Thursday, 1 August 2019

Times Table Challenge - By Angela

This maths game that I have created helps you practice your 6,7,8 times table which we should all consider practicing. If you get the correct answer then you will see that I have created a maths icon moving using a gif maker. If you get the wrong answer then there is two buttons, the first one is provided for you to try again and the second one is linked to a video that can help you practice your time table using your fingers. There is also a home button if you wanted to try another time tables. Creating this game really challenge me to think of the wrong answer and the right answer. Thinking about my layout and theme was important so it was clear to see what I included. Also thinking about my font and the size of my equations and answer were important so people could read what was on each slide. First we would plan out the layout for our games and the questions we were going to include in our maths book. Then we would start to create our games using google presentation. At the end of my game I have a link that leads you to a from where you can leave feedback.This was a really interesting task as we all got to use our digital drawing skills.Overall I was really happen how my game turned out because all the positive feedback was given to help me improve. Thank you

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