Thursday, 1 August 2019

HIIT - By Marieta

This week LS2 have been doing some HIIT which stands for High interval Intensity Training. We got all got a partner and together we would take turns doing the workouts we were given. My partner was Florence. The first workout we did was the pull ups, where the partner would hole the sides of the stick and you would pull yourself up so that your chest is alined with the stick. Next were pushups. Here we got to do knee pushups and regular pushups. We would have 30 seconds each for a workout. The last workout was high knees and we had the choice of either doing it on the floor or the stage here my heart rate moniter got to red and so did everyone elses. We then done our stretches and then soon done a challenge where we were to do sqauts and go up with the music said go up and go down when the music said go down. The song we listened to was called " Bring Sally up". I found these workouts a bit hard but also very fun because it pushed my to do much better and to keep believing in myself. A big thank you to Mr Ogilve for setting up the equipment, picking the motivational songs and teahing us how to do these workouts.

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