Thursday, 1 August 2019

Motat Trip - By Nevaeh

Yesterday Room 5, LS1 and LS2 went to Motat. At Motat we all got to the gate and waited until the school that was leaving to get in the bus so we can go through the gate to some covers so we can be told what the instructions are. So we stared to walk into the lab where we can put our bags onto a rack where they can be safe. The Teacher told all of us their names Emma, Kenzie and Damon. Emma ask us all a question it was 'Do you know what steam is' someone said 'Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics' LS1 went to go and explore Motat when Ls2 and room 5 stayed and did something else room 5 went with Emma and  LS2 went with Kenzie when I was with Kenzie we tried to build a electric car using batteries sadly me and my partner car did not work. After we're finish work Kenzie we went to Emma and we tried to make a light Bolt turn on by making the light go with some lego. After we were finished we started to have lunch after lunch we went to explore Motat it was fun exploring Motat because we learn what they used before we had Chromebook and mobile phones.

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