Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Towering stand... by Fraidoon

My heart was racing nearly as quick as light. I checked my harness for the one hundredth time before I decided it was safe for me to go up. Each step I took my heart beat faster and faster. Finally I reached the top. I wanted to see how high I was, then that’s when it hit me. My heart was banging and I stood there frozen like a mannequin.

I could not do anything, then I heard my friends cheering me on. After that I said to myself “I can do this!' Each step I took it got more intense than before I knew it I reached the other side. I was so happy that I made it! The instructor told me I had to walk backwards to the middle. I took one step after another and I got a bit scared but after a couple of steps of fear I got there.

When I reached the point of no return I spread my wings and flew to the ground. I was so happy that I could hug someone.

This is a recount about my favourite moment at camp.

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