Friday, 17 March 2017

Learning about Neurons by Zahra


 Today I was working with Affonso. We were learning about Neurons and made a DLO about them. Something I learnt about Neurons is that, we have millions of them in our brain. Learning about Neurons was really interesting.  


  1. Hi. My name is Ella and I am a year 8 student at Grey Main School.
    It looks like you guys are working so hard. Your post is really interesting. I had no idea that there were Neurons in are brain.
    Ka pai from Ella

  2. Kia ora Zarha

    I am Greanne. A student at Karoro School in the South Island.. You ideas your short and to the point. There were a lot of facts about Neurons that I didn’t have the knowledge if like that there are 100 billion building blocks (neurons) In our brains. Do we have the same amount of neurons in our brains at all ages.

    We have also been learning about Neurons and growth mindset and the different parts of the brain. You presentation was very clear and was easy to read. Why were you learning about neurons? You have fill the space perfectly so that it is not too crowded.

    Next time you could maybe add a diagram showing some of the facts you have stated. Also by adding a little bit of colour will take your D.L.O a step further. Other than that you have done a fantastic job.

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  3. 24/3/17

    Kia ora Zarha.

    My name is Mitchell and I am a year eight student at Karoro School. I have been learning about neurons and neuroplasticity in my class as well. I really enjoyed your DLO about neurons. I found it fascinating that challenges and mistakes make your neurons grow. I was also amazed that there a one hundred million neurons it the human brain.

    Next time check that your spelling is correct and what you are writing makes sense, for example when you said “Habitats are roads made by neurons that are traveled lots of times”, you could have said, habits are roads in your brain that neurons travel on many times. All in all I enjoyed reading your DLO and with practice you could build on your skills.

    Yours sincerely,

  4. 24/3/17

    Hello Zahra,

    My name is Finn and I am a year 8 student from Karoro School, Greymouth.
    I really liked your information report on neurons. It is really cool that we have millions of neurons in our brain. Our brain can grow from learning new things every day.

    In our class we are learning about growth mindset which is when you learn new things to make new pathways in your brain. Every time you learn something new your brain gets bigger and makes you smarter. This is why you should never give up when things get tough and you should keep trying until you get it.

    Neurons are very helpful for many things in life. They help us walk, ride a bike and even think. Without them it would be impossible to do anything. They carry out signals to our muscles and gland cells. I really liked your information report and hope you have a good day.


  5. 24.3.16
    Kia ora zahra

    My name is Ryan I’m from Karoro School at Greymouth you’ve done some great work. On neurons. I didn’t know that neurons never touch.

    You’ve put great key parts about neurons I also never knew that there were one hundred billion neurons in your brain. There were no things wrong with your DLO.

    Another thing I saw in your DLO is when you said mistakes help your neurons grow and challenges makes ability and strength. Also how you said challenges are opportunities for your for your neurons to learn. It the same thing about what we learned some weeks ago it’s called growth mindset. You showed that in your DLO

    By Ryan

  6. Privet Zahra!

    My name is Josh from Karoro School. I have to say I enjoyed this poster. It’s well formatted and gives good information. For most people I’m this will teach them something they didn’t know. It pretty easy to see you took your time when making this, because it is all so well made.

    I like how you went and did your research and worded it the best you could. I bet you were happy when it was done. It would have been a huge task to finish it as well as you did. It is obviously paid off as well because there is without a doubt some very interesting stuff in here.

    I have heard of how neurons work. In my classroom we call it ‘Growth Mindset’. It’s called that because when you come across a challenge you keep and trying the neurons in your brain become stronger. However writing as much info about them like you did would be a lot harder.

    Next time though there is one thing I think you need to work on. In the poster it says ‘ Neurons help our brain grow and learn from them. Then on a different pocket of information it says ‘Mistakes help our neurons to grow’. However it is fine to have ‘challenges are opportunities for your neurons to grow’ as a challenge is different to a mistake. I guess that’s just another opportunity for you neurons to grow though.

    I enjoyed reading all the information in your poster. I knew about how neurons grew and how they become stronger, but I never knew there were 100 billion of them! I hope to see more of your work on this blog the next time I’m on it. Until then, Proshchay.

    From Josh

  7. 24/3/17

    Kia Ora Panmure Bridge School,

    My name is Max and I am a year 7 student from Karoro School.
    I really enjoyed your DLO of neurons. When you explained that mistakes help our neurons grow and challenges are opportunities for your neurons to grow even more. I was so amazed when you said (There are 100 billion neurons in your brain).

    Next time check you spelling is correct and look what you write is correct, because in a text box it says “habitats are roads made by neurons that are travelled lots of times”can you see what didn't make sense there. You need to fix up habitats, it is supposed to be habits. All you learned about neurons is the same thing we called, do you have a growth mindset which we learned a couple weeks ago, I learn from my mistakes, I look for new ways to challenge my brain and I never say “I can’t do this”. I say…
    “I can’t do this yet”.

    Yours Sincerely