Tuesday, 28 March 2017

The mysterious walkway... by Jorja

I started feeling nervous. All I could see was the light from torches going on and off as we made our way along the gravel pathway that took us into the darkness.

As we crossed the bridge all I could hear was the sound of a waterfall rushing to the pool below. Everything around me smelt damp. My torch light showed the stairs in front of me. I grabbed the handrail and gripped it tight as other people's voices got louder and louder. Everyone sounded scared!

I started to see a light. As I walked closer I saw that the light was from our camp. The night walk was fun but I was happy to be back in the light until I saw the size of the cricket on the deck! I got a big fright when it flew onto my shirt. I quickly flicked it off.

Today we had to write a recount about an activity that we did a camp. I chose to write about the night walk. I have explained what I have heard, what I have seen, and what I could feel. For my plan I used the y chart and the TREE template.

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