Thursday, 1 August 2019

Motat Trip - By Avalon

 This week we went to Motat. l made this short sidle show to tell you about my day at Motat. We went to Motat to learn about what steam means.  Steam means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. First we got off the bus and lined up to listen to what the instructions were by Emma and Kenzie. We then went inside the lab to start our first instruction which was too split into groups.Then we collaborated with a partner to build a car out of cardboard, plastic wheels, sticks, battery and straws. I was working with Angela for this first activity it was challenging put we used different strategies that we knew to make our car work.We moved onto the next activity which was using lego and a light which had a engine to make it turn on. We built something that had a light like a torch or a lap and added the light to it. I was collaborating with chavda and fui.Our last thing to do was to explore around motat. We went underground to look at a train that was going around and under tunnels. We moved and went to look at phones and how they worked.Our next exploring area was looking at the cars and my favourite one was the black one because it was really big. We enjoyed getting inside of the car and acting like we were driving it. I really enjoyed my day at motat learning about new things and what steam was. My favourite part was going to the historical village and looking inside of the houses.

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