Friday, 22 September 2017

Inquiry Role Play by Jay-Don, Ofa and Fraidoon

Today for Inquiry we were discussing why it's important to speak out and stand up against a bully. If you get bullied you just walk away and tell the bully to cut it out we made a short movie clip of our role play. Our skit group was Fraidoon and Ofa.

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  1. Dear Jay-Don, Ofa and Fraidoon,

    Bullying is indeed a very serious issue and needs to be resolved, this is why I think bullying is a great topic for your class to study.

    I think this is a great topic to study so you can take care of yourself in the playground and know what to do if someone tries to bully you. What you suggested you do when someone bullies you were great ideas of what to do when you are getting bullied: walking away or asking the bully to stop. I like how you all worked together to create this project for your class. I hope you and your classmates can remember these tips in the playground.

    Has your class taken these tips into mind and used them in the playground? Have you shown this video to any of the younger or older students? Have you seen or heard of anyone using these tips to stop them getting bullied? Is there a bully in your class or school that has seen this video and turned over a new leaf? Did you enjoy making this project?

    Next time when making a video project you should upload the video instead of a photo but if you don’t know how to upload the video then use a photo with all three of you in it. Next time you could also add into the description that, telling a teacher you are being bullied can also be very important.

    Great work, Tara, Karoro School.