Thursday, 1 August 2019

Food Tech - By Mele

Today LS2 completed their last session of their rotation for Term 2. Our teacher was Mrs Heka, who takes care of food tech. Today we cooked Chop Suey from the background of Samoa. This rotations theme is all about cultural food. Since there wasn't an equal amount of students in food class, there was a group of 3: Avalon, Joel and I. Each person had their own roles to complete. Joel and I worked together to make sure that the dishes were done, and that the main ingredients were prepared to be added in, while Avalon was dicing the onion, chicken, and garlic. The equipment that we used from our trolley was: medium bowl, measuring cups/spoons, knives, cutting board, big pot, strainer, fork, and serving spoon. The ingredients were: mixed vegetables, chicken, soy sauce, boiling water, oil, vermicelli, and salt. We were told to remove the pot from the heat every 2 minutes, because of the stickiness from the chicken and vermicelli. At the end of the session, as always we cleansed down our top/bottom benches, especially the stoves/crum tray. While we were cooking our chop suey, Mrs Heka was getting the rice prepared. 

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