Monday, 4 September 2017

Food Tech at Tamaki College by Savelina

At tech my class had a new rotation and I went to cooking tech my teacher was Mrs Heka. For our first class we made a Oreo  milkshake. This was really fun because we got to mix ingredients around and work as a team to make the milkshake. In my group my partners were Shakaia and Sky they really helped me to get this progress done. When we had finish Mrs Heka added chocolate syrup and whipped cream which made the Oreo milkshake even better. As we were done we put our milkshakes on top of our serving desk. Then we started cleaning up our kitchen desk and washing our dishes as we were done we got to go and sit down and finish our milkshakes it was delicious.   

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  1. Hello Mackenzie here
    that looks very yum and amazing at my tech class we do tech but we dont make food that good we make food like noodles and cinnamon rolls they look amazing i wish i could make them yum. oreo are amazing just alone but in a milk shake Evan more better if you could get back to me with the ingredients it would be amazing.
    Catch you later