Here is Joshua's friendship popplet which show what qualities he looks for in a friend.

Eastern Beach fotor collage: Halatoa

This is my Eastern Beach picnic fotor. I enjoyed going to Eastern Beach it was really fun because there were heaps of activities and we got to swim two time.

Dontalian and Ashton's CARE Values

This is Dontalian and Ashton's presentation of our school values. It shows you how they will make the most of their learning opportunities this year.

Fine's Reading History

This is Fine's Reading History Poster. This Google Draw shows you all her favourite books at certain ages. You might be interested in books that are in this Google Draw. If you do you can just look for the name and author at a library or online.

Yvette's Reading History

This is Yvette's reading history. She recorded her favourite book s when she was 5,6,7,8,9 and 10. She dragged and dropped images of her favourite books at a certain age and wrote why it was her favourite book at the time.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Explanation: Asmah

Why my blog is unique

Do you remember what you did on the first day of school? I don’t but I do know all the work I have done since Year 5 because I have a blog that has everything that I have done for the past four years. A blog is a personal website which I can update each week with the work I do.  It is like a timeline that holds information that I can share with a global audience.

My blog allows me to show the work I have done individually or collaboratively. I can be anywhere in the world and I can still post things on my blog, no matter what time it is. I am able to modify and change things on my blog, for example: change the background to the colour I like, or write a small introduction about myself.

You can also access other people's blogs and leave your digital footprint by making a comment on something they have posted. When you leave a comment, you are giving feedback and feedforward, to help them take their learning to the next level.

Having my own blog allows me to keep a record of my learning. It’s like my own personal timeline that holds  special memories of my past and present work. The work I blog is like a  stage performance.The first scene is when I start my work, then comes the intermission where I complete my work. To finish the performance I publish it on to my blog, and wait for the feedback from my global audience.

There are many blogs around the world, each one different and unique. Having a blog, is a great privilege,  so remember, if you have one continue posting things on it, and if you don’t, think about creating one.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Explanation: Robbie, Pah Nwee and San Tat

How an egg becomes a frog

A tadpole is a baby frog Tadpole lives in the water it is an amphibian.

Frogs lay eggs. When the eggs the baby frogs came out they are called Tadpoles.

When the tadpoles hatch they have a tall to help them swim after a few weeks they grow legs.

After that the Tadpole is nearly a frog but it still has a tail. It is new called a froglet.

Finally the froglet turns into a frog it has no tail and it can breathe on land.

Frogs live by water.  

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Our Class Treaty 2014

We unpacked the Key Competencies, the PBS Values and our Cybersmart curriculum to explore ways that we could make the most of our 2014 learning opportunities. To make this fair for everyone we came up with a class treaty that will remind us how we can continue to build our collaborative learning environment where everyone feels confident to take risks and share their thinking. 

Friday, 7 February 2014

PBS Values: Asmah

This is a presentation on the Panmure Bridge School values: C.A.R.E. They stand for:
C: Confidence
A: Attitude
R: Respect
E: Excellence and Innovation.
We have been learning the meaning and how to show the values of our school to others around.

Literacy Skills: Pah Nwee

Literacy Games

In this game I had to move the clouds and put them in a sentence.

 In this game I had to guess the word before the man walked off the plank.