Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Walking with fear... by Aminiasi

I checked my harness for the 17th time. I was ready. I started to get higher and higher. My heart was pounding like a loud drum. As I was reaching the top, my wobbly legs started to slip. I didn’t give up so I held on tight and continued to climb. When our instructor let me back down I was relieved.

We then had to climb again but it wasn’t the same one. It was much higher! I grabbed onto the ladder and started to climb. After carefully climbing I reached the beam. I walked really steadily to the other side. Rain drops started to fall on me. Each drop shook me a little bit. I regretted climbing on it then. I paused at the end of the beam and took a breath. My group then started to cheer for me. That motivated me to keep on going.

I hobbled backwards to the middle of the beam and was then told to do push ups. I felt really nervous. After I did my push ups I was let down. Never in my life was I so happy to be on the ground.

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