Monday, 1 March 2021

Tatau: Juel

 LI: To create a DLO that tells others about tatau

Tattooing has played an important part in many cultures over time. Our challenge was to use our smart searching skills to find out about traditional tattooing in our own culture. This DLO is showcasing the History and the Tradition of the tatau and about why people get them and were it was first discovered and the origin of the word tatau. tatau is the Samoan word for Tattoo and is worn by men and women

I found it quite hard to look for information and photos of the tatau and the tools used as there were not as many articles and photos that were about the tatau.

I enjoyed this activity becuase it was really fun learning about the Samoan Tatau and I found it interesting to learn bout how it came to Samoa.

An interesting fact I found out about the tatau is that the word tatau is from the polynesian language and the word tatau originate from the tapping sound of the tools

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  1. Ni hao I really liked how you were honest about not being able to find information but I also really liked how you inserted images for people to see.