Friday, 8 September 2017

Kiwi Can by Christopher

Today  at Kiwi Can our lessen for today was risks we played a game called Hand soccer that had risks we also played a game called bib bob bounce. For Hand soccer the rules were not to hit the ball with your feet and try to get the ball into the goal. To play bib bob bounce you have to make a circle the person in the middle has to point to someone and say bib bob bounce if the person that he pointed to says bang the same time the person in the middle said bounce your safe. I thought it was hard not to wack the ground for hand soccer.


  1. Hello Christopher I'm Kate from Totara 2
    KiwiCan sounds really fun. I find it funny how its called hand ball but you use your feet. How often do you do KiwiCan? Do you enjoy doing KiwiCan?
    From Kate

  2. Hello Panmure Bridge School. I am Dillon from Grey Main school I am from Totara 2.
    Hand soccer looks really cool. I like the fact that everyone looks like they are having fun.Hand soccer might be a game I'll play. Was it a hard game to play? What happens when you touch the ball with your feet?

  3. Good morning Panmure Bridge school. I am James and I am from Totara 2 In Grey Main School.
    I love the fact that everyone is joining in. There will be lots of people that will not do this in our class and I also like that you are all having fun enjoying and learning a new sport it looks fun but my question is if you kick it what will happen? Did you enjoy it?

    Yours Sincerely