Thursday, 13 November 2014

Armistice Day: Jacob and Tamim

Armistice Day: Jazmine, Samantha, Kapri and Tim

 Armistice Day is a day to remember the woman and the men who took the risk to fight for our country in WW1. It is the day the guns stopped firing in WW1.

Armistice Day: Juliano

 Juliano created an Armistice day information poster. Did you know that it takes 3 days to make a one of the ceramic poppy flowers used in the 2014 remembrance display in London and it cost 50 dollars to buy.

Armistice Day Poster: Halatoa and Piripi

Halatoa and Piripi created this Armistice Day poster to remember the people who risked their lives to save other people.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Room 2's Feedback

Room 2 have shared with us all the things they learnt about the moon from Jacob, Oh S'mar, Joshua and Tamim's presentation. Room 2 have definitely listened carefully. What great feedback, thank you for filming this Mrs Millward!

8 phases of the Moon


Tui, Kapri, Shantay and Samantha went to room 7 and presented our presentation about the 8 phases of the moon. The feedback they got was outstanding because their comments were very thoughtful and about the learning. The feedback from Mrs Miller was good because she told this group how well they spoke to her and how confident they were speaking and presenting it to her classroom.

This is the presentation that Joshua, Oh smar, Jacob and Tamim have been working on collaboratively. They presented to Room 9 and Room 2 and got some really positive feedback.

Phases of the Moon

This is a presentation that I created collaboratively with a few classmates. It explains the phases of the Moon. When we presented this to Room 5, they said we spoke clearly. Check it out!