Thursday, 1 August 2019

Motat Trip by Karlos

Yesterday LS2, LS1 and RM 5 went to Motat in Auckland to learn about our inquiry topic STEAM Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths. LS2 were with RM 5 to help make sure they were together LS2 were first making a car using cardboard, batteries, battery pack, skewers motor, fans and straws. We did this in partners my partner was Matthew. Our car was to heavy so the fan wasn't strong enough to push the car forward. After that we went to build a flashlight we had to work in a group of three it was Matthew, Giovanni and I we had to build something to make it not flicker we had to make it efficient and it was hard because there were no tips to help and not enough time. After that we had our lunch then went to have a look around parts of Motat that also help us learn more about our our inquiry topic. The teachers were Emma, Kensar and Damon. It was a good trip because everyone was having fun with the activities They were hard but fun at the same time.

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