Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Archery fun... by Hajera

As my cheeks got red like a cherry I was about to explode with excitement. I couldn’t believe I was about to do archery. As each arrow flew the kids were got louder and louder.

Now it was my turn. I picked up the bow and I got the arrow and put it in place. I felt nervous. It was time to let it go. As I let my hands were shaking as it released. A big smile came on my face because I got it on the board!

On my second try I could feel the pressure around me. I then let go of the string. Sadly my arrow landed on the grass. On my last arrow I pulled the string towards me. I was scared I wouldn’t get it but my face had a bigger smile than before. I safely landed it near the board. I was quite proud of myself.

As I finished off this activity I felt like doing it again. Pulling my sleeve up I saw a mark, was it a bruise?

This is my recount of the fun time I had at archery.

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